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My son took these pictures of me getting a haircut from my wife just before the city was starting to open up from the Covid lockdown. The day was beautiful, we were having so much fun it seemed as if nothing was wrong around us. I will treasure these photos always.

I haven't had a proper haircut for over a year- the tying-up stage is lasting well.


Initially I was torn between wanting to support Frank, my lovely hairdresser and feeling the need to stay home safe. Now he has endured 2 or 3 periods of closure of his salon and I am feeling a little desperate for a haircut, but still in a state of mild inertia.



My son took these pictures of me getting a haircut from my wife just before the city was starting to open up from the Covid lockdown. The day was beautiful, we were having so much fun it seemed as if nothing was wrong around us. I will treasure these photos always.

Arundel walkabouts

On a dark and rainy night, in case you are hungry and also in need of a haircut! The hair salon being just above the Italian restaurant.


In Japan, many hair salons, dentists etc stayed open at night for workers who typically have no time in the day.


Handheld shot on a rainy night in Osaka.


How do we protect ourselves from marketing hype and mis-influencers?


1. Most gear marketing sites masquerade as gear review sites and gear forums are typically infiltrated with marketeers, just be aware. How do we spot these people, for one these people are incapable of revealing anything less than positive about their haloed brand. Modus operandi; your current gear is no longer good enough and the newer stuff currently featured in review is much better.


2. Discount opinions from those without any decent photos to show. If they can’t take a decent photo, their words are just hot air. Proof of the pudding is always in the eating!


3. Refrain from buying new gear within 6 months of release, wait for field reports from reliable hobbyists because as always, initial reviews especially paid/sponsored reviews will never reveal the true flaws of the new gear. Initial fanbois froth and confirmation bias are also problems, best be patient.


4. Avoid buying 1st Gen products。


5. Japanese camera makers are like a cabal. They tend to compete non destructively at the expense of consumers and drip feed customers with features, releasing minor iterative upgrades or correcting faults in the previous model which should not have such obvious flaws to begin with. There is no real proprietary tech be it glass or software, any brand can have access to practically any feature, it’s mostly just a matter of price and economy of scale. Sensors, IBIS, special glass etc, all can be purchased from specialist manufacturers. Basic economics, the bigger the market share, the greater the base to spread out fixed costs and hence more flexibility in pricing. Choose wisely, especially those moving from DSLR to mirrorless, whichever brand of DSLR lenses we currently own is of low relevance. Finally it’s perfectly fine to skip 1 or 2 generations.


Right now, the best values are in used m43 (Olympus demise) and DSLR (move to mirrorless) as gear chasers dump them.

Jess only gave me 5 minutes to shoot this and 10 minutes to edit it. She wanted to post a picture on FB of her haircut.

The carrots need a haircut before I can roast them!

A lady has her haircut in the shaded area of her home yard, while the barber's companion, who is also wearing a black face mask like him, watches nearby.


All barber shops and salons are temporarily closed due to enhanced community quarantine which was imposed in the Philippine largest and populous island of Luzon a month ago. The lockdown was recently extended up to the end of the current month.


Captured in late morning in Subic, Zambales - which is located at the western part of Central Luzon.

Got a buzz


Another thick head of hair

this window carried a ad for the salon inside. First glance I thought wow 500.00 cut, then the fine print was a years worth for 500.00 plus parking!

Thick blond thatch

Where I got a haircut in Conway Arkansas while visiting my daughter at Hendrix College. This barber asked if I'd take his photo.


Unfortunately, I learned that a guy of a certain age with hair loss really needs to stick with the same haircutter. The other barber took out all my back curls, which revealed some new and awkward-looking bald spots. Not his fault. I just have to decide to either go with the longer curly look I've had or give up and go the way the young bald guys go -- shaved or nearly so. Ouch! I think I like my curls in back and will just grow them back. It is frugal in any case to cut short and let it get longish before the next cut.


Anyhow, back to this barber. His work is a craft, and he is very absorbed in doing a good job. That's what the intensity of his focus tells me.


More in comments

Here it is. I forgot to post it yesterday. I mean: c'mon! It's a chunk of bangs too long to be bangs. It's a chunk. It's just freakin' sitting there. On my face. Like that.


Now I have to pay someone to fix it. Maybe I'll let my daughter cut it right.

haircut -


I'm sooo happy work....back's not raining! it's all good. I'm even sort of looking forward to Christmas (no doubt this feeling will have disappeared in a few days Treated the girls this morning and we headed into town for a cooked breakfast followed by haircuts all round! Chloe went for a complete change of style and looks gorgeous...Robyn just had a trim but looks cool (keeps swinging her hair around like a loreal advert) and I just had a trim u can see it looks a mess. I like it this way though! I was cursed with the curly hair gene at birth.

haircut -

I feel better now....



haircut by silvia, color by néria

haircut by jezz and color by birgit

Horseshoe haircut reshoed on 2/4/10.

razor shaved sides/back and landing strip. slightly shorter lenght on horseshoe design on side

haircut by sabine, color by neria

haircut by sabine -

we are looking for stylists who want to join our team - get in contact with us!

check out

Here is Briana taking a picture of her new haircut.

Lalibela, Ethiopia


About every month or so, I get a haircut. I do not get styled, I get an all-american ten-dollar ten-minute buzz-trimmed straight-razor finished haircut. I have been going to the same barber for about ten years. I do not have to tell what I want. I do not change styles. I have never asked for a "george clooney" or a "brad pitt" cut. I sit down, and the barber sprays my head with a mist bottle and then starts cutting. I have, and need, no input.


I rave for the local barbershop and the venue it provides for the men who come with their sons and/or fathers and who sit around and talk football or economics or local happenings, mindlessly, simply taking a few minutes out of their day, away from all the pell-mell of errands or projects and chores. I rave for the barbers who do not know your name (and you don't know theirs) and but they do remember how you like your hair and how your son likes his hair.


I rave for the moment of peace -- I actually have fallen asleep -- that comes with the monthly cut at the local barber. I have never gone to a hair stylist. My health care proxy says nothing of end-of-life decisions. I care not if the plug is pulled or heroic measures taken. But it does specify that, should I be in some vegatative state, I be carted to and hair cared for by my local barber.


*small note. This shot would have been better, I know, if there had been an old man cutting my hair. But, one of the requirements of going to a barber is that you take the open chair. You are not to have favorites -- that would count as getting styled. Today, the open chair was Yelena's. Male or Female, a barber is a barber and is not a stylist.

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