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This image is of the same tree that I posted 7 days ago. This time I have taken just the main tree area, duplicated, flipped and applied a ripple effect to it in Photoshop to come up with this "reflection" image which is nicely abstract.

Walking around Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow I noticed some pretty flowers in bloom in some of the gardens that adjoin the pond. This is a black and white version of the shot - if you are interested I have included the original colour version of the photograph on my blog here -

It's Saturday so it's time for a panorama. Today it is of Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow, Essex at sunset. This is an HDR image made up of 5 HDR images, each made from 5 original images, so 25 images in all (5 per portion). All stitched together in Kolor AutoPano 4.2 and then fiddled with in Lightroom and Photoshop. If you were to print it out at 100% you would need a pretty specialist printer as it would be 68 by 28 inches or 172 x 72 cm. You'd need a pretty large wall to hang it on as well ;-)


Who said size doesn't matter?

Sunrise was one of those straight yellow/orange glow affairs due to the lack of any clouds in the sky this morning, so I turned 180° and photographed this pill box and the glowing sky behind me which looked a lot more interesting.


Now, I have photographed this particular Pill Box (just behind the new Graveyard at the rear of Dunmow Church), but I've never had a strong enough photograph to it strong enough today...possibly not...but it's the best I have ;-) and sometimes, that's good enough.

Exactly as it says on the tin ;-)

The first frost of this Autumn this morning, it made a pleasant change from the unseasonally warm weather we have had over the last few weeks.

Did you know that the Collared Dove was only introduced into Britain in 1955, in Norfolk. Now they are across the UK and very common. We certainly get plenty here, the dark assassin has dispatched at least one of them that we know of. They are also monogamous, so there you go.

Despite having been out first thing in the morning at least 3 times a week since the New Year today was the first morning I saw just the mearest hint of a sunrise. I didn’t have my camera with me so used my phone instead (honestly the quality is pretty poor despite what phone manufacturers will tell you) and that is todays picture

Quite a lovely morning today with a pretty sunrise and low mist...I've photographed this tree a few times, but this is definitely my favourite of it so far.


If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here -

There has been such a furore over the last few days about the super moon and, as an amateur photographer who follows such things, my feeds have been ram-jam full of pictures of the moon. I've kept away from it for the most part mainly due to the relatively poor weather we have had here over the past few days.


When i went our for my early morning walk this morning I was delighted that the heavy rain had finally moved away and left a sparkling sunrise...and the moon, still large in the sky, if not quite full anymore.


So, here you have Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow with the ex-super moon slowly setting in the background...and the ducks making a bee-line for me (they were sorely disappointed).

An ambulance, Stortford Road, Gt Dunmow, Essex.

It's nice to get a slightly different shot of Beaumont's Hill at sunrise. This morning my normal shot of this scene, down the farm track, was just a bit samey, so I continued on my walk just another 10 - 15 yards and got this totally different sunrise shot. The lack of a leading line is a little problematic, but you can't have everything!

I was enjoying the colours of the sunrise in the sky and glanced over my shoulder to see the full moon slowly sinking behind me. I took a few shots of it and brought it into this shot. Yes, the moon was actually behind me when i took this shot, the magic of photoshop.


Once I'd got it home I whizzed it through Topaz AI and the Warm Cocoa effect which I rather enjoyed - you can see the original shot on my blog here -

We’ve had a bit of a rat issue in the garden over the last year. We have a completely walled garden and we have lived here for over 20 years, but only recently have rats been visiting, we think because the neighbout has logs piled up against the wall they are able to get up that and over the wall.

Stuck in with work all day again, I was able to get some nice shots of some of our visitors to the garden today including 2 squirells, ratty and a blue tit.


We had plenty of other visitors but these are the ones that were prepared to have their photographs taken - see more images here -

It's been a cold and very foggy day today in least where I live. If you walked up to the High Street you got above the fog and it was a clear blue sky...still very cold though.

It's not Great is it?


I don't hold the Town Council wholly responsible for this. They spend a lot of time clearing up after the selfish of Dunmow - just look at that rubbish...including in the Christmas Tree. No doubt this will all be cleared away first thing in the morning by the councils street cleaners. Credit where credit's due - the High Street and Market Square look a lot better.


You do have to wonder about where the Town Square is caused all sorts of uproar when it was originally sited here - outside the public toilets pretty much in a car park with a road running through it!


It's not Great is it?

I wasn't expecting the quite thick mist that greeted me this morning, but it was a mild morning and spring certainly feels like it's in the air...the oil seed rape is already flowering and there is an abundance of blossom around Great Dunmow at the moment.

Another early morning shot of this tree from my morning walk, it's noticeable that the green shoots are beginning to show themselves as all the birds busy themselves with the coming spring

The twisted willow has produced a huge number of catkins, a small number of them can be seen here. I hadn't realised, but these are loads and loads of really small flowers...who knew?

On my morning walk it really felt like spring was just around the corner. It helps that my walk now starts at sunrise rather than stepping out into the dark and the temperature has improved hugely over last week.

We went on a short walk around Dunmow this afternoon and passed a couple of trees I’ve photographed on a number of occassions. They always make a good subject.

Apparently, our lot to bear currently are the rats...but we scored another "goal" today with an early morning capture of one of the youngsters. He was looking a little forlorn (see my blog here - when we arrived at his release site at the back of the churchyard in Great Dunmow ;-)


So, whilst I was there I took advantage by taking some shots of the graveyard. I've taken various pictures here before, but never noticed this clutch of older graves and the collection of crosses before, so here you have it.

