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Title: Autumn edition 1924 : our new guide to rose culture

Identifier: autumnedition19219ding_0

Year: 1924 (1920s)

Authors: Dingee & Conard Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection

Subjects: Nursery stock Catalogs; Roses Catalogs; Nurseries (Horticulture)

Bulbs (Plants) Seeds Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Catalogs; Shrubs Seeds Catalogs

Publisher: West Grove, Pa. : The Dingee & Conard Co.

Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library


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Radiance Rhea Reid The color is vivid scarlet crimson, and the flowers are marvels of beaiity; large, bold and of splendid substance. It has a strong, disease-resisting consti- tution, makes a rapid growth and throws up a profusion of canes from the roots and is always blooming. HOOSI ER BEAUTY. This beautiful Rose is fra- grant as Richmond; has more petals, a stifl'er stem, a texture like velvet. In color, glowing crimson scarlet, with darker shadings. The bud is of good length, keeps well in the close-cut state, and opens into magnificent bloom, quite dazzling in its velvety brilliance. ECARLATE. One of the grandest for outdoor blooming of this class. Color a solid, brilliant scarlet. Profuse bloomer, strong, sturdy grower. Exceptionally fine as those found in the green- houses. Perfectly hardy. LAURENT CARLE. A beautiful Rose, with extra large, hansdomely formed, rich velvety carmine buds and flowers. It is a phenomenally strong and robust grower, hardy in every locality and continually in bloom. Every lover of Roses should have this variety. OPHELIA. The color is one so difficult to describe that any description can only be a partial one, and gives but a faint idea of the superb beauty and richness of the shades. Salmon-flesh, shaded with rose. Buds of unusual attractiveness, open- ing full and double. Habit excellent, growth strong, produces flowers on long stems, well up above the foliage, and in great profusion all summer. Grand for forcing or outdoors. VIRGINIA R. COXE (or Gruss an Teplitz). For intense and dazzling color there is no other Rose to compare with it. The flowers are large and handsome, moderately double, of splendid sub- stance, and are produced in amazing profusion during the whole of the growing season; in fact, it is always in bloom. The color is fiery crimson, shaded with a dark velvety sheen, a combination found in no other Rose. Price. All Roses on this page, except where noted, first size one-year plants, 30 cts. each; 4 for $1.00, postpaid; two-year-old plants, 85 cts. each; $8.50 per dozen of one or more varieties, by express at purchaser's expense; 95 ets. each by Parcel Post, prepaid, with soil on roots. HYBRID TEA ROSES—Continued Radiance A glorious new extra-hardy Hybrid Tea Rose which originated a few miles from West Grove. Awarded Silver Medal by the American Rose Society as the best bedding Rose at the Hartford, Conn., gardens. The flowers are a beautiful blend- ing of shades of carmine-rose, with opal and coppery reflections. It is of splendid, sturdy growth, constantly in bloom and is bound to become one of the leading garden Roses. We cannot say too much in its praise. CRIMSON QUEEN. Owing to its rich coloring this is a wonderful garden or bedding Rose. There is no color that produces the show that a good crimson does. The color is a rich, bright, velvety crimson. A strong, vigorous, upright grower; flowers large and full, a great garden Rose as it is always in bloom; extremely hardy and produces a magnificent bush in a short time, hardy everywhere. MAD. ABEL CHATENAY. This splendid Rose is one of the very best of its color—rosy-carmine, with darker shade. It does remarkably well in the open ground, has wonderfully beautiful flowers, which are full, deep and double. A very hardy Rose, Chatenay is a strong grower and free bloomer; has won friends wherever it has been planted. EDGAR M. BURNETT. Very large, full flowers of splendid form, with large flesh-colored petals tinted rose; an advance on the type of Rose of which the beautiful Alice Stanley is a representa- tive; one of the sweetest scented Roses in exist- ence. Awarded gold medal, National Rose Society of England. ETOILE DE FRANCE. The strong, upright bushes have beautiful bronze-green foliage, which is not subject to insect attacks. The bushes are blooming constantly, producing large, massive, deep, full cup-formed flowers on magnificent, long, stiff stems. They are of truly glorious form and delightful fragrance, while the color is exqms- ite—a clear red of velvety crimson. MRS. AARON WARD. The color ranges from coppery-orange in the opening bud, changing to a golden-orange, and when the fiower is fully open it is a lovely shade of pinkish fawn. Most vigorous in growth, every shoot producing a flower and clothed with dark, glossy green fohage, maroon on under side. MADAME SEGOND WEBER. One of the most beautiful Roses of recent introduction. The long, pointed buds are pink or salmon-flesh and when fully expanded are immense in size, full and double; as the flower opens it deepens until it fairly glows with its warm, deep pink. Highly fragrant. Very hardy and constantly in bloom. METEOR. Very few dark Roses compare with this in richness and depth in color, which is a rich, velvety crimson, shading very dark in the depths of the petals. As a garden Rose it has few equals, being particularly valuable for bedding on account of its sturdy growth and handsome foliage. SUNBURST. Buds long and pointed, borne singly on long, stout stems, opening full and double. A very vigorous grower, reddish bronze foliage. The color is superb orange copper or golden orange, with a deep orange center. This Rose creates a sensation wherever grown. HELENA CAMBIER. Of unusual beauty, with large, double, beautifully formed flower; the colors are varying, ranging from salmon-rose to coppery-rose; very often a handsome saffron hue. As the flowers expand the colors become lighter. PINK LA FRANCE. Exceedingly sweet and hand- some; flowers and buds large size, color lovely shade of silvery pink, tinged with crimson; fragrance delicious; flowers very dull and beautiful. WHITE LA FRANCE (Augustine Guinoisseau). A pure white member of the La France family, having just a tinge of rose-blush tint, which grows stronger in the depth§ gf the petals.


