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If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of a big surprise! Just as the party was getting underway, we had a visitor. Can I join in please?

What was going to be a picture of flowers until Freyja jumped in!

Playtime at the bottom of the garden, and well..the teddies just had to come too!


Mid way through the tea party we were joined by a gatecrasher, I'll post that photo later!

F.L.Y. = First Love Yourself


“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”


- Rumi


Soundtrack :



Zebra fly, zebra fly

what are you doing here

where are you going on this fine day

in your striped pyjamas

watching the panorama

can you hear the sea come in

to our little bay

have you been up to London

in your pin-striped suit

tell me was it busy

did you have a hoot

did you take your car

or did you just commute

Zebra fly, zebra fly

with your new Doc Marten boots

how I love the retro vibe

it's trending now in hot pursuit

with your big and stylish sunglasses

tinted red do you imbibe

a Pimm's and High Tea on the lawn

will you take a bribe

or can I gatecrash anyway

and join you on the bench

a Summer's day is here to stay

to leave is such a wrench

Zebra fly, zebra fly

please do mind the gap

at the station there are signs

next to the Underground map

you're looking good against the wood

you seem so cool; relaxed

your wings transparent, clear and bright

shining like they've just been waxed

Zebra fly, zebra fly

one more thing before I go

can a zebra really fly

an urban myth or no ...


- AP - Copyright © remains with and is the intellectual property of the author


Copyright © protected image please do not reproduce without permission


Happy Flyday and a Beautiful Weekend dear friends <3

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Freddie Notes launched his career on the famous Vera Johns Jamaican talent show and promptly went onto cut his first record for Studio One Records. Immigrating to London in 1964 success soon followed when his band The Rudies recorded for Trojan Records. Hits came thick and fast: “Return from South Vietnam”, “Down on the Farm”, “The Bull” and the global smash hit “Montego Bay” making The Rudies the most in demand reggae band of the day.

In a golden age for the London music scene Freddie started a weekly residency at Soho hotspot The Cue Club run by fellow Jamaican musical pioneer and entrepreneur Count Suckle. Everyone came through there; Otis Redding, Ike & Tina, Small Faces, The Stones, The Beatles and Freddie was at the heart of it. He soon became lauded as Jamaica’s No.1 Entertainer, famed for not only his songs and voice but his electrifying dancing. So much so that he was once asked to leave the stage at Brixton Odeon whilst opening for James Brown, for fear he’d upstage the Godfather of Soul! “Mr. Brown doesn’t like that” a heavy handed security guard remarked at the time.

Little Richard offered Freddie a job as his dancer. Much to soul legend, and new found friend, Ben E King’s disgust Freddie turned the offer down. National tours ensued with The Kinks, The Nice and Arthur Brown. One famed night the founder of be-bop Dizzy Gillespee gatecrashed the stage to play mouth-harp with them. Mick Jagger befriended the band and invited them to perform at his wedding to Bianca. Then, just when it seemed they could do no wrong, The Rudies split. Freddie continued a solo career and went onto have an international success with his hit “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”. Under advice from his Wardour Street booking agent he turned down a role in Jesus Christ Superstar and set sail for the far-east, where he’d repeatedly perform ‘Montego Bay’ for the next few years.

In 1982 Freddie returned to the UK. Disheartened by the state of the country and lack of opportunity for kids to progress in life he set up the Ethelred Estate Community Youth Club in Kennington. Now into it’s 30th year he has seen off attempts by Lambeth City Council to forcibly cease the site to build flats at the High Court. His work has been endorsed by the Metropolitan Police and HRH Prince Phillip, and proudly, unfunded, Freddie still runs the club to this day.

... no apples this year :-(

This Chameleon spent the whole night at my friend's party and before that went to a bar in town with her son. Had a drink (water) and returned to the party. There it ate a few stick insects and other night flying insects. In the morning it was still there so my friend and her son decided it should go back to its own habitat and managed to persuade the Chameleon to climb a tree. Eventually it went off to find another party to Gatecrash.


Costa Tropical, España.

