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Last sun rays over Anza Borrego Badlands/CAL, seen from Font's Point overlook.


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Praia das Fontes é um praia brasileira localizada na cidade de Beberibe no estado do Ceará.

O cartão-postal da Praia das Fontes é o labirinto, um conjunto de falésias coloridas - os tons vermelhos predominam - de onde se retiram areias de colorações variadas. Em meio às formações surgem lagos de água doce, dunas gigantescas e fontes que proporcionam banhos refrescantes.

Fou construïda el segle XIV, on havia esta el cementeri de l’església i reconstruïda durant l’any 1861.

El motiu de la seva construcció va ser per homenatge a Joan Fivaller, que durant una cacera va descobrir una deu d’aigua molt important en la Serra de Collserola, i va promoure el projecta de la seva canalització i portada de l’aigua a la ciutat de Barcelona que tant en necessitava.

Disposava de tres aixetes inserides en els mascarons o cares, en la última remodelació, va passar a tindre dos aixetes situades al mig de les cares.

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Φύση-Πέτρινα γεφύρια στα Ζαγοροχώρια Nature & stone bridges at Zagori mountain's villages

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Οβίρες ή ''Κολυμπήθρες'' στο ρέμα Ρογκοβού, στο Πάπιγκο.

Πρόκειται για κοιλώματα στα ασβεστολιθικά πετρώματα τα οποία δημιουργήθηκαν από την κίνηση των νερών του ρέματος Ρογκοβό. Το φυσικό αυτό φαινόμενο οι ντόπιοι το εκμεταλλεύονται φράζοντας τις δυο μεγαλύτερες «κολυμπήθρες» δημιουργώντας έτσι πισίνες με κρύο, τρεχούμενο και φυσικά πεντακάθαρο νερό.


Τις υπόλοιπες εποχές του χρόνου πάλι, που τα μικρά φράγματα είναι ανοιχτά και η ροή του νερού φυσική, η ομορφιά στο μικρό αυτό φαράγγι δεν μειώνεται στο ελάχιστο. Είναι μια ευκαιρία άλλωστε να παρατηρήσετε καλύτερα τη διαβρωτική παντοδυναμία του νερού πάνω στα πετρώματα.


Ovires or 'Kolimbithres''on the stream Rogovou at Papigko.


These cavities in limestone rocks which were created by the movement of the stream Rogovo waters. This natural phenomenon locals exploit blocking the two largest "fonts" creating pools with cold, running and of course clean water.


At other times of year again, that small dams are open and the flow of natural water, the beauty in small canyon is not reduced to a minimum. It is also an opportunity to better notice the omnipotence of corrosive water on the rocks.


Πηγή Resource

Dans l'abbatiale Saint-Pierre de Vertheuil.

Les fonts baptismaux monolithes ( taillés dans une même pierre ) du XVe siècle sont ornés de cavets verticaux.

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This baptismal font made of 22 karat gold (the only known gold font made for private use in England) for the third duke of Portland, William Cavendish-Bentinck, in 1797 on the occasion of the birth of his first grandson William Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck (but who died before his father and never became the fifth duke of that name) in 1796. The font was designed by Humphry Repton (primarily a landscape architect and by many considered the successor of Capability Brown). The design was then executed by the goldsmith firm of Paul Storr. The font depicts Faith (the woman with the cross), Hope (the woman with the anchor) and Charity (who can't be seen properly here, but is represented by a woman with three children).

"Campello sul Clitunno"

(PG) Umbria

Salisbury Cathedral Font, taken on a recent trip to the Cathedral I was most impressed with the shape. I hope you like and thanks for looking.


Va ser creada el 1867 per Antoine Durenne sobre un disseny de Louis-Tullius-Joachim Visconti.

Font est un village agricole fribourgeois du district de la Broye près d'Estavayer le Lac.

Conrail font doesn't mingle on former Southern high hoods, it just doesn't look right. Take away the Conrail influenced number boards, other added modern appliances and this SD40-2 on train, G19 is right at home stepping through the 1970's Southern Railway era infrastructure at CP Grove in McDonough, Georgia. January 2005 (Slide Scan)


So, I am in that area of teaching Video Game Development where I have students find fonts for their games.


These are the ones I chose to add to the project.


The font NAMES are associated with the font. These were all found on DaFonts...for FREE.


Had to download one titled ASSHOLES. I'll be using that one for sure. It will be used for the title of the game.


I'll then use Fishpond or Citcat as the total running.


Any directions or information will probably be the default Arial Font.


Have a glorious evening!

York Minster, York, England

Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Saint-Jean de Côle (Périgord)

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Trevi, Perugia, Umbria, Italy


Buona serata!

This is a picture of the baptismal font inside the Castle Church. It was made in 1832 and seems to be designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

Passejant per Blanes


Photo Edition - Photo Art

Praça das Fontes

Jardim Burle Marx

Brasília, Brasil

The Salisbury font was designed by the renowned British water sculptor William Pye. It was installed in September 2008 and dedicated by the Archbishop of Canterbury during the celebration of the 750th anniversary of the consecration of the Cathedral. There is stillness expressed in the smooth surface which reflects and extends the surrounding architecture.


The green spots in the bottom right and left corners of the photo are the sediments at the bottom of the Font.


The picture in shows the Font in the context,

Pyrénées, France

Toni Duarte Freelance Photographer

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Built between 1908-1912, Fonthill was the home of Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930). Archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramist, scholar and antiquarian, Mercer built Fonthill both as his home and as a showplace for his collection of tiles and prints. The first of three Mercer buildings in Doylestown, Fonthill served as a showplace for Mercer’s famed Moravian tiles that were produced during the American Arts & Crafts Movement. Designed by Mercer, the building is an eclectic mix of Medieval, Gothic, and Byzantine architectural styles, and is significant as an early example of poured reinforced concrete.

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