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my buddy , paul

Out with a few thousand other people and photographers for the Icer Air event in San Francisco.

cracking set of nails (natural).

the love of my life.

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Ski jump competition on Fillmore Street in San Francisco, on a hot day of September 2005.


A ski jump run was created with 12,000 cubic feet of snow dump on the famous steep street overlooking the bay.


The event was mostly an advertising stunt organized by Icer, a ski and snowboard products company.


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walking , dancing , they gone done it all them feet.

Orange and yellow

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7.18pm staffordshire england

Note: This is one single exposure and this photograph is featured in a

podcast I've released on Icer Air 2006.

If you're curious to see last years photos follow this link:

Passing buy and noticed

AT&T Park San Francisco 11.03.07

a rider performing a "rock solid" stunt

Freestyle Motorcross

at Essurance Icer Air

San Francisco, CA

November 2007


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Otto the ferret in his tube

This photograph is featured in a

podcast I've released on Icer Air 2006.

If you're curious to see last years photos follow this link:

old shot when I had my 450D.


Thanks to meduza-perduza for the title. I couldn't think of anything.




See where this picture was taken. [?]

Icer Air 2006

AT&T Park



Icer Air event, Fillmore Street, San Francisco.


better bigger.

a. , very foggy and calm

or better, la joconde. But i wonder if da Vinci would have asked me about aspect ratio and color schemes like sepia for elegance (even i could advise about studio light setup) before he started to paint this work of art, in Lahore near river Ravi (also visible in picture); a famous point for artists of that time to gather.

Historians believe it was the time when the construction of Badshahi Mosque in Lahore had just begun. Many artist were commissioned for design and monitoring process by King Jehangir, including Da Vinci, where ho got inspired by the beautiful Mughal architecture so much that he decided to put Ravi and nearby under-construction minarets in background on la joconde, for which he was worried to choose a scene in background. Once decided, he called the model to his work place.

During the visit of this florentine lady to Lahore, she was introduced to the herbal medicine system prevailing the country for health and beautification. It is out of question that she choose the slimming techniques of Asian medicine, visible effects in this portrait. After completion of the portrait, the team went back to Florence for exhibitions. After the display was over and picture got all in limelight, she traveled back to India and changed her name and stayed in walled city of Lahore afterwards.

Made for posting Here. Very interesting thread.

(Best viewed large)


It's all downhill from here: Looking down Fillmore Street from Broadway, with 12 inches of man-made snow on the ground and a big kicker rising at the intersection with Vallejo Street.

sex god and stud muffin

.. The cat . ( Name prob spelt wrong and i alpoligise )Agian

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