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Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

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Electric ponceau field :)

I posted a colour image of my electric guitar about a week ago. I took a lot of shots, and liked this one too....thought black and white worked well with it.

Happy Monday!

That which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

― Aldous Huxley


Dusted off the old electric guitar I used to play for some photography. I posted a very similar shot a year ago, but it was with a different lens and an acoustic guitar, not electric.


Taken with Pentacon AV 80mm vintage lens.

The nature is an artist!!!! (taken in Trebic, The Czech Republic)

See my other pictures of the electric storm!


P.S. The only post-processed properties were levels, plus it was cropped from the original image. Simply the photos looked stunning straight from camera :-)

Electric Warrior is a 1971 album by Marc Bolan's band T. Rex, Released on 24 September 1971.

Electric Warrior has since received acclaim as a pivotal release of the glam rock movement. It had a profound influence on later musicians of different genres.

In 2004, Pitchfork ranked Electric Warrior as the 20th best album of the 1970s. The album was also included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

(From Wikipedia)


Happy 50th anniversary, Electric Warrior!


Get It On:


We all are Electric Warriors in the Hospitals

Electric Dandelions art installation by artist Abram Santa Cruz and Liquid PXL - it's like watching fireworks.








You will find these electric fences in many tea and coffee plantations in India. Most of these are to keep the elephants away from the plantations.

We all know that elephants are intelligent creatures. The elephants in India somehow figure out a way to break these fences, some say that the elephants use tree trunks to break them. How do elephants know about conductivity, I

So, I got electric shocked / zapped about a month or two ago and it reminded me of my childhood long time ago.


One day, I was alone and decided to watch some cartoon. Somebody pulled a plug out of it. So I went and get a screwdriver to push the two socket on a three plug hole socket. Suddenly I got a huge jolt on my whole body, everything around me were so bright and I, spontaneously shouted at the top of my voice because of the shocked. My hair stands up like a troll and I have a goose bump all over my body and I can smelled a burn feather too. I was shaking and my eyes were blurry. What the hell was going on? I look around and I don't see anyone around me. I thought it must be Sean our next door teenage neighbour, sneaking up behind and playing a prank on me. I shouted and said, Sean stop it! But I didn't get any reply. I decided to try again, so I did the same process and I got zapped again, hair stand up like a troll etc. This time I have to sit down and looking at my trembling knee. I was so mad and thought, definietly its Sean, whopped me from behind with whatever it is and ran out quickly.


So I marched to his house like a baby who is learning how to walk, wobbling, grabbing at everything that I can hold on to, doors, chairs, tree branch, flowers etc. When I reached his house, I went straight to him while he was standing at a window (they never close their door except at night), Henry his little brother who has a crush on me were eating something, as usual smiling at me but I ignored him (Oh I hate him, I will tell you a story about him in the future, if I'm not lazy). I said, "Sean, why did you do it? He gave me a puzzled look, scratched his head and said what? I said, you hit me with something and then ran away back to your house quickly. If you do it again, I will call a police on you meanwhile my troll hair, slowly coming down and my knee were still woobling. Then I left. Later in the evening, I overheard my mom talked to our neigbour (not Sean and Henry's parents). My mom said, "Oh, my husband was shocked the other day when he wants to plug in the tv socket using the screwdriver, apparently he forgot to switch off the main socket". Then I said, oh it happened to me this morning. Then my mom and our neighbour laughed. I said can I die from it? Suddenly both of them went quiet. Then I went out to play with my friends. I saw Sean and Henry but I ignored both of them. I didn't tell my mom that I scolded Sean and I didn't apologise to him either, I'm such a brat!


Back to the present day. I was planning on cooking a noodle's soup. I used a small pans to boil the noodles on an induction stove. While it simmering away, I went and do other stuff, suddenly I heard a hissing sound, like a water was pouring out on a hot surface. I turned to look and the whole stove were flooded with water. I quickly grab the pans handle to take it off from the stove and suddenly my hand were shaking uncontrollable and I feel the electric were running through my hand. I quickly pulled my hand from the handler. My whole body were trembling but it was not that bad. I quickly switched off the plug with a wooden spatula and get a pot handler rubber to move the pans out of the stove. Then I look at my right hand (the one that got zapped), it was red. I felt a cramping sensation on all the joint in my body. I have to stretched my whole body as it feels so tired all of a sudden. I was surprised that my body became so flexible and I can do a plank for a longer period of time and touch my toes easily LOL. What the hell, am I a rubber chicken now?! I told a few of my friends and sent them a photo of my red hand. They asked me to go to the hospital. I said I'm fine. After that I feel so energetic and rejuvenating. My mind were very sharp than before but I can't focus. I was not able to go to sleep for 24 hours straight and my mind kept on working, thinking, imagining and it was making me so tired. I'm fully awake and I feel fine. I managed to grab some sleep after that 24 hours period but only for 3 hours. I was sort of worried that I might just drop dead in the middle of doing anything, you know like heart suddenly stop pumping haha..


Anyway, I have so many ideas. Been writing non stop and recalling so many memories of my childhood and all those years. Suddenly I remember so many things, it was so clear like it was yesterday. It made me laughed, smiled and sad at the same time too. I guess I have to get more shocked in order to get all this inspiration in writing, taking photos and editing lol.


