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GTD : New Kit : All Little Things P2


Link to kit :

GTD : New Kit : All The Little Things P2


Link to Kit :


Wallpaper: GTD Clouds (Origin:; Translated by me)

VS: LunaSea

AveDesk Icons: Sticker

RL: iPhone-styled Calendar (made by me)

RM: Projects: Mulberry's GTD (made by me; images: iPhone PNGs)

RM: Caruso Clock, Caruso Meters and Players (made by me)

AveDesk Weather: Icon-Weather (made by me; icons: Sticker Weather Icons)






Hacking GTD Tabs And Index Cards Into Traveler's Notebook


The 5th anniversary edition Traveler's Notebook is way too attractive not to get. But how am I gonna carry everything in it including my GTD index cards which I normally put into my mind.Depositor? Well first, if you don't know how to put 4 notebooks into the leather cover, check out this previous post.


To put the 4 stacks of GTD index cards (next actions, project, waiting for and someday) into the notebook, first you use 2 pieces of thick paper cut to the size of the notebook refill cover, then insert them to one of the elastic bands just like you normally would do with a notebook refill. This will give you 4 pages/placeholders for the index cards. You can make the index cards more accessible by reducing the width of each page, the first page being the narrowest and so forth.


The rest is just easy, using binder clips to clip each stack of index cards onto the corresponding pages. If you are like me looking for more stylish way to use the clips, check out my previous post about how to make these Leather GTD Tabs.


Perhaps you've noticed an extra notebook on top of my Traveler's Notebook in the first image. It is a Moleskine weekly diary I need constant access to, I customized to make it likable together with Traveler's Notebook. Next year however, I don't need to do that anymore coz Midori is going to release a weekly refill in the format I like most - weekly diary on the left page, note space on the right! Can't wait for the 2012 weekly diary coming out, which will be around September 2011.


If you don't know about mind.Depositor, Leather GTD Tabs and templates, here's a few pointers:


The original mind.Depositor

mind.Depositor 2

mind.Depositor 3 in the making

free mind.Depositor index card template download

Leather GTD Tabs


More on Scription blog:

VW Golf GTD at the Oldtimertreffen Cloppenburg.

GTD : New Kit :


Twentieth Century Sensation :


Link to Kit :



Feeling Safe by inkyD. She looks so vulnerable, vintage photo of unknown child, using A Soft Place to Fall by Gracie & Tracy at:-

Sweet memories of childhood holidays by inkyD using Steeped in History by Gracie & Tracy at:-

Dia da coleta: pastas de projeto, o Livro e caixa de entrada.

Wild Thing by inkyD using the kit A Summer Safari Bundle by G&T Designs at

GTD : New Kit : Summer Nights Dream :


Link to kit :


Credits : GTD : New Kit :Summer Nights Dream :


Link to kit :


GTD new kit : Twentieth Century Sensation


Link to Kit :


Hugs, 1Westiexx

New kit GTD :Nostalgic Neutrals


Link to kit :


Hugs, 1Westiexx


1989 Peugeot 505 GTD (2.5 TD 105 hp) at Chalon sur Saone

Credits : GTD : Something Special P3


Hugs, 1WEstiexx


Link to Freebie :




1985 Peugeot 505 GTD (2.5 TD 90 hp) at Lux

1989 Peugeot 505 GTD (2.5 TD 105 hp) at Chalon sur Saone

1985 Peugeot 505 GTD (2.5 TD 90 hp) at Lux

Credits : GTD : Something Special Part 2 : Made some of the elements : Hugs,1WEstiexxx


Link to kit :


Spirit by inkyD using A Soft Place to Fall by Gracie & Tracy at:-


Freedom by inkyD using the imaginative and stimulating Paper Portrait kit from G&T Designs at

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