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Preparing for Black Sheep Gathering, 4 skeins of LoopyDoopy and LoopyDoopyMinis drying on the rack.

On left, antique cotton carders, Ashford wool carders, on right, lint brush, nice round heavy duty chopstick for punis, sushi mat for batt removal, WPI tool & card behind those and the Strauch Petite drumcarder on the far right. Underneath I keep one basket of drumcarding tools, one empty basket for holding fiber as I prep it and the big basket holds fiber I'm gonna get to eventually.

Aragorn is on time-out in the corral tonight because he kept jumping fences today and pestering Strider's group. Hopefully things will settle down tomorrow.

Spent a little time in the fiber room this evening. Nothing like carding some bright lime green wool to brighten up a grey, rainy day

I was offered these two Corriedale cross fleeces by Brian Byrne, the new Farm & Gardens Director for Bethesda Academy. They are from the May shearing (by Brian, who is no shearer!) of the two Bethesda sheep (the ram, alas, was injured in a spring storm and had to be helped across the Rainbow Bridge).

first day, the prologue if you will, start slow, with mostly just fiber prep. this is spunky eclectic bfl dijon.

In honor of Germany's prowess on the field, we had schnitzel with a roasted vegetable salad. The vegetables, chopped, are gently mixed with the croutons and liberally sprinkled with oil/basil. And a considerable amount of Parmesan cheese. Eat it while it's hot.

My husband made this area to process my fleeces and make batts. It's still a work in progress, but we are getting there!

Done done done done!


And I wrote up how you can do this at home: comprehensive fiber-prep instructions downloadable for free as a PDF.

Phang spindle made by Popsicletote and accompanied by some of her local llama fiber.

This spindle took a little bit of getting used to. I must say that fiber prep is key when spinning on this type of supported spindle. I hand carded the fiber and made it into rolags. It wasn't until my last rolag that I started spinning and drafting. Before that, I was parking and drafting! LOL!

Loop Bullseye Bump in the

Purple Emperor colorway plied with Needlework's Pleasure merino/silk batt. Both fibers purchased on Etsy.


As always, I adore spinning the Bumps. Just stunning fiber prep. Definitely can spoil a gal.


Still have some of the Bump as singles. Not sure what I want to do with it yet...


Spun & plied on my Babe wheel.


Took a week to ply! Yes, really. A WEEK!


Took 50 MINUTES just to put it into a skein!


Hope there is some crazy yardage with this. *fingers crossed*


Need to figure out yardage for The Knit Girllls Stash Dash 2015!

in the fiber room

spinning, plying

fiber prep/combing wool

fiber prep/combing wool

fiber prep/combing wool

The finished homogeneous blend. After blending I had five rolags, this picture doesn't accurately get the color quite right... it's a really nice rust shade. Couldn't get the proper lighting.


My carding is far from perfect but I'm hoping these will make a fairly consistently colored yarn. They actually look better in person than in this photo. :-p


Now I need to woolen spin these and ply them, and see how it all shapes up.

naturally-dyed with dried tansy leaves and flowers

border leicester cross wool

Ready for spinning.

A closeup of the fiber we were given for the assignment. We got different combinations of colors - I ended up with orange & brown which just happen to be my faves.


Both are combed top, I believe Louet, I believe Corriedale.


They need to be handcarded for woolen spinning.


I just split each color in half, half to be used for the orthogeneous blend and half for the homogeneous blend.

Fiber prep day: EKF Malachite bliss (sw merino/silk)

After some practice handcarding, and with time running out, I decided today to card up my fibers for one of the first assignments.


We are to spin two sample skeins of 2-ply, one in an orthogeneous blend (one ply one color, the other ply a different color) and one skein in a homogeneous blend (each ply both colors blended together with handcards). Then we are to swatch the orthogeneous blend (and optionally the homo blend too) in our porfolio.


Off we go then.

Picking a buttload of wool on the Patrick Green. Want one!

Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club - Feb 2012 - Corriedale - Abstract

Soaking to set the twist on 4 skeins of COLORBOMB Creations LoopyDoopy & LoopyDoopyMinis handspun art yarn.

Now the carding for the homogeneous blend. This is trickier. Here's my loading the carder for the first pass.

Before loading the fiber onto the carders I pulled it apart into staple length sections and made little piles of each. I just find it easier that way and I'm less likely to overload the carders doing this.

New old drum carder in use! :) Did a great job on this Corriedale.

fiber prep/combing wool

The new piles of redistributed fiber. Again, each contains a piece of each of the previous poofs. Time to card.

Handcrafted exclusively in cherry wood, finished with tung oil and Carnauba wax for a beautiful lasting finish.. There are a total of 93, 5 inch long polished stainless steel tines, 46 on one side and 47 on the opposite side set 1/4 inch on center spacing.This blending hackle is a total of 15 inches long and utilizes a 12 inch total working area. It's easily mounted on your work table with the custom designed clamps provided.


English combs are available at

Both got one Dawn bath and two rinses. The fiber was pretty filthy, but it released the dirt easily. This was right after pulling the brown ("Rosie") fiber out of the water so it was wet, but the fawn ("Ariel") was fluffing as it dried.

I took a small segment of each fiber poof and split them into five new piles. Each pile contains a small piece of each poof. Then I carded each of these to make new poofs.

fiber prep/combing wool

I have the $79 brush attachment on my Strauch; for the Fricke, I bought a $5 brush at the hardware store, and it works great!

A closeup of the fiber after one pass through the carders. I will now redistribute the fibers and do a second pass.

diz'd fiber roving

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