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Mark Pilgrim, the author of Dive into Python and the man behind Google Doctype, speaking at FSOSS 2008 about building an encyclopedia of the open web. This is a 3-D image best viewed with red-blue glasses.

Greg DeKoenigsberg, Community Development Manager at Red Hat, speaking at FSOSS 2008 about building community participation in an open source project.

Dinner at FSOSS. Gale Moore in the foreground, Leslie Chan in the background, both of U of T.

Dinner at FSOSS, Gale Moore in the foreground

Stern Andrew Is Stern.


UPDATE: I am informed that we were aiming for "regal" here. That would be the royal we, apparently.

Dinner at FSOSS, Mark Surman on the left

Serious Dave Is Serious

Stay classy Armen

Dinner at FSOSS, Chris Tyler in the back.

Dinner at FSOSS. John Maddog Hall on the left

Our cherished northern bounty.

Lucy striking a pose

silly Tom being silly

Lucy holding the newest addition to the Connor family.

Lukas' presentation.

Andrew doesn't like being photograph, but this is a really good photo.