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It's really amazing when out of a social media like Flickr, you get to find people with common interests, and you start getting in touch with them, and there's a very friendly chemistry developing... and then, when the occasion comes (because you live in different cities, but one visits the other), you get to finally meet in person and realize how great those people were indeed...


Greg here is not only one of the most talented iPhoneographers in the world, but also a warm, lovely and kind spirit that cares for life and people... even for the strangers on the streets that become the biggest inspiration for his spot-on street photography. He was the first person ever to show my iPhone work on his newsletter. Months later, we were both featured in American Photo Magazine... and our friendship has developed alongside our paths in the iPhoneography movement...


And when he and his adorable wife Suzy visited New York a few months ago, Anton and I had the pleasure of meeting them in person and connect immediately. These past days, they've been back... and we were able to hang out with them a bit more! Today, on Greg's birthday, they're back to their home in Washington...


And we wanted the chance to wish Greg a very happy birthday, and tell them both that we are very much looking forward for the next time...


With love.


Sion and Anton.



Posted & Photographed by: Sion

Location: Benny's Burritos, in front of our place. They surprised me by texting me saying "Come down the street", and there they were!!!

Camera: Sion's 3GS iPhone + Hipstamatic app (John S lens + Blanko film style)


Greg is Jessamyn West's sweetie and today (May 4), he's 30. Tina the llama and I are always happy to share our ham.

What a difference a week will make, eh?

Interesting that four family cats wished you a happy birthday...

But today for one in particular - you know who you are.

Happy birthday!


This one is for Greg and his love of orange along with Autumn and the cooler weather.


Happy Birthday my dear!!


the most delicious food in the known universe. here is a plate of it for your birthday.

He turns 30 on Thursday, and his last law school final is Friday. Upload a photo with a happybirthdaygreg tag and I know you'd make his day.

The battery was nearly dead, but we were able to get one last picture from it to wish Greg a happy birthday!

30 has been good to me so far; I hope it is for you, too. The note at the bottom of the sign says "from the Meeteetse Digital Photography class," which I taught (with assistance from Jessamyn's handouts) at the library last night.

Not the best picture of me, but it was taken by one of my students so that I could demonstrate how to put a picture on the Internet. Guess what? It works! Happy Birthday sweets!

Web Geeks who love Librarians Unite!

View the larger sizes if you want to read everthing on the fridge.

have a happy birthday or you'll get detention!

one of my drop-in time students

Happy bday Greg! (Whiteboard seconds as a television screen for our projector, except when Jessamyn steals the projector for presentations).

i've known squash for a loooong time

and GOOD LUCK for Friday's final!

Ha ha. Ahead of "wemedia", Carlosserra, and happybirthdaygreg. Ok, so maybe it's not exactly stunning company at the top, but it's still pretty cool being there.

all the cats in thhe casa wanted to wish greg a happy 30th brithday!

Posted By Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) - HAPPYBIRTHDAYGREG!!!!❤❤❤ #DarylDixon #TWD #NormanReedus #TheWalkingDead March 15, 2017 at 03:52PM



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