This is the LM for this photo at Luanes -


This is the song for this photo - Electric Feel by MGMT -


I said ooh girl

Shock me like an electric eel

Baby girl

You turn me on with your electric feel

I said ooh girl

Shock me like an electric eel

Baby girl

Turn me on with your electric feel


Electric train of direct current EP2D.

The electric train is designed for operation on electrified sections of railways with a 1520 mm gauge at a rated voltage of the contact network of 3000 V DC to provide commuter transport of passengers with a maximum operating speed of 120 km / h.

Photo taken in the city of Krasnogorsk, Moscow region.

ELECTRIC AVENUE is the topic for Sunday ~ June 13th, 2021, Group Our Daily Challenge

Twice a year, General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton, CT completes a submarine build for the US DOD. For each sub, the P&W is tasked with delivering a necessary component of some type to the facility, leading to some unique photo opportunities on the line from Plainfield to Groton. For several years the stretch has seen mostly night traffic as the Amtrak schedule will generally not permit daylight moves, so these moves are a nice exception. With knowledge of the cars being in Plainfield and a generally reliable OD time of 0700 for NR-4, I made the drive and was lucky to run into a homeowner who allowed me to traverse his property to reach this photo location at Clayville Pond, where I set up shortly before the train departed Plainville. With clouds rolling in to the south, I had already mentally prepared myself for a grey weather chase, but somehow the sun powered through enough just as the orange B40 appeared in the distance. Moving a little more expeditiously than I had expected, the train left me little time to compose the completely unobstructed view I'd scoped out earlier, and my settings were unprepared for the quick change of lighting. With stick season in full effect, the branches don't seem to take away from the scene however and thanks to the folks over at Adobe, the mis-exposure was correctible.

Electric scooter on Elm Hill in Norwich.

electric transmission tower

Icelandic horse behind the electric fence in south Iceland.

Electric sand and low tide made for a great night last January. This one spoke to me tonight and had to throw it up. Check out my website and contact me to get prints of any of my work.

Mildenberg Brick Work Park, Brandenburg

A storm is brewing on the home front.

"If a boy had a chance, a chance with someone like you

Are you gonna break his heart,

Let him cry for the moon

Are you hiding somewhere behind those eyes?


(Behind those eyes)

I just freeze every time you see through me

And it's all over you,

Electric blue

(On my knees) On my knees,

Help me baby tell me what can I do?


Electric blue..."




Lots of wires and electric current running through all of today's electronic gadgets..


Macro Mondays 10/12/18 theme Vowel.


Electric bolts coming off the pins of a Electric plug into a two pin Electric Adaptor socket.The electric was created using a Electric gas Igniter but what you can't see is the Ozone gas given of by the spark.It a shame I couldn't create the shot Underwater 😂

25 kV 50 Hz loco with empty Talgo train without passengers for unknown route.

Milwaukee Road electric lineup, Deer Lodge, Montana, July 23, 1969. E34B, E73, E79 and E75. Photo by Joe McMillan.


'Electric Blue' Class 86/2 No. 86233 'Alstom Heritage' approaches Catholme on 8th September 2003 while heading Virgin Trains 1530 London Euston - Glasgow Central service. A friendly wave from the driver to the gallery on the footbridge completes the scene. Copyright Photograph John Whitehouse - all rights reserved

We're Here: Onions et allia



Electric Vocuhila - 07.08.2021 - Bezau Beatz special Edition, Remise Wälderbähnle



Maxime Bobo: altsax, keys

Boris Rosenfeld: guitar

Francois Rosenfeld: bass

Etienne Ziemniak: drums

Electric in the Sun..........

Electricity flowing through a plasma lamp

Today saw the first day of Edinburgh’s first fully electric double decker buses enter service, thanks to major funding from SP Energy Networks working in partnership with Lothian.


The £1.7million project was funded as a flagship project of SP Energy Networks’ £20million Green Economy Fund to enable Edinburgh to take a major step in its journey towards the city becoming Net Zero by 2030.


Lothian’s four brand new all-electric double decker buses are in operation on Service 10, which connects outlying parts of the city, Western Harbour and Bonaly with Edinburgh’s city centre.


The new electric buses were built by Alexander Dennis, Britain’s biggest bus builder, at its Falkirk factory and will benefit from a smart management system which allows reduction in well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.


Lothian 293 on its first day on service 10 in Craiglockhart. 27th June 2021.

Electric candles, elegantly arranged by Mary.

Electric Road, Tin Hau. 2021.


Electric Landscape.


Contrastivos contornos perturbadores visibles que rodean la perspectiva jerarquía compositiva íntima tonos paralelos,

verts privés nombreux rouges teintes peu fiables réflexions fructueuses art symbolique positions diverses thème artistique idées étrangères développements obsessionnels simplicités automatique nature ancienne intensité variable,

törött alakok dimenziós virágok sötét struktúrák befolyásoló kijelző érzékeny szellem harmonikus koncentráció ideges fák,

συγκεκριμένα ενεργειακά εγκεφαλικά επεισόδια γωνιακά βήματα μοντέρνες εκφράσεις γραφικό μυαλό κίτρινο μπλε ασταθή έργα,

lengdarlínur sem teygja tóna fallegar aðstæður árásargjarn andstæða sjálfkrafa sveitir fjölmargir sjónar stig,

lysende landskabs sammensætning stigende kraftige skråninger ekspressivitet purples sprede pinks excentriske humør,



Electric Power distribution facility, Cache County, Utah. Happy Telegraph Tuesday!

Electric road.

Inspired by Duhram Country

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