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He is every other inch a gentleman.


- Rebecca West

I found this pic I had taken, of my gorgeous garden Peonies, I wanted to share with you! They made a beautiful indoor bouquet that perfumed my whole house!

A small party in home of Mr. Rahbar (HORIZON), some flickr friends, and daughters of Mr. Rahbar.

We miss you all!

This is Shabnam, Mr. Rahbars lovely daughter.


Added to flickr Explore (interestingness) of 26 August 2006.

Phil enjoyed so much his first party in Montreal that he didn't want to come home, hehe.


-Phil, I didn't know you were such a party guy!


If you want to know more about Phil and Lil, please check here:

Flickrhood of the Traveling Chicken


simona84, uomoelettrico e wakima (sullo sfondo) by grazie, davvero

And he told me it was the best party ever!!


If you want to know more about Phil and Lil, please check here:

Flickrhood of the Traveling Chicken

Family Night....

Watching Disturbia HD on my Xbox360

Drinking beer...

Drinking margaritas...

Drinking mojito's....


Fun times with the wife... on a Rainy Saturday Night

A small party in home of Mr. Rahbar (HORIZON), some flickr friends, and daughters of Mr. Rahbar.

We miss you all!


This is Roozbeh, your huge friend :)

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas celebration with your family & friends! I've always loved how fresh fallen snow enhances the pretty festive colours & glow of the lights! Looks like cotton! LoL!

Today is my sweet Mom's birthday & I'm dedicating this gorgeous Trumpet blossom to her!!! Wishing you the most fabulous day & year ever Mom!! May all your dreams & wishes come true! Thank you for all the wonderful & wise lessons you've taught me throughout the years, I so much love & appreciate you!

This year my birthday falls on the day before Easter! Every few years it falls right on Easter Sunday! All the more to celebrate!!!


Another foggy sunrise up on the hill. It was definitely quite the flickr party up there indeed. Anyway, it's time to live up to my superloader moniker so here's a picture from a more recent time. :)


My Love Bird Cutie-Pie decided to join his "friends" at the birdbath on my deck! LoL!

A gorgeous bouquet of red roses for all of you my flickr friends, to say thank you for a your sweet friendship throughout 2017 & all this red beauty to start 2018 with! Cindy, thanks for the heads-up on Explore =)

Video produced for my semiotics master's degree to explain people how Flickr works. Music by Kusturica.

ash tree# by grazie, davvero


do not publish this image,

not on blogs and no place else without contacting me beforehand!!!

Today is my sweet Mom's Birthday! To the best Mom ever, wishing you the best day & year ever! May all your wishes come true! Love you more than words can say! Buon compleanno cara Mamma!

wakima by grazie, davvero by grazie, davvero

Sony NEX-3A

Leica Noctilux 50/1.0

drinks, cameras, boobs.


i took this picture, really because of the drink. but then there was this boob that just kind of appeared. it is leah's boob, so she came over and introduced herself and then jon decided he needed to take a picture of the boob, too. leah is a good sport, i would have melted into the floor. leah takes a lot of self portraits, especially portraits. maybe that makes her less self-conscious?


and now that i've written this all out, i do believe leah just became one of my 100strangers. i hope we can go shooting, leah, and that you won't hate me forever for this picture. because you look hot!


This picture is #30 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

Semi-Candid of Two of Flickrs finest Japanese girl photographers. Wasnt planning to upload this but the body language and compostion and the spontenaity work of the quick shot worked out ok. But not my spelling.



"merde alors, les moustachios she eez sleepink"

A gorgeous, freckled lily, framed! Hope you all like it my friends =)

This is the last photo of the intact food buffet laid out at 111 Minna for the Flickr Turns 4 Party.


I know that because right after taking the photo, I dug into the delicious hummus that you can guess in the second platter.


Yum! Thanks, Flickr -- and happy birthday!

BaroneLowar by grazie, davvero

Something strange happened last night (maybe I was dreaming)...

a bit redundant, as there were about 12 cameras lined up to capture this moment--but worth it i'd say.

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