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Carving mammoth--I mean chicken.

Panography-esque. Best viewed as large as possible, obviously.

At the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

The universality of Google. Harsh reality: their audience = everyone with a net connection.

Photo by Tam, who forgot her camera charger, but thankfully laid on the floor and took pictures of us at the starting line with mine.

On the way to HighEdWebDev2006, stupid early on a Sunday morning, looking east.

Viola (Cornell), Tam (Duke), Joseph (UNCG), me (Duke), Erin (NYU) & Georgiana (Tufts)

Upon arrival, part of the Rochester skyline above the Genessee River.

Another great presentation by Mark Greenfield from the University of Buffalo. As always inspiring and insightful.

My first foray into ordering room service.

Taken in a bar restroom. Perverts.

At Rochester's Strasenburgh Planetarium.

I'm sure that placement of the meat carving station wasn't intentional. Really.

Second guy from the left here is Brian, of Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates, who presented a fantastic poster: PST13. I was disappointed he didn't win best of show, so to speak.

I'm certain that school bus isn't commentary. Really.

But this didn't take too much encouragement. :)

Rene makes a point about using well-recognized icons--but be sure they mean what they look like they should.

You mean your centerpiece didn't look like this?

Apprehensive elevating at the HighEdWeb2006 conference in Rochester, NY.

Blurry yes, but to commemorate our first night out -- at Nathaniel's.

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