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Possibly heresy.


I bought a set of Moleskine index cards, but hated the flimsy package they came in.


I love the look and feel of Field Notes notebooks, but hate trapping notes in a linear-bound book.


A pair of pliers and five minutes' work found a solution.

Galison 4x6 accordion file in which I keep my cards. My system evolved from a checklist grid inspired by Edward O'Connor's personal unit tests, Ben Franklin's weekly table of virtues, templates from DIY Planner and the original Hipster PDA all via Lifehacker.

Possibly heresy.


I bought a set of Moleskine index cards, but hated the flimsy package they came in.


I love the look and feel of Field Notes notebooks, but hate trapping notes in a linear-bound book.


A pair of pliers and five minutes' work found a solution.

This is my customized Moleskine planner, made from a standard pocket Moleskine (ruled) to resemble the format of a Moleskine Weekly Planner.


I created this planner, because Moleskine 2006 Weekly Planners are hard to find and expensive. But beyond cost or scarcity, I thought it would be interesting to create my own planner from scratch, based on some great ideas gleaned from Bill Westerman's Miquelrius notebook:


So far, I'm very pleased with how this little book is working for my personal agenda.


For a detailed article on the system, check out

I so want this "18th century version of the PDA" (via 43 Folders). Thanks for giving me something else to drool over, Merlin.

This is my personal "Hipster PDA".

For all you DIY-ers out there, here's a simple lifehack -- just print this out and crop to 3x5 and you'll have your very own index card!

"You know before I picked up that little fella, I looked him up on the internet. Fascinating creature the Black Mamba. Listen to this..."

this is my gtd setup on my desk

The contents of my purse -- way more than I usually carry, but I've been carrying this bigger purse, and there's some Murphy's Law about purse contents expanding to take up available space. You would think that I have a lip product obsession, but I promise I do not.

The wallet has a big deep pocket, I don't use it except for the occasional receipt, or check that I need to deposit.

so these usually cost $40, i would never pay that... I got it for 6$ because they messed up the initials(not mine but w/e)

Freed up a drawer in the kitchen, to hold my GTD stuff.

The current contents of my hpda - mostly so I can watch my own progress as I fall deeper into GTD'dom

I love my moleskine quadrille notebook, but it's not quite nonlinear enough for me, or for Dave Gray.


Dave came up with the idea of hacking up a moleskine memo pad with a flap, so it can hold index cards and a pen. I've further modified it with the stupid-simple expedient of clipping blank cards to the outside, and using manila tabs on the inside to sort out my GTD planner.


And there you go.

This is the cover I use for my hipsterpda v1.0

Overview of the DIYPlanner Hipster PDA envelope pocket with my mods. I added small tabs to the "wings" to hold the front inner flap in. Hopefully this will help somebody.

This is a trial run and probably more artsy than I'll end up liking, but who knows. The transparent material I wanted to use for the protective cover turned out to be useless, and the only transparencies I had were pre-printed collage ones. This time themed one seemed fitting, so I trimmed it to size.

HipsterPDA bound with a ring for easy random access.


The cover & back are black museum board (mat board). It looks great & is durable, but the black rubs off onto the first inside page. So line the cover & back with another paper or use white museum board.


The corners were rounded with a corner rounder. Most print shops can round the corners for you. Or you can buy a small one at a shop that sells scrapbook supplies.


I am no expert at GTD. In fact, I am re-reading the book over the next week to get ready for a new job.


Have you looked at the main hPDA sites for advice?


I think the true spirit of the hPDA is a cheap improvisational solution as an alternative to commercial planners. You can make it as cheap or as expensive as you like. You can customize it to suit your need: blank, lines, custom cards, etc. I see the HipsterPDA as:


1. a way to always have something to write on. I like write thoughts, notes, sites to look up, diagram, & draw patterns I see. You can then take care of your list & next actions in their appropriate context.


2. a way to always have a calendar & important reference material with you.


