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For Smile on Saturday's #pawn theme

I was gonna delete this....

Some amazing old world charm architecture can be found at The Canadian Expermental Farm here smack in the middle of Ottawa, Canada! The green dome is the observatory.

Experimental work

Experimental Aircraft usually means a home built one of a kind, this was a very sharp airplane, note the sun shade in the cockpit area it gets hot in there.

Well this shot of a circular looking park or area (not sure how to really describe this) is a bit of an experiment with some new post-processing styles I am currently trying out, and quite different from the usual styles that I am used to.


Not sure how the response would be, but do let me know if anything looks out of place or unnatural. Note the small kid on a tricycle in the shot.

Experimental work.


Signe, The Skinnery, bommy bom bom

*barberyumyum*B12(03) (unrigged/click.resize) FLF

Arte Eyes - Wonder Collection


Amsterdam - Lijnbaansgracht.


Jaguar XJ MkI Series I (1968-1972).

Playing with a BW conversion and ended up being drawn to this....Comments will be very helpful.....

Bitterroot Valley South of Missoula, Montana

April 2003


Technical: Another archive dive and I experimented with a new Photoshop feature - Sky Replacement. This picture had an absolutely concrete sky. Which is probably why I passed it by years ago. With the new feature, I just dropped a much better sky into the picture. Even without the sepia toning, it looked pretty good. This will be a feature I use a lot. This time, I used one of the packaged skies that came with Photoshop. However, I DO have a vast collection of my own sky shots. Now I get to put them to use.


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Forest in my home Eifel, Germany


Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.


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A blended long and fast exposure, landscape image of Daisies growing on the cliffs of Portknockie in Morayshire, Scotland.


This was a concept I had been meaning to try out for a while that didn't entirely work out. It is a blend of a fast exposure for the flowers and long exposure for the background. I think the idea can work but I just need to figure out how to pull it off. I will just have to keep trying. :-)

Zooming in from 20mm to 40mm

ND8 filter

Cokin grad tobacco 2 filter


backdrop created by use of GIMP

Experimental Abstract

Details can be found on the Blog listed in Flickr Bio.

Experimental work.

My first attempt at “Art from a blank canvas”. I purchased a new iPad today, and I found this really cool app called “Procreate”. There’s sooo much to do on it I swear it’s just like photoshop. Anyways...I’ve been playing with my new toys all day...and I want to learn how to create “AFABC”. It’s a completely new style of art for like the title’s experimental...

I don’t collect many things but I have long held a peculiar attraction to boxes. I particularly like unsophisticated carved wooden ones. These days I am not allowed to acquire more because of lack of space (though I do slip the odd one in under the radar every few years - Shhhh, don’t tell now...).


This box was hand-crafted in India and bought from a fair trade charity. It is of particular significance to me because it was an essential part of a parenting experiment that we did.


When my daughter was young we didn’t give her any pocket money. Instead, we had this box which was alway kept topped up with coins. She could take whatever she liked from it and spend it on what she wanted, though the agreement was that she would put any change from her purchase at the shop back in the box.


We did this because we hoped create a learning experience for her. In our society money is immensely important and I have always felt that being able to budget and manage money is essential for a young person to learn. Self-control in spending money is an important lesson too.


And values are particularly important as the ones we hold largely determine what we do with our lives and the impact we have on others. So we wanted to stop money being a control issue and an addictively desirable object for acquisition.


And the sorts of values we wanted to instil were ones like money only has value when you spend it and that it is meant to be useful or enjoyable, it’s for sharing, it’s a responsibility to be stewarded wisely, that the value of a person is not measured by their wealth but by the quality of their character (to borrow some famous words) and their integrity, that contentment is a better aim in life than success, that financial security does not mean having lots of money but that your income exceeds your expenditure, and, finally, that there is a tremendous amount of fun to be had in giving money away.


And with that rather lofty aim, we could only fail.


Except we didn’t. But I suspect that was more to do with our daughter’s personality (which parents don’t really control) rather than our experiment.


So that’s the story of this particular box. It’s still in use today as a change store, but in these days of contactless pandemics even that is on the decline.


I wasn’t feeling very imaginative today so you have a straight-down shot of the lid. I did try some other viewpoints but nothing was working. To add a bit of interest I used a lighting filter in the processing to add two lights top left and bottom right.


This is for the Smile on Saturday theme Money Box


Thank you for taking the time to look. I hope you enjoy the image. Happy Smile on Saturday :)

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