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Salvage Station


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Mesh Body - Gianni by: [Signature]

Head: Alain by: LeLutka

Skin: Thor by: [Session Skins]

Ears: Ostium Impaler by: [CX] CerberusXing

Hair: Narcotic by: Stealthic


*Pose by me *



Coat : Scavanger by: Wicca's Originals @ Salvage Station



Glasses : SA - Glasses Penta CP by: :::SOLE::: @ Salvage Station

Mask: Cybermask Exquisite by: -MISAKI-

Bindi: The Third Eye by: RichB.

Wires: SA - Wire GNW-01 by: :::SOLE:::

Belt: VK Belt by: -Shu Mesh-

Neck: GPK44 Prosthetic Neck by: [ContraptioN]

Hand: Prosthetic Underskin by: [ContraptioN]

Back Engine: Hy-dr4 Augment by: [ContraptioN]




As much as I love art and photography, STEM is my true passion.


We Love Roleplay

* SK * Lehna Body

* SK * Lehna left Sock

* SK * Lehna Skirt Legacy

* SK * Lehna Garter with pocket

* SK * Glasses GIFT


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Under the surface we're not machines

Under the surface we're living dreams

Death lives just one breath away

Somewhere my heart beats in silence

I made my way through the violence

Nobody lives forever

~Fear Factory

Listen to Meeee




New releases from We <3 Role-Play. Opening on the 4th at 3pm.

Sound engineer

The main task of the sound engineer is to strengthen or weaken the signal, achieving harmonious sound. It looks simple, but it is not. In the studio or at a concert, a lot of signals can come to the mixing console, and they should sound melodious. Thus it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the room and the movement of musicians around the stage. Sound engineers are divided into studio (working on recording music albums and dubbing films), live and working in the cinema.

Picture taken at the NAMM music exhibition at Crocus Expo; Sokolniki in Moscow. During the performance of the guitarist.

An engineers train arrives at Radstock North signal box.

Swietelsky Babcock Rail Plasser & Theurer Finishing Machine 77001 in the yard at Dumfries affter arriving from Rutherglen. Booked out on a posession tonight at Annan. Also sharing the yard with Scotrail Sprinters 156512/511.

Couldn't resist trying to get something in the snow today, and 66765 duly played ball with 6K34 Cowlairs - Carlisle yard, although being a wee bit earlier would have helped getting the sun on the front ! 29/12/2020

2018 Road Trip to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT via Dempster Highway and the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway or ITH (Tuk Highway).

Although its 6.30 in the morning, before Corvid on a weekday the station at Manningtree would by busy with commuters and the car park filling up. However just myself and another enthusiast are on the platform when 37425 brings the return Hockley to Whitemoor engineers through with the JJR Autoballesters. The sun is head on at this time in the morning but the sight and sound of 37425 opening up aftter being stopped in the platform was worth the early morning bike ride.

Warmest day so far this year presented a CSX “Powder” Mac in front of a manifest down the former EJ&E. Real friendly crew, called in like 4 people.

66433 passes Bay Horse on 26.11.21 with 6Z05 Carlisle to Crewe engineers.

My good friend and fellow engineer Alex is at the controls of CN 2016, easing a loaded train of pellets from Utac onto the Missabe Sub main at Fairlane.

One day she will be engineer and will construct a beautiful sweet house for her poor father & mother.

Happy Wednesday to all my friend !!!!


My first ride in the cab of a steam locomotive. The engineer was kinda young. Niles Canyon Railway near Sunol, California.

"On June 7th, 1942, Japanese forces seized the small island of Attu from the United States. The following year, an invasion was launched to wrestle the Aleutian Islands chain from back Japan. A few weeks into the battle, Japanese forces unexpectedly launched a massive assault on the American lines at night, creating a rapid breakthrough. Sweeping over the front lines and through the rear aid stations, they killed the wounded who lay in their tents. Hundreds of Japanese continued to push the Americans back, right up to a hill that contained the base camp for some rear echelon troops, most engineers and cooks. As front line soldiers retreated from the pursuing enemy, the engineers and cooks stood their ground, repelling the Japanese banzai attack. By the end of the day, most of the Japanese garrison on Attu had been annihilated."


I've always wanted to do something to honor the (arguably) most forgotten campaign in WWII, so I decided to whip this little scene together. I posted a picture of the diorama as well, so you can view it as just a build. Hope you like it!


Cheers mates!

Dead Space 2


Camera Tools: Guide by Framed

Resolution: DSR resolutions

HUD Toggle: not needed

Post-processing: Reshade v4.9.1

Downsample Filter: Lanczos2


1. This shot was supposed to have a big scary monster in the background sneaking up on Isaac. Just as I was tweaking the lighting (an in-game strobe) by advancing time by a fraction, the monster teleported to behind the camera's position. The only explanation I could come up with is that the camera script also rips Isaac's soul from his body and is moving that around with the camera. Monsters love souls.

D&RGW GP40-2 No. 3116 and a single F9B have the Rio Grande Zephyr parked at the passenger station in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 19, 1982. It is waiting for a nationwide engineer's strike to be resolved prior to departing east to Denver, Colorado..

Modified at the genetic level, this creature now hunts even the most dangerous predators.


This is my Secret Santa build for Remington Yost, I was inspired by his Dragonfly, and Camouflaged Predator builds.


Maschinenbau Ingenieure bei der Arbeit

mechanical engineering engineers at work


686 rolls by Portage Junction with everyone’s favorite CP Engineer at the throttle

A top down view of Engineers point at Lake Isabella.

The Claymills Victorian pumping station is keen to encourage the next generation of engineers. This young man took us down to the the space above the boilers and explained the restoration project he was working on with his team .

(c) Copyright Alex Drennan

Showing the wear from all of the use many years ago at Michigan Technological University.

You can see Engineer Pass Road, and the North Cutoff road( on the left) that goes to Animas Forks.


When you start up the mountain you are going to several long switchbacks up the road. The switchbacks are mostly on ledge road, but there are many wide spots when if you meet some one.

I was working on one of my live steam locomotives and Jane came over and sat right in the middle of everything to inspect my work. I tested the RC servos which seemed to amaze and delight my furry audience.


Vivitar Series 1 90mm f/2.5 @ f/8

“The way I see it, hard times aren't only about money,

or drought,

or dust.

Hard times are about losing spirit,

and hope,

and what happens when dreams dry up.”

From Engineer Pass (el. 12,800 ft) on the Alpine Loop in the San Juan Mountains, the view to the north east is dominated by (from left to right) Wetterhorn Peak (14, 021 ft), Matterhorn (13,590 ft) Peak and Uncompahgre Peak (14,321 ft).

2018 Road Trip to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT via Dempster Highway and the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway or ITH (Tuk Highway).

Sign on the roof of Treg Trailers, a local engineering workshop and showroom for household domestic trailers and custom built trailers. The sign on the roof is accompanied by a life-sized red trailer.


The title refers to the only engineer's name that I automatically recall from a classic Dr Who episode. Unfortunately Engineer Eckersley was a bad 'un, in league other bad 'uns to steal the valuable mining deposits.

Model HX400 reporting for duty. It's time to slay...xoxo

Details & Extra Shots💋

Engineers Wharf, Grand Union Canal around Greenford on the Paddington Arm at Sunset. Now blocks of flats and apartments.

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