3. a way to keep these things together & (somewhat) protected. You could just carry paper or post-it notes. Having the binder clip or ring keeps the notes & lists together. I especially like the ring (hPDA pierced edition) because you can turn to any page, write on a flat page, and remove a card to put into a binder.


Hope this helps,

I've been playing with the "Emergent Task Timer" by Dave Seah, and I really couldn't resist printing a set of his "Task Order Up" index cards. Naturally, they get a card package of their own...

Cue "Thus Spake Zarathrusta."

Inside there is the writing area, small pockets at the top and bottom hold 3 X 5 index cards in place. There is a clear windowed pocket to hold an ID, and two pockets above that to hold credit cards or business cards.

For a project thing. Feel free to ignore

I don't use hipsterPDA in several reason. I couldn't write fine letter if I'm in standing position. It may be better if I only use alphabet. However, Japanese letter, especially Kanji, is more pictorial. If I try to write fine letter on the hPDA, it costs much effort and time consuming.


It is important to write reusable/reviewable index cards to cumulate ones knowledge. Instead of using hPDA, I started to use Kokuyo Field Notes as temporal idea pool. Later, each topics are expanded into the index cards.


In my method, as a metephor, CPU = my brain, Virtual Memory (HDD) = field notes, HDD = index cards.


Because the field notes is designed for outdoor use, it has many advantage compare to hPDA ; I can write in any position (lying, standing), tough, compact, and reasonable (it costs only $1). If it cost $15 as Moleskine do, it prevent me to write tiny but sometimes important things. Reasonableness helps productivity a lot. :)


I write down anything that emerge from my head. Simple to complicated, life to work, not classification but all in chronological order. I usually write first 2 or 3 lines of the topics (or keyword) to minimize dupulicate effort. My letter on the field notes is sloppy because it is temporal anyway. Rapidness is more important when I capture my ideas. I use the Platina's "Press Man" with 0.9 mm lead for this rapid writing.


Date stamp is made by rubber stamp for each page. Put time stamp sometimes. It doesn't need to be frequent because important here is not frequency but uniqueness. You can interpolate the time between topic to topic.


Simple to-dos, for example, buying toilet paper, are finished in this field notes without copying to index cards.


I use single field notes at one time, and usualy finish in a month. I cannot go anywhere without this field notes anymore. :)


See also :

- q-b's, "Muji Pocket Notebook & Lead Holders"

- Starfield's, "100216"

- Brain Pocket Notebook

- Calendar 09 for Field Notes by Aki

- Pile of Fieldnotes by Foxcalf

- Fieldnote and "Binder Ball" by Foxcalf

Alanah's cat found a new playtoy last night: one of the various hipster pdas that I have kicking around.

Two scheduler and hipster(eco :D).

In memory stick, I install software for Win and Mac.

Without install anything to PC I can carry my working environment.



I'm using DIN A7 index cards as here in germany there are no 3"x5" index cards (at least I haven't found some...)

Unfortunately, I kind of made a mistake with my duct tape, and it keeps wanting to open up. This should go away with time, however.

Before inserting the clips, spray both the inside of the plastic folder and your selected paper with 3M's glue spray. Wait for 30 seconds and bind them together to get a permanent bind.


Use a cutter and a ruler to trim the paper slightly larger than the plastic folder cover. 3mm will do. This extra 3mm will cover the plastic folder's edge when glued to the leather cover.


Insert the clips.


More on Scription blog:


This is my iCal and Treo replacement: the Hipster PDA and Rotring Quatro.

And no make up as this is minimal :P

Put diary and clip A7 papers.


Cut wasted A4 print out... really feel free to write down anything. I can't write down crappy stuff on Moleskine or Rhodia(feel quilty),

This is the bag that I carry when exploring the urban environs. Or just messing about on the weekends.

Quick reference Weekly cards and a tickler card for someday items.

The purple hipster inside with a bulldog clip to hold the paper in place.

There is more on organization tools on my website

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