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Another great presentation by Mark Greenfield from the University of Buffalo. As always inspiring and insightful.

The last of the festivities for us anyway were on the 25th floor.


This years conference was pretty good. I wish there had been a few more demos of what people have actually done. That and a little less XHTML/CSS! If you haven't heard of that stuff now then... you've been living under a rock.


We were encouraged to present next year so look for something from WVU. Either slate or maybe our different recruitment initiatives. The latter sounds like it might be more useful in the long run. Of course that also hits at a slightly more "state secret" kind of topic.


Ah well, see you all next year!

Folks waiting to get back to the hotel and to get to the 25th floor.

This is about half the room. So double the number and you get a good idea of how many people are there.

This was not the talk I expected. I was hoping for solutions for accessibility for AJAX and what not. Nothing of the sort. We actually left early so we could drop off our gear before lunch.

The machine is just cool. The purples, blues and green just work so well together.

This year the big excursion was to the Rochester Museum & Science Center. A really nice choice. Best part, seriously, was the open bar. A very very very much appreciated and unexpected touch. Not that we drank a lot :p Cool place. I was obviously fascinated by the planetarium.

The escalators in Rochester are wicked fast. Nice breeze. Mind your step...

So if I'm married to my burberry does that mean I'm guilty of bigamy?

One of the trillion (only a slight exageration[sp?]) CMS vendors at HighEdWebdev. I still say slate is better. It is nice to see options specifically aimed at higher ed though.

This one was really good. It was a great demo of a product from Xavier about how they created a community for accepted students. I skipped the third session because there wasn't anything that interested me.

Crap photo of this building but I really want to know who signed off on the "bat" wings for this building. It seems so harsh. Sort of art deco cool but still... Prolly a hospital or something.

Chris and I missed the keynote though from what we understand we didn't miss much. I think the extra sleep was worth it. So my first talk was Recruiting 2.0. It was a really great talk about using new technologies in recruiting students.

Brian, Jared and Laura

This is the room that chris and I are sharing for HighEdWebdev 06. It's a conference for web professionals in higher education. The beds are just crazy. They're special Hyatt Grand Beds. Pretty soft.

While we were waiting on the 8pm tour for the planetarium I tried to get an artistic shot of the fountain.

Folks milling around in between sessions. Not a whole lot of room for people to chat.

This was a very nice talk about creating standard CSS templates for dept. use. Very informative. And right on the money considering our similar needs regarding slate. This is why I really like HighEdWebdev.

The thumbnail does this shot little justice. The other shots I have are a little more uninspired so I risked using this one as THE shot for the mastodon. It was a cool surprise.

Trying to be artistic.

Attendee following along with a presentation.

A project from my alma mater. An interesting talk on the philosophy of the set-up of their system. One of the interesting things was their note regarding what I've already talked about in the slate manifesto: Workflow Doesn't Work.

I definitely want to give a plug for the folks at Carleton. They gave a brief intro on their now open-source CMS called Reason. It looked very close to what we're trying to do with slate. I highly recommend that any group thinking about a CMS check out Reason. We've gone past the point of no return with slate. I would also note that I think slate feels a bit slicker then reason but I'm clearly biased.

Just my set-up before the WebLion session. Computer and pop, what more do you need?

Our view from the hotel room.

Some cool bottles above the bar at the Hyatt.

Here Kathy and Eleonore walk across the "skyway" to the Clarion hotel for lunch.

Lunch consisted of soup and a wrap. It was pretty good. The soup especially because it was warm. The salad and salad dressing was good as well.

Not really sure why I took the photo.