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Title: Caroli a Linné eqvitis Systema vegetabilivm : secvndvm classes ordines genera species cvm characteribvs et differentiis

Identifier: carolilinneqvi01linn

Year: 1784 (1780s)

Authors: Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778; Murray, Johann Andreas, 1740-1791

Subjects: Botany

Publisher: Gottingae : Typis et impensis Jo. Christ. Dieterich

Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


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CLASSIUM GENERA 29 Epacris Weii^ela Tertona Pliimbago Phlox ConvolvuUis npomoea^ Tolemoniutn Campanula Tfe


Text Appearing After Image:

Nauclea Rondeletia Macrocnemuin BeMonia Portlandia Cinchona Pfychotria Chiococca Hamellia EonTcera" riolteum Morinda Conocarpus Scaevola ⢠Kuhnia Erithalis Menais Muffaenda Genipa Ignatia Matthiola Mirabilia _ Coris _ brollaea Verbarcum Datura " hvofcYamuJ^ KififitiajDa^ Atropa Phyfalis Solanum [371 Capficum" 213 JStrychnos ;3li| Jacquinia 215 Chironia. AUl "Cordia - 'Jtl7 Patagonula "218 Ehretia 219 Varronia 220 Laugeria 22L Brunsfellia- 222 CeilrunT" 22^ Lycium"' 324 Thrylophyllum J225 Sideroxylon JJ26 Khamnus "227 Phylica ^T Xeanoth g^s 22^ Arduina ^o Buttneria Ji^i IVlvrilne "232 Bladhia 233 Celaftrus, "234 ExQM^miiii, Diofma lovenia Brunia Cyrllla' Itea Galax Elaeodendrum Cclodendrum Efcallonia Corynocarpus Argoptiyllum Mangifera H.rtella Plettronia Ribes â.a*a 252 253 254 255 256 2£l8. â -â^>. 258 -219 âao6 - Ji6i . -. -.262 263 264 iqiiilicia Gronovia Hedera »â.â2t>( 267 -^ ^68 269 270 271 «7^, 173 274 1247 - - -575. 276 »77 I373L -?7i 280 . 1249 281 1296 Vitis


Note About Images

Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.