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GRAILED presents the Unisex Diamond Studded Embellished Beanie. Coming in 4 prints and 20 colors (on the fatpack hud) this beanie is a perfect winter essential. NOW AT MAN CAVE.




- Unrigged (resizable)


- 24 color options in Fatpack Hud changing 2 faces


- Materials enabled

Hair - Sintiklia, Titania

Dress - JamBee, Embellished & Ruffled Dress @BlackFair

Boots - Vanilla Bae, Tryst @Black Fair

Bag - Mowie, Harlow Clutch

Watch - AvaWay, Lina

Armstrap - AvaWay, Cindy


Pose - FOXCITY, Breather 7


Location- LUST Ultra Lounge:

Hair - Sintiklia, Titania

Dress - JamBee, Embellished & Ruffled Dress @BlackFair

Boots - Vanilla Bae, Tryst @Black Fair

Bag - Mowie, Harlow Clutch

Watch - AvaWay, Lina


Pose - FOXCITY, Babe 6m


Location- LUST Ultra Lounge: <a href="" rel="noreferrer

Advertisement for a shopping center on a less than decorative house front in central Riga.

Event: Engine Room

Dates: April 20th - May 20th



Store information:


Nefekalum Tattoos


Flickr group:


Product information:




Materials enabled, unisex tattoo.

Price: 150L$



* Omega Evolved Applier

* Omega Evolved Materials Only Applier

* Maitreya Applier

* Legacy Applier

* Slink Redux Materials Only Applier

* System Layer (BOM Ready)

* Optional projectors

- Forres, Scotland -

Hair - Sintiklia, Titania

Dress - JamBee, Embellished & Ruffled Dress @BlackFair

Boots - Vanilla Bae, Tryst @Black Fair

Bag - Mowie, Harlow Clutch

Watch - AvaWay, Lina

Armstrap - AvaWay, Cindy


Pose - FOXCITY, Breather 7


Location- LUST Ultra Lounge:

Macro Mondays ~Vowel

Autumnally decorated window in Grand'Rue, Ribeauvillé, Alsace, France


Some background information:


Ribeauvillé is a commune in the department of Haut-Rhin in the administrative region of Grand Est in north-eastern France. It is also situated in the historic region of Alsace. Its Alsatian name is Rappschwhir while its German name is Rappoltsweiler. Ribeauvillé has more than 4,700 residents and is located at the foot of the Vosges Mountains about 16 km (10 miles) north of the city of Colmar and about 75 km (47 miles) south of the city of Strasbourg.


In 759, Ribeauvillé was first mentioned in a document under its then name "Ratbaldouilare". In 1038, the settlement passed from the Bishops of Basel to the Lords of Rappoltstein, who were among the most famous nobles in the Alsace area. The Lords of Rappoltstein used to be the protectors of the wandering minstrels in their lands, who purchased the protection of the lords by paying them taxes. In 1290, Ribeauvillé was first attested as a town.


When the family of Rappoltstein (in French: "the Lords of Ribeaupierre") became extinct in 1673, the office of the so-called "King of the Pipers" (the popular name of the protector of the minstrels) passed to the Counts Palatine of Zweibruecken-Birkenfeld. In 1681, Ribeauvillé (then Rappoltstein) was annexed by France, in the course of the decades-long gradual annexation of the Alsace under the French King Louis XIV. The French army had an easy job of it as the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation was split into many small states and hence, couldn’t compete militarily.


However, a French governing authority wasn’t established in the Alsace until 1789, after French feudalism had been dissolved by the French Revolution. After the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71, Ribeauvillé and the Alsace changed hands once again. In 1871, the town (just like the whole Alsace area) was integrated into the German Empire and between 1871 and 1918, administered by Prussia. At that time Ribeauvillé (resp. Rappoltsweiler) was the administrative seat of the newly-built district of Rappoltsweiler.


In 1918, the Alsace region became French again and remained French, except for a short period of time between 1940 and 1945, where it was occupied by the German army and integrated into the German Reich. In February 1945, the district of Rappoltsweiler was finally liberated by allied forces and passed back to France.


The ruins of three famous castles lie in the municipal area of Ribeauvillè:


Château de Saint-Ulrich is a mighty medieval rock castle, which was the principal residence of the Lords of Rappoltstein from the 11th to the 16th centuries. However, it wasn’t fully completed until 1289. The castle successfully survived two sieges: in 1287 by King Rudolph I of Germany from the House of Habsburg and in 1293, by his successor Adolf from the House of Nassau. In the 16th century the family of Rappoltstein left the castle for their newly-built Renaissance-style mansion in the town. In the Thirty Years’ War Château de Saint-Ulrich was partly dismantled and after the war was over, subsequently fell into disrepair. However, the knights’ hall and the zwinger are still in good condition and can be visited.


Château du Haut-Ribeaupierre (In German: "Hohrappoltstein") is a hill castle and the oldest one of the castles of the family of Rappoltstein. Its existence is known from 1084 and it was constructed on an ancient Roman site. In 1288, Anselme of Rappolststein took possession of the castle. Another member of the family, Brunon de Ribeaupierre became owner around 1368. Dedicated to a ferocious hatred for the English, he imprisoned Sir John Harleston, who had an imperial safe conduct, in the keep from 1384 to 1387. Sir Harleston was only freed with the payment of a large ransom and after pressure from the Holy Roman Empire. Today, most of the castle is completely ruined and surrounded by dense vegetation.