I've been visiting a local loch after work for a while (with many failures) to capture a nice sunset. As it happens nearly two nights running we had some great sunsets. The light was short lived but the clouds were almost navy blue and the light was extremely vivid and golden lighting up the grasses beautifully. Spot the gatecrashing duck!

Unlike quick flowering yellow trumpet trees and Brazilwood trees, the yellow trumpetbush (Tecoma stans) sports perennial blossoms.

Sunset on Coco Cabana beach Dubrovnik

One of the darker, quieter corners of Moraine Lake yields unexpected results.


I'll be posting a couple of videos of recent shoots that I completed at this lake but for now, here is todays video. I think you'll like it :)


Can lightning strike the same place twice? Yes, it bloody well can.


We almost become char grilled Fotoburgers while carrying 5 tripods through a storm of epic proportions. After being beaten by the storm, we resort to every lazy landscape photographers favourite pastime - roadside landscape photography.


The results aren't actually all that bad but will Brent steal my composition yet again? He has no shame.


When Brent tries to gatecrash the camper, Amanda enforces strict social distancing rules. Will Brents Fiju GFX and pano rig even fit inside our humble shelter?


Thanks for reading


To be honest, this is not a shot I would ordinarily include. I would have loved to get closer or even catch a cormorant flying or diving. But at least this gives you an idea of how they've made themselves at home here on this little rocky island. If you look closely you'll see one cheeky little seagull gatecrashing the cormorant party. That seems to be the way with gulls. Nature's little practical jokers.

Lomo LC-W on loan from Jimbob. expired Fuji Astia 100F, cross processed at Asda.

Here's How Photo Contest #28 - Honourable Mention

Photolife Magazine - April/May 2011 Issue

Gatecrasher Advertising - 2011

Canadian Geographic Pets Photography 2014 - Page 30-31


My photographs may not be reproduced, redistributed, copied or manipulated under any circumstances without my consent. Please contact me if you are interested in using my photos. © Megan Lorenz.

A young couple all dressed up for a prenuptial photo session with their own photographer. I took this candid image just before asking their permission to gatecrash! If they had refused I would have deleted the image. Promise!!


Alongside the bank of a lake in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.


Please do not use any photographs without permission (even for private use).


The use of any work without consent of the artist is PROHIBITED and will lead automatically to consequences.© All photographs are copyrighted and all rights reserved.

For once, a male GS woodpecker visits the garden! Maybe there was a ruling over the female only policy!


(through a dirty window...)

Papa-figos | Oriolus oriolus | Golden Oriole (Juv)

+ Pardal-comum | Passer domesticus | House sparrow


(Mais um ano muito fraco, no que às aves diz respeito e com dificuldades adicionais para esta espécie, uma vez que a figueira principal está(va) carregada de cochonilha. Enfim, ao cabo de três semanas, lá consegui algumas de juvenis na figueira secundária...).


(It has been again a very weak year for birdwatchig and with additional difficulties for this species as the main fig tree is ill with cochineal scales. After three weeks, I only got a couple of shots with juveniles in a secondary fig tree...).


Se podia fazer um crop mais apertado de forma a surgir no frame apenas o PF e o figo?.. Poder, podia mas não era a mesma coisa... Eheheheh!


Should I opt for doing a deeper crop showing only the bird and the fig?.. Probably I should but I wouldn't have the same outcome... Eheheheh!


Também: Amarelante, Figo-louro, Tiroliro in "AVES DE PORTUGAL - Ornitologia do território continental" - Assírio & Alvim.

Estival pouco comum.


24/08/2017 - Alcafozes (Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal)


[Obrigado pela visualização]

[Thanks for your visualization]

I'm done with the teal world and decided I'd rather disappear to a fantasy world... Wonderland is calling. My Fluffle and I are going to gatecrash a tea party and get some of those little finger sandwiches..


(Featuring; STOIC, CULT & Blume)

You have just gotta love these guys. No matter what you put out, THEY always want it :-))


I've tried giving them their own feeding station, I've tried - so called - squirrel proof bird feeders, nothing deters them from helping themselves to everything and anything else in the garden that's edible.


My solution, is to have several feeding stations. We have a family of around six that keep coming, so I put up more stations, some they will occupy, but not all, all of the time so the birds - as you have seen - can get their own fill.


