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Hi friends!!! sorry for the late visit...i shall try to see you all! im just not feeling well..that's all!!! :)

'sunset with seeds' On Black -- or --Larger


This is the remnant of which has been in my car windscreen for a month, slowly shedding.


You can see our shadow and 'glory' (learn what a glory is this link) plus the new 20 passenger balloon called Celebration further away.


Who blogged this where now??


I'm suddenly getting lots of hits, where is this being viewed online??


ok, thanks got the answer from a nice person who told me in their comment:

Theme: Portrait


This is my wife and baby girl. This shot was taken at the maternity ward, Gleneagles Hospital, 2 days after delivery. We were supposed to be discharged in a few hours, and we were just sitting around waiting for the discharge papers to come. The daylight was streaming into the room through the orange curtains, giving the room a soft glow, even though it was midday and the sunlight outdoors was most likely quite harsh. I liked the lighting, set up the chairs in the room against the windows, got wifey to pose and position Arin (that's me daughter's name:), and I had a shot within 5 minutes, from concept to realization.


I submitted this for the Great Eastern "Life is Great" Photo Competition and got a consolation prize out of 2000+ entries! :-)


You can view all the winning entries in this link.


Looking out, I thought we were fog bound, but decided to go walkabout for a little. At first I saw the crisscrossed pink sky, then the fingers of mist, lapping up the hill. It looked like reflections. I soon filled my card. Later I watched the sun appear.


I like it larger On Black

con el recorte propuesto por alguien, creo que esta mejor, vean la original en limeta: el gato falso


This was the #1 photo by Flickr - Interesting on the date June 23th 2005.


mas trabajos en:



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#1 on Explore Wow thank you all for the comments, faves and invites:)


One deer came so close. almost as if she was saying, "Why are you here? You dont belong here...your alive!"



this was actually taken a month ago, i got home early the first time i was able to catch the sunset again from my place! at this time of the year, the sun sets before 530 pm, and i get home past 6 pm, so i never get to witness the sunset on my favorite sea and sky.

lol! i had to repost this photo, i had my settings messed up and disabled the comments by mistake!


anyway, this is to add to my "variations on the same sea and same sky" set...hope you can view the rest of the set! thanks for looking!!!

Featured in for July 4, 2005.


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Just playin' around with Picasa.


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Title thanks to Trapac - in another photo.


I was late by the time I got to this. I stopped and grabbed a few shots, especially this one, crouching to get the undergrowth. I was even later - but relieved that this came out at all.


I think this is worth looking at On Black or even larger On Black


Someone, not me, made this PRIVATE, and it lost all its faves.

The story is on The Disappearing Favourites Group.


And on flickrBugs. It has not yet been sorted out by the Admin.


So BE WARNED that if you go PRIVATE (for some reason) you will lose all the faves!

Thanks to all those that have refaved it.

Explore Front Page (#1) on November 24th. Thank you all!


Under the tracks of the Light Rapid Transit, Punggol, Singapore.

Other views of those tracks in my Punggol Set.


All my photos nicely presented on black on this very cool site called DARCKR.


My most interesting pictures according to flickr.


He looks kinda cute large. Not cropped. I was feeding him :-)

Explore 22/07/07 # 1 Thanks everyone.

EXPLORE ~ FRONT PAGE. Highest Rank #1. November 23, 2008.


I was there when the Great Architect painted this. And it was a glorious sight to behold, indeed. Mesmerized, fascinated, captivated... enchanted. I was.


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“Love's fire heats water, water cools not love.”


- William Shakespeare


I was hesitant about posting yet another sunbeam pic, but I do like the quality of the light on the branches upper right.


Rather special On Black (and I think worth scrolling larger On Black )

This pic reminds me a lot of my older brother and me when we were kids.


Thank you all for 1000 views!!! :D

Explore front page 11/26/06 - Interestingness #1


larger size definitely recommended


Friends -- thanks so much for all the wonderful comments, faves and nominations. It's great to receive such a nice response when I have to be away from Flickr so much lately. I'll try to get around to your photostreams as soon as I can manage it.

Explore Front Page (#1)! Thank you all! ;)


Sant Pere de Galligans was built on the XIIth century. This romanesque church is one of the most beautiful you can find in the ancient district of Girona. (This is NOT HDR. Best seen LARGE On Black)


Please, consider also viewing some of my most interesting shots according to Flickr!

This image also appears on my website:

...may birth high...

...Open up your mind....

Redefining birdbath once again, this little wild one found a swimming hole that was just the right fit.

(This is not Peggy Sue)


The VIDEO is finally finished!


I'm still not sure who was more surprised...this deer didn't flinch for the entire exposure (only 15 seconds, but still) and then just calmly walked off.

have a great and peaceful sunday dear friends :-)

and Happy Mother's day! :-)


Large On Black

For me, this is one of the most extraordinary (or strange) photographs I've taken. It is obviously an acquired taste. When I first saw the sight, early one morning, I rubbed my eyes in disbelief -- and again when I saw it on the screen. I have never seen this effect this clearly since then.


View Larger On Black and Full screen (F11)


This is not a collage. It is a straight photo of valley and ridge on the edge of the Chilterns. I could hardly believe it when I first saw it, and just hope I have caught it effectively enough.

I think it becomes clearer when viewed Large.


There is a rough pano -- 'Morning Mist (pano)' On Black which I hope works and gives a crude idea of what I saw.

Thank you for 1000+ views!!!


...and for 100+ faves meanwhile!!! :))

A tribute to my friend Darlene...who is one of the sources of my happiness and continuous growth here...this one for you my macro master =D

On Black

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