Château du Girsberg is the third castle in the municipal area of Ribeauvillé. It is another rock castle that was built by the Lords of Rappoltstein in the 13th century. Shortly after its construction it was destroyed by a fire caused by lightning, but already rebuilt in 1288. In 1304, the family Rappoltstein gave it to its vassals, the knights of Guirsberg, from whom the castle took its name. The Guirsbergs kept it until they died out in the 15th century. In the 17th century, Château du Girsberg was abandoned and hence, fell into decay. From this it follows that today, all three castles are just picturesque ruins.


The economy of modern Ribeauvillé is mainly based on three pillars: tourism, because of the town’s historical heritage and several festivals, viticulture, because the town is located in the middle of the Alsace wineyards, and manufacturing, because the fabric printing factory Beauvillé and a Cordon Electronics plant are located nearby.

- Keefer Lake, Ontario, Canada -

- Keefer Lake, Ontario, Canada -

Children are the best storytellers and embellishers. To listen to one spin a colorful yarn about a single flower they found in the backyard is to know a true artist. They have no fear of imagination, and their dreams don't stop when they open their eyes.

They met at the annual Ghosts and Goblins Halloween Ball.

He was handsome, charming and every bit a gentleman.

And she was literally a vision in her flowing gown designed by icm.

It was love at first fright and they sparkled with it.

They pledged each other their hearts and lived happily ever after.

Which for a ghost is a very long time.


Happy Shocktober.

Red leaves after the rain.

The seed pod of a weedy variety of geranium, I can see why they multiply so well with their spring loaded seeds.

These are photos taken on my trip to Europe and the UK with a girl friend in October to November 2012. My camera I had then wasn't good with low light so some of these shots are not great but I have put them as my memories of the trip.


Day in Oxford on a cold October day in 2012. We stayed here two nights.


Christ Church Cathedral.

The cathedral was originally the church of St Frideswide's Priory. The site was historically presumed to be the location of the nunnery founded by St Frideswide, the patron saint of Oxford, and the shrine now in the Latin Chapel, originally containing relics translated at the rebuilding in 1180, was the focus of pilgrimage from at least the 12th until the early 16th century.


In 1522, the priory was surrendered to Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, who had selected it as the site for his proposed college. However, in 1529 the foundation was taken over by Henry VIII. Work stopped, but in June 1532 the college was refounded by the King. In 1546, Henry VIII transferred to it the recently created See of Oxford from Osney. The cathedral has the name of Ecclesia Christi Cathedralis Oxoniensis, given to it by Henry VIII's foundation charter.


There has been a choir at the cathedral since 1526, when John Taverner was the organist and also master of the choristers. The statutes of Wolsey's original college, initially called “Cardinal College”, mentioned 16 choristers and 30 singing priests.


Christ Church Cathedral is one of the smallest cathedrals in the Church of England.


The nave, choir, main tower and transepts are late Norman. There are architectural features ranging from Norman to the Perpendicular style and a large rose window of the ten-part (i.e. botanical) type.,_Oxford


Oxford, a city in central southern England, revolves around its prestigious university, established in the 12th century. The architecture of its 38 colleges in the city’s medieval center led poet Matthew Arnold to nickname it the 'City of Dreaming Spires'. University College and Magdalen College are off the High Street, which runs from Carfax Tower (with city views) to the Botanic Garden on the River Cherwell.

Birch tree, winter time... (Please do not break!)

308/365 (2,530)


Just something from the garden.

The Strand Arcade Sydney

these are for freinds a little gift

some leftovers



This is part of an incinerator

Artist: Hundertwasser

spotted in Eureka California six years ago.

I wondered why Piggy was poking around behind my sewing machines. I thought she was after a bug. Instead there were two little lizards. They were cute but I didn't want them living with me so I did manage to catch them an put them outside

Caption created in fd's Flickr Toys

... as well as an accompanying light pole. Captured at the top of Mt. Coot-tha.

Embellished Activities.


مناظرات العمق النقاشات العميقة قصائد ثقافية ملامح مميزة كتابات أصلية ردة أكاديمية تحفز منظورات القراء نبضات أقطار غريبة,

Druck reflektieren verarmte Dramen verkürzte Werke geführte Haltungen kontinuierliche Entwicklungen mehrdeutige Texte Arrangements Kontexte allgemeine Darstellungen,

esperienze affidabili gravi problemi potentissime risate di massa che esprimono epiteti molteplicità parole belle notti del firmamento istanti ubriachi birichini,

drukowanie faktów wpływy potęgi prymitywne języki formacje regionalne późniejsze tradycje przeciwstawiły się sygnałom główne źródła scentralizowane różnorodności będące przykładem różnic,



|INSTAGRAM| |FACEBOOK| Embellish Don’t you think that the world will be a better place if everyone embellishes in front of their own house? Like in Eguisheim. A village which has to important specialties: One of the most beautiful villages of France & one of the best flowered villages in France (highest category). Fransa Alsace bölgesinin masalsı kasabası Eguisheim’ın 2 tane önemli bileziği var. Birincisi “Fransa’nın en güzel kasabaları” listesinde yer alan 155 kasabadan biri; diğeri de “Fransa’nın en iyi çiçeklendirilmiş kasabaları” yarışmasında en üst mertebe olan 4 yıldıza sahip. Herkes kendi evinin önünü böyle güzelleştirse sence dünya daha yaşanası olmaz mı? BeNowMeHere, Eguisheim, France, 2015 via 500px

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