In the early days of gardening, I used to think that certain wildlife needs to be deterred, but as I grew older and watched what was happening out there, I realised, that each bird or beastie has its place, even the occasional rats feed the raptors, the slugs clear the dead vegetation and feed the frogs. It's a circle of life that is way bigger, and more fascinating than anything you can imagine.


They are all welcome here and we just mix up greater amounts of food :-))

Black-tailed Godwits and the odd gatecrasher tailing an Avocet.

Ducks have a habit of gatecrashing my river reflection photographs. This one was being pursued by two fervently amorous drakes. It seems, Spring has arrived, at last.

This one joined us on a picnic bench! Arachtober 21st Have a great weekend ;0) (Maybe best viewed large)

This Web was trashed when this Hornet flew into it to steal this lunch! The Artist of the web came down to see off the intruder, took one look at the Hornet and quickly retreated up and out of the way! Once the Hornet had worked it's lunch free it flew off with it. Fascinating to watch. HWW

47712 passing Waitby with the 16.12 Skipton - Appleby on Tues 1st September 2020.


An unwelcome gatecrasher is seen scurrying off in the distance.

A couple of gannets trying to gatecrash the courting couples on top of the cliffs near RSPB Bempton Cliffs. Huge areas of the cifftops at the moment are a riot of colour due to masses of red campion and hogweed.

This has actually happened a couple of times in the last year and on both occasions by a sweet little kid who gatecrashed the shot at the last second.A great little runner she is too!

The slippery eel nearly gave a Cormorant the slip at the Sovereign Harbour Marina, Eastbourne, but after an impressive battle with a irritating Gull that also wanted the Cormorant's lunch, this determined cormorant finally managed to swallow his eel supper.

This year the bee hotel has increased its clientele. Last year there were two miner bees visiting. This year there are at least six. There is also an arachnid interloper, a zebra spider, who appears to be entering a completed incubation chamber for predation purposes. As you can see, it has excavated a little of the cement to make a comfortable entrance. We won't know of course whether it will be content with the first chamber only or whether it will systematically excavate right the way through the series of chambers to the very back of the cane.

whilst on my recent waterfall shoot i was scoring around for other shoots. i clocked this rotting tree on the water meadow and thought it looked interesting and then on closer inspection notice the little mushroom community and then even closer, a gatecrasher in the form of this slug chomping away. all in all pretty happy with the find and the little story thats playing out in it

A shot I got earlier this month, been wanting a decent one of a Magpie for a while, this one gatecrashed the Kingfisher perch at Clara Vale for a couple of minutes.

Most likely my best shot from the model shoot gatecrash,she was indeed a lovely lady with a great sense of humour...and was extremely kind

Ducky and Welly went to the Lee Valley Country Park today, and were a bit embarrassed to discover they had gatecrashed someone's stag do!

Cyclist gatecrashing the 2017 Bristol Rainbow Run in support of the south West hospice

Every once in a while, a little spindrift squall would gatecrash proceedings, sometimes in the form of a mini-tornado or 'whlrling dervish' of snow spicules. Gazed upon later with absolute fascination on my part, they were, however, a real nuisance during the business of photography, creeping up unannounced & blowing pinpricks of icy particles down the back of my neck.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I gatecrashed a professional photo shoot while in Mandalay (by basically standing surreptitiously in the background...)

My favorite primate in India has to be the Gray langurs or Hanuman langurs – they are the most widespread langurs in Indian and always seem relaxed as if they haven’t a care in the world. Saw an article during my last trip about how wedding parties are using langurs to keep the peace. Apparently anxious brides wanting the perfect wedding day are leaving nothing to chance hiring langurs (and handlers) to keep pesky smaller more aggressive monkeys at bay. Grey langurs are becoming a popular tool at outdoor weddings to ward off the rhesus monkeys, which are known to gatecrash and wreak havoc. Apparently the langur-handlers are much in demand during the winter wedding season – I see a career for me if this science thing doesn’t pan out!

Teddy and Mango Pudding wanted to take a photo together....They posed and I snapped a pic of them....But look who followed them and gatecrashed the photo?...A bunch of sneaky yellow things.....hehe....


The story continues......

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