A bridleway in Great Dunmow with sunrise right behind me. 4 shot vertical HDR pano - 12 shots

It’s been a day of sunshine and showers today so I took advantage of a break in the weather to photograph what was happening in the garden…and there was plenty going on. Much to our horror ratty has had babies and we now have 5 or 6 mini ratties running around the garden…evictions will be taking place shortly.


The usual flying visitors were around and were joined today by this rather lovely Magpie (Pica Pica) who took up residence on the wall. We did wonder if s/he would help us with the rats, but s/he wasn’t interested.

So, I'm back on another 365 project and here's the opening shot...which has been messed with in photoshop - check out my blog if you want to see what was done -

Too cold to go out so a shot from the kitchen window. It's unusual for a robin to feed at the bird feeders, this one tried out all 4 different stations before deciding sunflower herats were its favourite

There is a 10% chance (actually 9.26%, but forgive my artistic licence) that a picture of this tree will appear in a random search of this current 365 project. It's the 5th time I have chosen a picture including it.


It's the best tree on my morning walk, but today I have genuinely taken a new (at least for me) composition of the tree. It's a shame that the light wasn't great, although that little bit of mist gives a little bit of atmosphere. I'll have to remember this for when we next have a good sunrise.

And another item caught up to...


The end of March saw changes to the bus routes contracted by Essex County Council, some changing operator, others a change of route or timetable and for some all of the above.


The 42A operated by First Essex between Galleywood (Chelmsford) and Stansted Airport interestingly recieved a route extension on Sundays only, taking it from the airport into the Hertfordshire town of Bishops Stortford via Hockerill, with the frequency of route remaining at 2-hourly


On this day, Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban AU58FFH (69421) heads along past the golf club at Dunmow Road on the way out of Bishops Stortford working the first 42A of the morning from this point to Galleywood via Stansted Airport 24/05/20

We're getting to the time that the sun is already coming above the horizon when I set off for my morning walk around Dunmow...that's not always a disadvantage. When you have a lot of cloud cover a brief break in that cloud cover can give quite a nice look to your photographs, as it did today.

We've had some really poor sunrises over the last few weeks. We have either had flat grey skys...and it just gets brighter, but no less grey or we have had brilliant clear blue sky, which just means a flat orange colour...and a lot cooler than you want it to be when stood around outside.


Today's, admittedly, was not a whole lot better, but at least there were some shades of red with the orange light blinking through the flat grey skies! It was still cold enough for a frost though!

After a week (well, 6 days) in the US it was nice to get back to dear old blighty, the cold, damp autumnal England that we all love so much ;-).


I really enjoyed visiting the States and hope I can go back for a longer period next time. I had been warned about the jet lag - I got it bad in the US but have been fine here...probably because I was so tired after the jet lag in the States ;-)

Let's face it, shooting a sunset at Doctors Pond is rather like shooting ducks in a barrel...even with a new manual focus lens I've hired which I'm not convinced I'm focusing quite right yet.

Young Moorhen at Great Dunmow, Essex

I've forgotten how to set the Sony to capture brackets for HDR...perhaps that's not such a bad thing. It has reminded me how bad the menu system on the NEX7 is though!

Still stuck photographing the garden, so today we have our regular winter visitor the Pied Wagtail (Motacilla alba). He spends the rest of the year catching flies over Doctors Pond, but during winter, he finds lots to eat in our garden. Another one that doesn't visit the feeders, he gets all his food off the floor.

Recently renovated it looks to me like a classic French Hotel including the flag. Dunmow is a beautiful Flitch town and part of the Flitch Trail. The Hotel is very attractive being in the centre of this historic market town. I loved this architecture on this sunny morning and would love to stay there.

This lovely Blue Tit was busy moving back and forth to one of our feeding areas and he settled in this Maple tree to finish his seed and then sort out his hair. It was raining quite heavily ;-)

Wandering back from the Co-Op I noticed the Maltings gateway was being guarded by a cat so thought it might make a reasonable subject for today's photograph. Great Dunmow used to be quite a brewing town - until its closure in the 1940s, malt was still made for the Dunmow Brewery opposite Doctor's Pond by the traditional method of turning barley by hand.


If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here -

The Beast from the East finally arrived in Dunmow this morning. It had pretty much stopped snowing when I ventured out, but as soon as I was a good half a mile from home the snow absolutely belted it down. It's tricky photographing in such conditions when your glasses steam up and every time you look at the back of the camera it gets immediately covered in snow.


It was so bad 2 4wd cars stopped to make sure I was OK and didn't need a lift anywhere!


Needless to say - by the time I got home we had blue skies and the sun was shining brightly...I was soaked to the skin ;-)

I have photographed our local pond - Doctors Pond - many times, but this is the first time I have photographed it in many months...I have no doubt you will see this sight again a few times over the coming months!

Walking through the graveyard this back lit tree caught my eye

Some days you just have to use what you have.


This shot is from my morning walk and is one of those emergency shots you take, just so you have something in the bag. Today I was glad to have it as this was the best part of the day weather wise and I really didn't fancy trying to create something this here you have a typical Essex bridge, concrete and ugly as sin, but it keeps my feet dry as I cross the River Chelmer.

It was a beautiful morning in Great Dunmow today, just after sunrise with the mist still lingering across the fields viewed from the top of Beaumonts Hill...lovely start to the day.

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