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take 2. got some new pink stuff this past weekend. :)

... bought it in a kitchen store but not really sure for what to use it ... except it makes a shiny photo gadget :-)

.. I love em .. you maybe not .. it is in the "Eye of the Beholder" .. this marvelous Nokia E6 was the coolest thing back in 2006 .. I refurbished it in Lightroom for Macro Mondays .. 4.4cm x 4.4cm .. HeMM :) (e=early :)

Yeah, I do like my the car, at home, from computers to headphones, cameras to through lenses to gorillapods, iPods through iPhones to iPads, and the list continues...HMM!

My sister made me an embroidered (with a Bison) bag to hold stuff on our trip to Yellowstone. It now holds my ND filters!

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."

— Stacia Tauscher, dancer and artist

This was a nice gadget you could take photo's of driven by solar energy, my kind of gadget

I'm only posting this shot so folks can see how the entire ship looks in relation to this picture here:

Still in 80s cartoon mode

this was on my list since i built the Gadgetmobile:


The GALOOB figure from back in the days gave the inspiration for the gadgets like the coptermode.

This figure scale will get some more attention on other projects for this year.

Full gallery:


...This message will selfdestruct....

Macro Mondays - Contraption

A work for A&Y for hair and top ^^

The cuffs on my char's wrists are found on MP , not so expensive and I hope to use them again..they are quite awesome for the price!


Link for the cuffs 'Nerox' :


A&Y Cyber Ghost hair and A&Y Nephilim Cyber top @mainstore :


Macromonday theme contraption.

30/365, 2017 one photo each dayt

A thing used to transfer files between two computers.

Everybody knows that on miracles’ original wrappers is written that they’re disposable items. Nothing more annoying for a girl like me who has a non atrophied fixing gene. No repairing, no spare parts or at least the possibility of returning within 30 days. What are you supposed to do with a miracle if you don’t even know who produced it & who gives warranty. The internet says that most of them are expired and also that may contain traces of disappointment. The hazard runs deeper cuz the therapy also has been substituted by cheap imitations like simulated behaviour. This fact led to a reduction of the number of miracles assigned to each living creature in the open interval between monkey and angel. And to think that there is no authority to regulate the fabrication, distribution or use of these miracles, there is the risk of serious discrimination. To me, for example, have been assigned only a few: a snowfall, a blooming cherry tree, a night by the sea and one, two love stories. I underline that the love stories, even if they were from the premium package, had big fabrication defects, they were fragile and breakable.


... it's funny how we spend money to have a latest gadget and

then get absorbed in it little realising that we have lost our freedom ... 😊😊

Sunset gadget from Hooksiel

New minifigure I picked up online.

(c) Alyssa Gonzalez

I edited. :>

@ my room

i had same title for picture i've deleted, but since i like it (title) i decided to keep it for better occasion - so here it is...


Taken for the Macro Mondays theme of Contraption. This is (as I am reliaby informed by my OH) an ammeter. No idea how it works or how to use it so I felt it fitted the theme! HMM!

Usually I find the two of them on that ledge...Chinchillas love high places to sit.

Just a gadget from my photo bag.

For 118 pictures in 2018, #61, "gadget/contraption", this is used for pulverizing garlic (the clove gets crushed and forced through the small holes). I prefer just to chop it very finely with a knife, but I'm probably in the minority on this important issue.


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