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© All rights reserved. You need my permission to use any photo.

© All rights reserved. You need my permission to use any photo.

© All rights reserved. You need my permission to use any photo.

© All rights reserved. You need my permission to use any photo.

© All rights reserved. You need my permission to use any photo.

Train depot, Eugene Oregon. © All rights reserved. You need my permission to use any photo.

A string of unemployed log cars frame the day’s Eugene-bound freight on the western outskirts of town.

A early morning view from on top of Skinners Butte looking south over Eugene, Oregon. (And playing with editing filters.) Have a great day!

© All rights reserved.


Cabaret de l'Enfer était un cabaret célèbreà Montmartre , fondé en novembre 1892 par Antonin Alexander et démoli en 1950 pour permettre l'expansion d'unsupermarchéMonoprix . Le Cabaret de L'Enfer était l'équivalent du Cabaret du Ciel , un autre cabaret qui partageait la même adresse sur le boulevard de Clichy . Antonin Alexander était le créateur, le directeur, et l'hôte des entreprises jumelles.


Jules Claretie , qui a écrit que les futurs historiens des mœurs de la Belle Epoque « ne pouvait pas passer en silence par ces cabarets », [1] les décrit comme « mettre le poème de Dante à distance de marche ». [2] Pour Georges Renault et Henri Château, "Le Ciel et L'Enfer, béants et grands ouverts d'affilée" méritaient le label "spectaculaire". [3] Les flâneurs de Paris sont entrés par les mâchoires monumentales du Léviathan, dévoreur des damnés. La façade intimidante était «une ode de stuc à la nudité féminine dévorée par des flammes infernales». ......


The Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople, 1890

collaborative photo with Eugene Marangoni

I was doing some body-swapping to photograph the boys, and thought I might do a shot of a few of my Eugene heads together.


From left to right:


1) my first Eugene, from early 2013, I believe. He's been repainted three times, due to early varnish mishaps.


2) Regency!Eugene. I made him recently to wear the Regency togs I made; I just haven't got around to finishing his coat. Or giving him a body.


3) Hipstaflynn. I think he might be my favourite.


4) new!Flynn. He has a touch of the stereotypical serial killer to him, I fear. His eyebrows are much lower than the original sculpt, and he lacks that nice quirk of the lip on the side. Maybe I'll have another go at him, trying to place the eyebrows differently.

Clef de Pleu Eugene Skin available @ ✈ Man Cave

A overhead view of the gardens of Schlosshof, a country castle built by Prince Eugene of Savoy and used as an elaborate hunting lodge.

A new photo of the Atomium in Brussels. I am just fan of this geometry of this building.


scenes from a protest againt Kabila Régime in Brussels.

"Flowers for you" photography.

from ongoing project "Riversystem"

A brief description in a L.A. Times blog post here.

Do not use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my permission.

© All rights reserved.

© All rights reserved.

My first HDR ever! :). I am not that much to HDR but it just what I saw, not more not less! no exageration!

I forgot what it's called tho i have them in my yard in Seattle they're massive. Featuring my late Houdini ...

'Shazam' 6" Action Figure

walk a mile in his shoes, and you will have seen the world, the good the bad and the ugly. I met Eugene yesterday when I was snapping pix out on front of the closed up shop front of the Republican National Party office in San Leandro. It was an amusing sight to see. Eugene walked by, a scruffy homeless man, with a tidy back pack and roll strapped to his shoulders. Eugene made a crack about the Republicans and that got us talking. He is a funny man, well spoken, but has seen his share of the dark side. He said time spent in Croatia and Bosnia as part of the multi-national U.N. Peacekeeping force left him "greatly disturbed" and he has "never been right after that." Eugene's words. He lives on an $850 V.A. check, panhandles for his meals, and sleeps underneath freeway crossings, or up in the hills above San Leandro. He spends his days walking and staying out of trouble. He did not ask, but I gave Eugene enough money to buy the chicken dinner at Safeway. He was hungry, I could tell, and this gave him a break from panhandling tonight. I just hate to see our Veterans put out on the street like this. But one thing I know, Eugene and I share the same view about Karma, so whatever goes around, comes around, and it was just the right thing to do, to feed him, to talk with him as I would any other human being, and to shake his hand and give him a smile. I told Eugene about the 100 Strangers Project, and at first he was too shy to take his photo because he said, in his words, "I'm so ugly." That made me sad, and I told him that wasn't true at all, God doesn't make junk, and he doesn't make us ugly. He smiled and said he was ready to get his photo taken. He was quite intrigued about the project, and seemed touched that I would consider talking to him, and want to add his photo to the project. It is people like Eugene that are my favorite subjects. And talking to him helped keep my own life issues in perspective.


This picture is #10 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

Southern Pacific SD40M-2 No. 8634 leads a 67 car Eugene to Chicago manifest freight through Riverton, Utah on Aug. 23, 1994.

This channel of water was diverted from the Willamette River to power the lumber mills in the early days of Eugene.

A unique and detailed moment dedicated to Eugene Delacroix, created by the artist Aime Jules Dalou.


More detail at;


On Black


Moonrise from Eugene. Mar 21 at 8:07pm. Just acquired a T-adapter so I could attach my camera to a small refractor. And using this moonrise to learn how to use this technique. Of the series, this one is my fav. Others from the series follow in chronological order. For those who name their Full Moons, this is the Worm Moon. It is not easy to tell if you have a sharp focus when you are shooting through a scope.


Thank you all for the kind comments and favs! I had no idea this photo would become so popular when I posted it. When I logged on the next day and saw 1,600 views and about 100 favs, I thought Flickr must be having a hiccup. Then a few days later it was up to #1 in Explore.

Pentax K-1, SMC Pentax-M 35/2.8

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