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Please go ahead , help yourself, as many as you want.


I personally do not like Chilli but that is a bit Un-Indian. Go to the north of India for that matter to Punjab you will get Paratha stuffed with chilli , any Paratha , Gobi paratha, Aloo paratha all are basically Chilli paratha ; go to west you will start crying over a plate of Kolhapuri chicken , I know a single sentence in Marathi - Bharpur Tikhat - means too spicy. Once I ordered a plate of Chicken fried rice in Assam and had to gulp a spoon full with a glass of water . You can get Stuffed Giant Red Chilli ( Lankachur) in Bihar & U.P. eat a bit and your fingers will smell for the rest of your life ; in Darjeeling you get small super hot red chilli pickled in Oil _ Dalle Khorsani - a delicacy for our Nepali friends. I have seen at least 5 types of Chilli getting sold in the market of Mizoram.


World's hottest chilli is produced in Nagaland ( North East India) called Bhoot Jhalokia (Naga saga) ! Even ghosts fear that chilli !


Kindly add your experience or example of Chilli ( from any part of this world) here , you can post photograph / link /writeup anything related to chilli.

I've decided to the get through the low iodine diet by making loads of Indian food! These were surprisingly easy to make, the recipe/video is here:



I always find amusement in seeing American commercial icons in other international contexts. For example, seeing Colonel Sanders in Japan and Thailand was simply amazing. This is also the case for my most recent discovery: The Pillsbury Doughboy in an Indian context. When I was growing up in Sacramento, General Mills and Pillsbury were synonymous with breakfast cereal and ready to bake cookies, biscuits and pastries. The Doughboy's appearance in India and his reimportation back to the US is a testament to the wonders of the interconnected modern world. Who woulda thunk that the tiny, slightly creepy, and distended piece of "living" dough would find his way into the land of the Kama Sutra?


Imagine all the weird pretzelly contortions that the Doughboy could demonstrate during intercourse and think of all the different orifices that his soft, pliable limbs could fit or be jammed into. I'll bet you that if this little guy was around in the Fifth Century, baking and sex would be inextricably linked today. Oh, but think of the mess afterwards. There are just some places where soft, sticky dough just wasn't meant to be inserted. And they didn't have freezers back then.


Anyway, since the Doughboy doesn't have a time machine, he's stuck in the modern world. Therefore, rather than having ancient texts about breadstick d*ldos, we must make do with Gobi Parathas in the here and now. As you can see, as he sells us his boxes of Toaster Streudel and logs of cookie dough, the Doughboy has been peddling Indian flatbread on the side. He's stuffed his with cauliflower (you can see the little florets on the package) and who knows what else he stuffed while in India.


In fact, all of the Doughboy's product names and recipes really raise eyebrows when considered in a sexual and erotic sense:


Moist Supreme

Creamy Supreme

Whipped Supreme

Hot Rolls

Crusty French Loaf

Three Meat, Cheesy Taco, and Sausage (Pizza Rolls)

Chicken in a Sleeping Bag

Breast Bundles (chicken)

Bavarian Snack Ring (no doubt for the scrotum)


(I kid you not; these are actual names that can be found on the Pillsbury website.)


With the rains pouring in Goa, a hot Masala Dosa, a plate of Paav Bhaaji and a plate of Gobi Paratha was the perfect way of killing time :)


Missed taking a shot of cuppa :)


Parathas - A plate of gobi parathas I made this weekend. It's actually the first time I've made these where they didn't turn into a sloppy mess.

Dal Makhani with Tandoori Gobi Paratha

Vor unserem Hotel war ein Paratha Walla (Stand) der frische Parathas verkaufte, deren Inhalt man selbst zusammen stellen konnte. Das hier ist Gobi - Blumenkohl./

In fron of our hotel was a paratha walla who sold fresh customized parathas. This one is Gobi - Blumenkohl.

Indian Feast - I made Indian food for my birthday. I had mung dal, zucchini masala, gobi parathas, and marinated & fried tofu.

Chicken korma, rice and gobi paratha.

Samosas, coconut-mint chutney, dal, brown basmati and gobi paratha.

and serve it with true Indian hospitability :)


I could sit there for hours and relish these parathas.


What you see here is a gobi-paratha. :)

Part of the vegetarian spread.

Lunch: Gobi Paratha,

Sree Mahaveer Restaurant,


Kerala, India

Gobi paratha with raita, $2.99


Samosa chaat was awful.


Wah Jee Wah, Fremont

bread with potato and cauliflower filling

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