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If you are in the neighbourhood come enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival. I have enjoyed it very much together with Don Oppedijk :-)


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Paseo Art Festival

Paseo Street, OKC

Picture/Collaboration with my dear Anuska



Thank you so much ♥♥


More photos of the details on the blog, facebook and instagram ♥




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Featuring Belle Epoque's Leila Outfit at Anthem. How much fun is this?!? :D

/me spins and spins in the sand!



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..::THOR::.. Our Summer Gacha Set

Now @ Kustom9 event

..::THOR::.. LM


..::THOR::.. Festival Vibes Gacha Set

Now @ Anthem event

..::THOR::.. LM


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Mango Festival By Sari-Sari


A set inspired by the mango festivals in the Philippines, celebrating our Carabao mangoes! 🌞😍


Sari-Sari - Mango Festival

Original mesh, textures, and bento animations, 1-2 LI each, copy/mod

Includes Bamboo Table, Mango Festival Sign, 3 varieties each of Carabao mangoes on wooden baskets and plates.


Mix and match bento holdable Peeled Mango (left and right hand), Oval Mango Basket (left hand), and Round Mango Basket (right hand) for male and female.


*UPDATED: Added a version of the Round Basket with Peeled Mango as an item giver. Click to receive a bento holdable peeled mango each for M&F. 😊👌




We are so excited to announce the fifth Friendship Valley Music Festival and Photo Contest! The festival will take place on Friday and Saturday, August 27th and 28th and the photo contest starts now and runs through Thursday, September 2nd! Please visit our festival photo contest group ( ) for more details about submissions and the 50k L$ in prizes!


Landmark/Location for the Festival Grounds:


Here is the lineup for the fifth Friendship Valley Music Festival!


Friday 8/27

2PM Nebulae Sands

3PM JenJen Watanabe

4PM Cake

5PM Dino Viper

6PM Little Hurricane

7PM Soda

8PM Calliope Mitchell

9PM Fifi Oh

10PM Lilith


Saturday 8/28

9AM DJ Bedlam

10AM Nirea Mercury

11AM Chi

12PM Kanjena

1PM Desterac Laval

2PM Noirran

3PM Syn Beresford

4PM Eduardo Hyx

5PM Cipher

6PM RǔRox

7PM Soda

8PM Sparklebottom Lastertits

9PM Lita Luckless

10PM Rapa

You've heard of hiding in plain sight? Flit uses the agility of her namesake to twirl around the balloon lanterns and dance through the festival attendees.





[LANEVO] KOSUIFUUTAI Windbag @ Japonica


*See previous post for outfit credits

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[Cinoe] Festival soup stall

Now @ Kustom9 event

[Cinoe] LM


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Festival Aéreo Alvear 2017 Santa Fe

Thoiry-lumieres-sauvages-2019-le-festival de lanternes chinoises

/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0




FAGA - Kalia Hairstyle **NEW**Thx @Summer Camp


[the Skinnery] Antonia (LeLutkaEVOX) toffee **NEW**Thx @Uber


Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3


pecheresse. ronnie tattoo (body edition) RARE


-Sorumin- Summer Festival SET **NEW**Thx @Anthem


hive // cold brew coffee to go . bento hold L


Besonders reizvoll, vielleicht am aller schönsten, ist es im Jura im Oktober, wenn der Wald in den schillerndsten Farben zu leuchten beginnt. Dass dieses Naturschauspiel allerdings nicht nur von Woche zu Woche, von Tag zu Tag unterschiedlich ausgeprägt ist, sondern sich mitunter auch an ein und demselben Tag innerhalb weniger Kilometer schlagartig verstärken oder aber praktisch verschwinden kann, haben wir erst kürzlich wieder bemerkt. Je nachdem, in welchem Tal es einen besonders strengen Frost gab, über das Jahr hinweg etwas weniger Niederschlag gefallen ist oder ein erster von Westen heranziehender Herbststurm seine Angriffsfläche gefunden hat...


Insofern hatten Yannick und ich am 29. Oktober 2016 einfach ein bisschen Glück, als wir - auf der Flucht vor dem Nebel an der "Ligne 4" - im Tal des oberen Doubs zwischen Morteau und Gilley praktisch Idealbedingungen vorfanden. Kurz bevor die Sonne gegen 17 Uhr bereits hinter den umliegenden Berghängen verschwand, bahnte sich noch das Doppel aus den beiden mit dem schweizerischen Zugsicherungssystem Integra-Signum ausgestatteten X 73752 und X 73753 als internationaler TER 96422 (La Chaux-de-Fonds - Besançon) pfeifend seinen Weg durch das herbstliche Festival der Farben. Kurz vor Colombière passierte es dabei einen urigen Bahnübergang, der ausschließlich als Zufahrt zu einer Weide dient.


Im Jahr 2021 waren derartige Fotos auf der "Ligne des horlogers" leider nicht möglich, da die Strecke seit März und noch bis zum kommenden Wochenende komplett gesperrt ist, um dringend notwendige Sanierungsarbeiten durchzuführen. Aber spätestens im nächsten Jahr hat man dann wieder die Gelegenheit - oder vielleicht bleibt ja noch ein bisschen Laub bis in den November hinein an den Bäumen. :)

Festspielhaus, Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria

Dark clouds over Cleeve Hill


Cheltenham Festival of Racing 2018

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International Open-air Theatre Festival

The Netherlands


Most of my photographs are available for sale as high quality print.

