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Unfortunately Google's Panoramio site went is over. All my photos of transmission towers were there for those interested in the correct location.


Infelizmente site Panoramio do google maps saiu do ar. Todas minha fotos de torres de transmissão estavam lá para os interessados na localização correta.

Linhas da subestação Assis lado sul; 1 x 500 kv Londrina - Assis,..1 x 500 kv Londrina - Assis C 2,..1 x 440 kv SE Assis - UHE Capivara,..1 x 440 kv SE Assis - UHE Taquaruçu.

A phone-bearing tourist emerges on a horse through the mist, reaching the Koruldi lakes plain, at an altidude of 2700m, near Mestia, Georgia.

Kowa Six

150 mm/3.5

Kodak Ektar 100

Test film with new and serviced camera.

Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every step you take

I'll be watching you

— Big Brother


N.B. I don't care who knows where I go or what I do. Do you care? Well, there's my argument.

03.09.2014 - Today on Explore

Happened on this on Google Maps Street View, then went and shot the longnecker myself.


It is well known among cartographers and map enthusiasts that no two dimensional representation of a sphere can reproduce the relative locations and sizes of objects on the surface of the sphere without distortion. Cartographers have attempted for centuries - maybe millennia - to devise projections for two-dimensional representations (which we call "maps" or "atlases") that minimize distortion, often with mediocre success.


I use on-line Google Maps for screen shots, from which I prepare maps for various of our family trips. Google Maps can show two different projections, at the user's option. While the Mercator projection is very good for assembling multi-panel maps that fit together perfectly, it is well known that this most basic of projections introduces gross distortions of size as one gets further from the equator toward the poles.


This comparison graphic shows the distortion strikingly. Greenland is only 27% the size (in area) of the continental United States (2.17 million sq. km. compared with 8.08 million sq. km.), but Greenland is so far north in latitude that the Mercator projection distorts it so grossly that it appears twice as large as the USA!


This distortion also severely exaggerates the size of my home country, Canada, when compared to the U.S. and other countries and land masses that lie closer to the equator.


I don't know what this place is,but it says "market" on top.The address is 652 46th St,in Manhattan's Hells Kitchen neighborhood's.When I googled the address it showed a French rotisserie restaurant called Le Bon Choix (the "good choice") on the map,AND that it's closed temporarily for renovations until November 2017!The Le Bon Choix restaurant is actually around the corner,but it extends to the rear where the door is in the photo.That green canvas cover wasn't in on the Google map image either,only a glass window.The metal hatch doors you see on the ground leads to the cellar downstairs where items are stored,in case you were wondering.You'll see many of them in front of small businesses in NYC.


Danish,or Viennese?Well,you might be surprised to know that the danish pastry did not originate in Denmark.In fact,while the Danish pastry workers were on strike in the 1850's,the pastry was brought over to Denmark from Austria and the Danish people called them,ironically,"Viennese" (or wienerbrød).

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I5 South - Washington State (I Think I’m being followed) I’m driving and my brother (MattQ) is snapping pics.

Try to find your way as a woman in an unknown

metropolis like Paris :-))

I asked for a cat supply store and it led me to the p*ssy store!




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I would not be able to identify this lake if it wasn't for the GPS coordinates on my phone. What started out as a day trip from Queens, NYC to Storm King Art Center, turned into a zig-zagging tour of the New York State countryside, with long detours on small NYS roads (#301, in this case.) Luckily, I was able to pull off the road here at Canopa Lake in Clarence Fahnestock Memorial State Park. -- November 4, 2018


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