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Mostly improv based loosely on a recipe from epicurious- I did not have enough onion, and none of the shallots suggested t brown in butter before tossing in. I use instead mushroom and celery, and the flavor came from some left over Christmas Ham. Also put in chopped cilantro (in place of chives) and my own basil


I am finding more and more soup is basically whatever you can find in your kitchen

My Citizen watch has been out of commission for at least 2 years (broken pin). I finally got it repaired; I cannot say enough about Norm's Watch Repair in Mesa (be ready for a story when you ask the woman who owns it "is there a real Norm?")

This old Matchbox truck is more beat up than my Ford, but it seems to want to go right off the fiscal cliff….

A simple pleasure for Lucky.

She's my new dog… for 6 days. Actually she belongs to my neighbor, who asked me to watch her.


She's adorable, affectionate, loves walks, and runs up the steps. It's gonna be good

A quote from a keynote by Rushton Hurley. The photo is from Heather Durnin's class in the midst of a live radio show.

Sometimes I buy a big cheap bag of oranges so I can make my own juice. It may not be economical, but it feels good.

Salsa and Chips, I got nutrition covered (and thats home made salsa, and damn good)

My neighbor asked me to check for water leaks at his house while he is away (saw none).


But I do covet tho large wagon wheel! I have always wanted an old wheel

This is not one of the pigs I helped offload and onload to day at the Durnin Farm - there ws no time to do photos with getting 600 little pigs off the trucvk and 400 bigger ones back on.


This guy belongs tot he family. Future pork chop.

I've not been around horses a lot, but I have never seen one with blue eyes like this one.

I am pretty sure Petey was pondering some differential equations or mutating the potential conflicts of being and not being...

I made a 2nd version of this one.


Not sure which one I like better.


A quote from a keynote by Rushton Hurley. The photo is from Heather Durnin's class in the midst of a live radio show.

He's going to have a tough time in yoday's full on sun.

Clarence Fisher, the other Idea Hive teacher, posted a video on the Idea Hive blog called, "Free Hugs!", music by Sick Puppies. This inspired the class Group Hug!

This trip is testing my "life is Good" feeling

My class, 8B, challenged our neighbouring gr. 8 classroom, 8A, to a bobbing for apples (BFA) challenge. 5 boys, 5 girls challenged the other class, and my girls gave as good as the boys. We pummelled them!

Warren Dunes State Park, Michigan

Josh attempting to better Jacob's reach before being ripped back to the start.

That 6T, a botching Camaro

Halloween in the grade 8 block at Madill.