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Windmill behind a golden field in Schoondijke (Netherlands)


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One good thing about the weather being so poor recently is the stormy skies that are still with us. Whilst out driving recently I came across this poppy field and just had to stop and see what I could get. This shot took some serious editing and for those of you who are interested I have done a video showing just how I shot and edited this image. You can see it at

We went for a drive yesterday to one of my favourite waterfalls but I think I was more thrilled to capture some of the blueberry fields in their autumn glory.

Canada is the world's largest producer of “lowbush blueberries,” which is another name for wild blueberries. Most are grown commercially in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. They are native to Eastern North America and grow best on treeless land or on land that has been burned over. Wild blueberries are unusual because growers do not plant them, but instead manage wild stands that spread naturally by means of underground runners. Since managed wild blueberry fields can have several distinct runner systems, the berries are often not uniform in appearance—but the delectable taste is always the same.

Olympus digital camera

Shot of a canola field near Langewiesen.

Electric ponceau field :)

Beautiful mix of sun and overcast, highlighting the golden canola fields. Can't get enough of these crops.

A female Halloween pennant at the wetlands, North Georgia. Happy Dragonfly Thursday!

Härten Mood on Sunday Morning without rain

England's countryside

Seavey's Landing Scarborough Maine


I swear in the days still left

We'll walk in fields of gold


Fields of Gold ~ Sting


On an autumn day of sunshine & shadow, I had a gorgeous view of the fields of Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, UK, from the vantage point of Old Sarum. As they peacefully graze, sheep add the perfect touch to this pastoral capture of the English countryside.

On our travels through Tuscany, we saw fields and fields of poppies, an amazing sight. I have posted with my iphone 6 because I get the location included automatically. I dont have a computer with me so it doesnt make sense to upload about 40 gb of images to my ipad pro. Here at this campsite we have wifi (I dont know for how long), and limited electricity. We are right next to the ocean though and can hear the waves.

Glamoč field. The very wide road used to serve as an alternative military airport in ex Yugoslavia.

Livno field, near Livno, BiH

I need a reminder today that it's supposed to be Flaming June!! Instead we have had days of cold, wet and windy weather. In contrast, this image was taken on a warm summer's evening :)



Pentax K-5

SMC Pentax-M 50mm F1.7 (all shots with this lens till 95% with aperture at 2.0)



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Arastradero Preserve, Palo Alto, CA

Taken on the Minster Way, Near Huggate, East Yorkshire, UK.

A very windy day in Antelope Valley California.

Campo Largo - PR

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