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Aka the "Russian House". The Shanghai Exhibition Center (上海展览中心) was built after the revolution with Russian help (one can see this from the architectural style).

Located on Yan'an Road. Used for art exhibitions.

Trade fairs are held at the new Pudong Exhibition Center (aka EXPO center, though it has nothing to do with the EXPO 2010) or the new National Exhibition Center near Hongqiao Airport.


Photo taken from a car while driving on Yan'an Elevated Road.


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on an exhibition in Zurich

Ausstellung in Zürich

olympus omd - lightroom - silver efex pro



Katherine ━ and Thierry ━ and Gil


CLICK the link to enter the EXHIBITION


☆☆☆👉👉 ━ mur-mur ━ 👈👈☆☆☆


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22.-24. Mai 2020



Die Adresse wurde kurzfristig via Social Media bekanntgegeben, die Tür des Luftschutzbunkers stand offen, kräftige Bässe schlugen uns entgegen....


Treppe runter, Maske die Liste eintragen und rein ins Vergnügen.

Eine sehr coole Ausstellung von NEAL in Hamburg.

Messehallen Arrangement

Listen to A Flock of Seaguls : The last Flight of Juri Gagarin

The exhibition park lake in Newcastle upon Tyne. This lake and the building in the centre of the photograph were created for the great exhibition of 1929. The building which is called the palace of arts is the only one still standing from the exhibition of 1929. Over the years the building has been a science museum but now hosts the Wylam brewery. The lake itself has gone from being a boating lake to a haven for wildlife. I took these photographs while heading to the hoppings on the town moor, which is just behind the palace of arts, in June 2019. If you look carefully you may see some of the rides in the background. I was well pleased with theses reflection shots.

finally I can invite you to the exhibition of Christian Stops and Laurent Luettge, two photographers you know on flickr!

L'autre Oeil July Launch Party

(5) artists for the July Launch at L'autre Oeil Gallery


Come Celebrate with Us


Music from DJ Eve and DJ Blaize!

Dress code: Dress to Impress

Looking forward to seeing you!!

Dates: July 10 to 12, 2020


Location: resolution-exhibition


Kultivate’s latest gallery, Dene Gallery, presents the Resolution Exhibition! This special three day exhibition will feature some of the top talented photographers and artists that can be found on Flickr. The exhibition is curated by photographer and artist, Tempest Rosca (Huntsman) and will feature 3 days of live music.


ParticipatingArtists Include: Beuanna Banana, Brian2 Werefox, ByrneDarkly Cazalet, CalebBryant Resident, Giselle Chauveau, INARA PEY, Ivyana Szondi, Johannes Huntsman, Kacey Macbeth, Kalina Sands, ladycharis, Lam Erin, LawrenceD, Morgaine Blackrain, Myra Wildmist, nugget ichibara, Paradox Mercury, PinkRayne, Reya Darkstone, Rockcail Resident, Roman Godde, serenaelia, sirspanking, Skip Staheli, Skye Fairywren, Sugarfairy88 Resident, Tempest Rosca, TrishaSrose, Whata Conundrum, & Wicca Merlin


The following live performers will provide entertainment throughout the exhibition: Samuel James, Steph Sinatra, Mavenn, Wolfie Starfire, Jesie Janick, Max Kleene, & Samm Qendra.

in days of pandemic

The Royal Exhibition Building is a World Heritage Site-listed building in Melbourne, Australia, completed in 1880. It was built to host the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1880–81 and later hosted (in the Western annex) the opening of the first Parliament of Australia in 1901.Being one of the last remaining major 19th-century exhibition buildings in the world. It is the world's most complete surviving site from the International Exhibition movement 1851–1914.

#3 Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy at Moscow

Scan from my old film taken in 1970y


The exhibition park is a closed green area with a symbolic entrance fee. It was founded in 1935 and was originally dedicated only to the exhibition of advanced machinery and technology in agriculture. In the well-groomed green area of the Park with many fountains there were large monumental exhibition buildings dedicated to different regions (republics) of the state, their agriculture and technology. Own botanic garden, large flower fields. The entire architecture and layout of the park was made in a single Stalin's Empire style. Nothing to do with Disneyland. Already in those days, only electric vehicles were used to move around the Park. Trolleybuses along perimeter of the Park. Those trolleybuses differed from the urban ones almost completely glazed interior (including ceiling). On internal routes used small semi-open road trains with electric traction, even small electric taxis were (for a fee).

