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The house shown in John Constables famous painting 'the Hay Wain'

Wooden house for barbecue in the winter park. The city of Krasnogorsk, Moscow region.

Typical village house. The village of Nazimovo in the Tver region. The village has only 6 houses and only one resident. I came here to visit a friend of Natalia, she has a huge farm and two houses ... but after she buried her husband, she has to sell it all.

Private houses in the city of Sergiev Posad.. Moscow region. Sun before sunset in cold winter time.

Each time I travel Highway 395, I stop at this little house to see if it’s still standing. This year my thoughts turn to wondering about which of us will be the first to fall… this structure is tough. Probably like the Folks who built it.


(Nikon D750, 16-35/4.0, 1/25 sec @ f/5.6, ISO 100)

Montacute House was built in about 1598 by Sir Edward Phelips, whose family had lived in the Montacute area since at least 1460, first as yeomen farmers before rising in status. The site was bought from the Cluniac Montacute Priory by Thomas Phelips and passed to his grandson, also called Thomas, who started planning the house, but died before it was built and left the completion.

Captured near Venice where many of those lost houses can be found.

Old farm in Glaumbær in northern Iceland.

Because of the scarcity of wood on the island, turf was used to build houses in Iceland. This old farm from the late 18th century is built in burstabær style, with its wooden ends or gaflar.

Monticello, Arkansas. Built in 1906, the Allen House is located along North Main Street and features gothic-style architecture and wrought-iron fencing. The house was planned by local businessman Joe Lee Allen to be the most impressive house the town had ever seen. Unfortunately in December 1948 the family experienced a grave tragedy – their daughter, Ladell, consumed mercury cyanide-laced punch in the house’s master suite. Out of grief, her mother sealed off the room and it would not be entered by anyone for nearly four decades. During its time as an apartment building in the 1950s, tenants would report eerie occurrences, including hazy figures appearing in photographs, furniture being unexplainably rearranged and several reports of a lady sitting in a turret window. The Allen House is now open for historic guided tours by appointment and opens its doors the last two days of October for special Halloween tours.

Double exposure:

17mm for the scene, 600mm for the moon

Chastleton House was built between 1607 and 1612, for Walter Jones, who had made his fortune from the law,[2] although his family were originally Welsh wool merchants. The estate was bought in 1604 from Robert Catesby, although his residence was demolished to make way for the new house and no traces of the original building on this spot remain. The house is built of Cotswold stone, round a small courtyard, called the Dairy Court.

Chastleton House is famous for a scene from the Civil War where a loyal wife duped (and drugged) the Roundhead soldiers to save her husband. The anecdote shows the fundamentally domestic and peaceful world of England and the disorganization of war:

The Ashbridge House, Toronto - Digital Painting.


Textures and brushes from PhotoPaintWorks. Thank you.


Link to my website - But Is It Art?

This is one of those pictures every one shoots. I love this ,old Boat house.


You took my empty dreams

And filled them every one

With tenderness and nobleness,

April and the sun.


The old empty dreams

Where my thoughts would throng

Are far too full of happiness

To even hold a song.


Oh, the empty dreams were dim

And the empty dreams were wide,

They were sweet and shadowy houses

Where my thoughts could hide.


But you took my dreams away

And you made them all come true —

My thoughts have no place now to play,

And nothing now to do.

Sara Teasdale


These red cottages in Sweden, I can never renounce shooting them. They are all different, yet so similar. In Sweden are still living the dream of the little cottage in our hearts.


Texture: My own

Tea house within the Shosei-en Gardens in Kyoto, Japan.


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Featuring new house by DaD-virtual living- at FaMESHed. You can get the details at my blog:Bits & Pieces of SL

Taken from the Pentlands, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2018.

A former gatehouse of a moated castle that doesn't exist any longer


Tinakilly Country House Hotel. The name TInakilly come from the irish translation "House of the Wood". This house was built in 1883 for Master Mariner Robert Charles Halpin.

An abandoned stone house sits alone in a field as the day ends on another winter day. House was built around 1900 by what appears to be a master mason .. perfect lines and still no cracks in her.


She was once someones pride and joy, Now she fades into history. For more photos of her, inside and out visit:

Summer House Count Orlov (1796) in "Neskuchny Garden" (Moscow). Classic pavilion in Italian style.

As seen in the National Trust Magazine 2019

One of the oldest public school buildings in Kansas City. It opened in 1885 and closed in 1932. It was restored to this beautiful state and now houses shops and an upscale restaurant. The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts sits adjacent to it. A 15 second exposure as some storm clouds were rolling in. Please look at it in larger detail by clicking on the image or hitting “L” and tell me what you think. Thanks.


Mike D.

Thank you all lovely friends for kindly and nice gratulations.

Back from our trip in Norway.

In the little village where we visited our friends, this beautiful house is located. Until 1960 there was a post office, where two unmarried sisters ruled, with unlimited power.

House building time, been building a house the last 8 to 9 weeks

The house was designed by Decimus Burton, built between 1823 and 1826 and is in the Greek Revival style. Built on the site of Caesars Camp, it was the home of the former Prime Minister, Pitt the Younger.

My Little House

by J. M. Westrup

I have a little house

With windows and a door,

Two chimneys on the top,

And a plot of grass before.


I have a little house,

With curtains and a blind,

Two chimneys on the top,

And a plot of grass behind.


I have a little house,

Where I go in and out,

Two chimneys on the top,

And a garden all about.

Houses by the sea in Borth, North Wales, gleaming in the evening sun.

Old house on the side of the road around country Victoria.

Happy Window Wednesdays!

typical rural house in the Russian provinces. photo was taken in the village Dubosekovo. The population of 29 people (2005 data).

a house in the peak District Derbyshire uk

Summer is not dead yet.

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