Visit my webshop with worldwide shipping:

"Festival de Orquideas"

Created for Contest #50 Spring Impressionism in Kreative People and Vivid Art Challenge #3 - Vivid Spring Blossoms.


Images and Textures : my own.

© All rights reserved.

This image may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic, mechanical, photocopying & recording without my written permission. Thanks.

One more photo from the past in honor of the missed event in 2021.


Come Be Welcome in our Village! Browse through our Enchanted Artisan Marketplace where over One Hundred Merchants demonstrate and sell their wares. Behold blown glass, hammered pewter, wooden toys, hand-tooled leather, weaponry, unique pottery, abundant clothing and a Wealth of other Riches, including Festival Memorabilia! Applaud Hundreds of Performers, not only on our Twelve Stages, but literally all around you! You’ll meet Sword fighters, Minstrels, Magicians, Wenches and more! “All the World’s a Stage” here in the Village of Kimmendale. Cheer for Heroic Knights, as they mount their noble steeds and charge with thunderous speed in exciting Jousts, thrice daily! Feast on a Cornucopia of Fyne Foods fit for a King or Queen! Enjoy Delectable Desserts without regret! Visit the Pubs and Toast the Royal Court with a tankard of Cold Ale or Hard Cider. For the softer palette we offer Meads and Wines as well. Play Games of Chance and Skill which challenge both young and old alike, such as Axe Throwing, Archery, Test of Strength, Jacob’s Ladder, The Hang Bar, Fencing, Water Wars Balloons , and NEW Blue Moon Pirate Kayaks and so more more! Thrill to a ride on the Giant Rocking Horse, get lost in The Maze, or the Haunted Graveyard! You can streak across the sky on the Knight’s Flight Zipline or go for a spin on the human-powered Flying Carrousel! There is So Much to do! Come Experience the Adventure that is the One and Only Florida Renaissance Festival! Huzzah!


***Ambrosia***GETA mule

*catNap.*kingyo balloon GACHA

@Okinawa Summer Festival 2021


The Chinese Lunar New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, and spring blossoms are often used as decorations during the festival which runs for 15 days.

Porst color reflex auto mc 55mm/1:1.4

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The Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar. It marks the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations.

22 february 2016.


Submitted: 26/02/2016

Accepted: 18/03/2016

Renaissance Festival to support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer opens September 24. Links & info on my Blog ~

Renaissance Festival to support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer opens September 24. Links & info on my Blog ~

Light festivals are always great to watch.



taikou / floating torii gate

taikou / floating sky lantern

taikou / floating water lantern



*:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(TUBAKI)FatPack

*:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(TUBAKI)Bshoes

*:..Silvery K..:*Halo crownNeckOption

*:..Silvery K..:*Halo crown


Blog post & SLURL.

Tomorrow is our Moon Festival. Wishing you and all your family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


The Mid-Autumn Festival (Simplified Chinese: 中秋节; Traditional Chinese: 中秋節; Vietnamese: Tết Trung Thu; Korean: 추석; Japanese: 月見), also known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional festival celebrated by Chinese people and the Sinosphere. It is the second most important Chinese holiday after Chinese New Year with a history dating back 3,000 years, when China's emperors worshipped the moon for bountiful harvests. The celebration is called Chuseok (autumn eve) in Korea and Tsukimi (moon-viewing) in Japan.


The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunisolar calendar with a full moon at night, corresponding to mid-September to early October of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, the Chinese believe that the moon is at its brightest and fullest size, coinciding with harvest time in the middle of Autumn.


Lanterns of all size and shapes, are carried and displayed – as beacons to light our way to prosperity and good luck. Mooncakes, a rich pastry typically filled with sweet-bean or lotus-seed paste, are traditionally eaten during the festival.


...beim Festival of lights 2021


"Das diesjährige Festivalmotto „Creating Tomorrow“ beleuchtet intensiv unsere Verantwortung für den nachhaltigen Erhalt unseres Heimatplaneten. Die Lichtkunstinstallationen und Videomappings spielen mit diesem Thema in einer unglaublichen Vielfalt. Es werden anregende Visionen gezeigt und die kommenden Aufgaben thematisiert, wie zum Beispiel Nachhaltigkeit, E-Mobility, Maßnahmen für mehr CO2 Neutralität, erneuerbare Energien und Digitalisierung..."


New Blueberry outfit at mainstore as well, pr!tty hair and breathe shoes at the epiphany <3

For LMs and full info click HERE!

The Edinburgh Festival always ends with a big Firework display. I caught this last night.

Gion Festival Star Mine




1 year. It seems to be long and feels very short.

Fireworks of Gion went up this year, again.






[composite of 2 shots, 比較明合成]

Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka city, Japan

the whole festival in the main town square taken from the old Inca fort of Saksaywaman






❥Ionic @Equal10

❥Ionic @Mainstore


See blog post below for credits list






Credits available @Festivals Past


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Copenhell Metal Festival in hot summer nights

" Live interaction with a crowd is a cathartic, spiritual kind of exchange, and it's intensified at a festival." Trent Reznor


I really enjoyed creating this set for The Crystal Heart Festival! It is always so inspiring!


Don't forget to come visit us and get some little gifts!


Opens : June 30th


Hair : Tram

Clothes : Amitomo

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