In the 60s, the territory of the Park was significantly expanded. The theme of the exhibition began to cover not only agriculture, but all industries. Many new exhibition buildings were built, some of which had faceless modern architecture (glass and steel). So the Park has a bit lost its unique image.

This exhibition complex had its own meat dairy and bakery production. Their products were sold in numerous small cafes and pavilions in the park. These products were incomparably higher quality than what you could buy in ordinary Moscow stores. As I remember, especially fine were hot dogs, coffee with sandwiches or doughnuts and different kinds of hot bread (just out of the bakery). All goods and services were for very small money.

Now it is impossible to buy anything like this here (I'm not talking about luxury restaurants, where I have not been for a long time).

By the way, my equipment was also for a while exhibited there in the exhibition building of Geophysics as an example of student creativity

from the series : To Be Unwanted

giclee print on Fuji Archival Pearl.

sizes: 24" x 16"

PV photos:

I utställningen Our Island in Monochrome visar vi i Fotoklubben Obscura upp Åland med bilder i en gråskala, monokrom/svartvitt. Vi vill visa Åland på ett annorlunda sätt och att vår ö är lika vacker i svartvitt som i färg.


- Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź is one of the oldest museums of modern art in the world.



Have a wonderful day and thank you for all your kind words:-))


© Copyright. Eggii 2016. All rights reserved.

Assemblage (art)

" Table with colourful potatoes" (1973) by Antoni Starczewski

The opening of the permanent exhibition of 20th and 21st century art - new exhibition space of the Lodz Art Museum - Europe's oldest museum of modern art.

Exhibition Square outside York Art Gallery, York. (1546)

I am trully humbled, trilled happy and honored to take part in this amazing exhibition with so many talented artists and friends that i love to stalk =)

I would like to invite you all and would love to see you all there ♥


The exhibits opens on Saturday, December 5 at Noon SLT (12 PM).


🚕Taxi to the Attention Gallery 🚕



MAK - Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwartskunst


Wenn etwas zu lang ist - mach es länger


The exhibition plane. Legendary Yak - 42 in the original coloring in the Exhibition Center in Moscow. Yak - 42 in the original coloring in the Exhibition Center, Moscow. delivered on the day of the 65th anniversary of victory over fascism.


Dear friends

and Artlovers


you are all welcome to my Photo Exhibit Opening at Mediterraneo Oc, saturday 09 of may

starting at 1 pm SL time


DJ Krav will spin some nice tunes


Happy to see you there


The Museum Building at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx where the Frida Khalo exhibition was held. The neo-Renaissance structure was built in 1901.The 1905 Fountain of Life bronze sculpture (three sculptural groups on a pedestal of basins and marble) is in the foreground.The sculpture consists of sea horses,sea nymphs,dolphins,and semi human figures.The 25 trees lining the entrance and sidewalks were planted there between 1903-1911.About the Frida Khalo painting you see at the top left,see the following link-



- Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź is one of the oldest museums of modern art in the world.



Have a wonderful day and thank you for all your kind words:-))


© Copyright. Eggii 2016. All rights reserved.

Landesgalerie NÖ / Krems

The exhibition & is an attempt to dive into artistic practice and aesthetic experience. It is an invitation to enter a world composed of mazes, déjà-vu, subtle similarities, strange symmetries and unexpected discoveries.

(..)Not only minimalism and abstraction are strongly linked historically to the concepts of difference &repetition, also the actual technologies that we use in our everyday activities are regulated by these words. They become the rules of a game that could be a labyrinth, an artwork, the Internet, our lives, but where, at the end, we might not find an exit.


Artists: Cécile Dupaquier, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Henryk Morel, François Morellet, Anna Orlikowska, Wacław Szpakowski, Suzanne Treister


Coordinator: Katarzyna Mróz


paintings from E. Kunila private collection

Town Hall

Impressing Exhibition about her Journey to Australia. Marie Sophie Sinclair is a RL painter and book author. She is very talented. Visit her Gallery:

Köln, Dezember 2018

Galerie Thomas Zander, Ausstellung "Die Farbe Grau", Gerhard Richter und Michael Schmidt

Dear friends,

you are welcome to the opening party of my photos exhibition tonight!

1 AM SLT at The Citadel - Black Lux Gallery


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