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Cosmic disturbance on your screen due to bad weather or reflection of a house in the water?

He walks through the house of his past, hoping he'll find the right door, hoping he'll find the key.

Steven Herrick

House Finches can be found year-around in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, but they will move to another area if a food source is not readily available.


This picture was cropped from my picture taken at Lake St Clair Metropark.

A very cropped image of this little House wren that stopped for a minute on the fence. It was so fast that I couldn't change my settings. (Best in large)


The house wren ( Troglodytes aedon) is a very small songbird of the wren family, Troglodytidae. It occurs from Canada to southernmost South America, and is thus the most widely distributed native bird in the Americas. It occurs in most suburban areas in its range and it is the single most common wren.

Rubjergknude light house is no longer in service. It is half covered in a sand dune. There used to be a cafe only a few years ago, but the pressure from the sand, broke the house. You can still see the remains of it.


--Jacob Surland


Art sale as limited prints. Photo by Jacob Surland, Licensed Creative Commons non-commercial v4.0. No Derivative Work. Protected by

William Hawrelak Park. Edmonton, Alberta.


Member of the Flickr Bird Brigade

Activists for birds and wildlife

Omega House in Offenbach am Main Germany

Old house in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Hasselblad X1D.

One of my favorite homes, among the restored houses in the Heritage Hill historical district of Grand Rapids, is this "Stick House." It was built for a lumberman in 1892.


"Stick style" of architecture features steep roofs, elaborate roof brackets, and prominent boards that divide the wooden walls.


(Two other area homes shown in the first comment below. Click them for info)


(source: "Walking Tours of Heritage Hill, Grand Rapids, Michigan" byThomas H. Logan, 2016, )


House Martin - Delichon urbicum



(Passer domesticus) I'm still missing the sparrows since we moved.......

Male Baltimore Oriole. They are tons of fun to have around the house.

The house sparrow (Passer domesticus) is a bird of the sparrow family Passeridae, found in most parts of the world.

this is house boat we can even stay at night. house boat is very popular here allapuzha called venice of East. it is most lovely enjoyment.


this image has been taken at popular tourist spot allapuzha, kerala, india.


if you zoom you can find some dripping of rain water from the roof of this house boat.


thanks for every one for views, faves, comments.

This year I have several house finches at my feeder and now they bring me the babies are so cute!

Thank you for all your faves and comments is really appreciated :)


Dedicate to my friend Joan :)

Cuenca, Spain


The Casas Colgadas (Hanged Houses) is a complex of houses located in Cuenca, Spain. In the past, houses of this kind were frequent along the eastern border of the ancient city, located near the ravine of the river Huécar. Today, however, there are only a few of them remaining. Of all of these structures, the most well-known is a group of three with wooden balconies

Modern houses, almost castles on the banks of the frozen Moskva River. Krasnogorsk near Moscow. Russia.

These buildings look attractive at any time, I like to look at them and take pictures. But I would not want to live in such a house, it may be comfortable, but not profitable.

I have so many new sparrows on my feeder this year I think more than usual and some of them just are adorable like this one Joan I know how much you love sparrows hope you like it! :)


Maine, Montana & Wisconsin Group.

Theme: Fabulously Cute!

House Martin - Delichon urbicum


Collecting Nesting Material


Taken New Forest National Park, Hampshire

Cragside House - Rothbury, described in 1880 as 'a palace of the modern magician'. Cragside House, Gardens and Woodland is a marvellous place to visit with it's superb gardens, woodlands, river and lakes. This unique place is now owned and cared for by The National Trust and situated just outside the village of Rothbury, in the heart of Northumberland. This was the family home of Lord Armstrong, Victorian inventor and industrialist.


So if you're a lover of wildlife, historical houses with fine antiques and beautiful gardens set in an outstanding Northumbria'll probably love this! :)


Have a good day everyone, if in the UK, I do hope you're in a nice sheltered place today because although it's bright and's blowing a hoolie here in my neck of the woods in Middle England.


HWW :))

Taken Stour Valley Nature Reserve, Bournemouth, Dorset.

from a previous vacation with some filters applied

Ive got a few family's of House Sparrows nesting in my conifer trees, their singing can be quite loud first thing in a morning, its better that an alarm clock ;-)


(S) (C)

The afternoon has been spent with great laundry, but the gray weather outside and possibilities to play with the computer and some pictures make the time go quickly!!.


Photo of the house and cheep my own, add some layers from Lorie Davidsons kit.


Actually taken at Sandringham - though this isn't some comment on the Monarchy, just how it ended up after some fiddling.

(Passer domesticus) We are moving house in January and we will be sad to be leaving behind our lovely garden and particularly our waterfall which has provided endless photo opportunities with many garden birds :(

Male House Finch, taken in my backyard, Ontario


Thank you very much for your visits, comments, and faves, very much appreciated!


(Passer domesticus) Since we have moved to our new home we have not seen a single sparrow in the garden! At our previous place we had 20 or 30 nesting in our hedge and I do miss them. RSPB monitoring suggests a severe decline in the UK house sparrow population, recently estimated as dropping by 71 per cent between 1977 and 2008 with substantial declines in both rural and urban populations. We have plenty of other birds though including blackbirds, tits, dunnock, thrush to name a few and of course the woodpigeons - but only two rather than the 6 or 8 we had before. We also have two squirrels which empty the feeders almost every morning before the poor birds get a look in!

Thank you so much for all your faves and comments is really appreciated have a good day! :)

This house wren was calling out to me as I was walking along the dabbler's marsh trail at Fernhill. I think there may have been a nest near, as, soon after I passed, it quieted down.

Hylands House was built around 1730, for Sir John Comyns; the original house was a red brick Queen Anne style mansion. Through the numerous ownerships and architectural changes the Estate became its largest in the Victorian era during John Atwood’s ownership. Now Hylands Estate is enjoyed by thousands of people that visit the Park and to use the house as a venue.




Hylands House fu costruita intorno al 1730 per Sir John Comyns; la casa originale era un palazzo in stile regina Anna in mattoni rossi. Attraverso le numerose proprietà e i cambiamenti architettonici, la tenuta divenne la più grande in epoca vittoriana durante la proprietà di John Atwood. Ora la casa e la tenuta di Hylands sono apprezzate da migliaia di persone che visitano il Parco e usano la casa come luogo per eventi, incontri, cerimonie.

The house finch is a bird in the finch family Fringillidae. It is native to western North America, and has been introduced to the eastern half of the continent and Hawaii

20191030-6D2-IMG_7654-House Finch

So many sparrows at my feeder this fall have a great day and thank you for your visit! :)

In nice, tidy plumage.

North Peak, Cuyamaca Mountains, California.

Oct. 3, 2020


House Sparrow adult male (Passer domesticus)

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