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Today, March 19 is International Sleep Day, also for Peter and Oleg



Eh ... Oleg .... Pssst.

I can not sleep.






I can not sleep



Why not?



You snore



Nonsense ... I don't hear it and I sleep well. Let me sleep on now. It is 1 day in the year International Sleep Day and it is precisely on that special day that you wake me up.



Yes ... but I would also like to enjoy this day.


OLEG: (irritated because he was woken up)

Then shut up and go to sleep.





OLEG: Go count sheep jumping over the fence.



1, 2, 20, .... 31 ..




What is it now?



The fence is too high for sheep number 32.



Lift number 32

or shorten the gate.



Thank you Oleg

It'll be fine.

Sleep well Oleg



Sleep well Peter


Scout, Scout!

Look what I've done.

I made an International Bear Day on March 10!

All bears are equal! Big, small, white or brown ... we are all the same

Happy International Bear Day !!!!


Lots of love from Peter

Veel liefs van Peter

Rising at Orion seen through cirrus cloud

Taken with NightCap. Light Trails mode, 98.08 second exposure, 1/1s shutter speed.

Old flatbed truck found one block off of main street in Farmersville, Texas

Old School camper conversion to the extreme. Should be good for the zombie apocalypse and whatever else comes along.

IMG_8180 2021 03 21 file

International pickup

Omni Air International (OAI) Boeing 767-36N(ER) N441AX

Like anyone, I love a good night shot. And there are not many places around here that are lit up like a veritable Christmas tree. Industrial landscapes often are, and here at Kymera International I found my prey.


This was the last shot I took after four hours driving from Launceston to George Town and taking as many shots as I could along the way. The lock downs had just started, and I couldn't be sure I'd get much more of a chance for a while. So 286 shots in four hours is not bad, and out of that I'll end up with about 90 reasonable photographs. This is one of them.


I left in the shadow across the front of this photograph because it seemed to me to symbolise what was taking place. It was an intangible barrier that one dare not cross (i.e. social distancing).


Kymera International produces fine metal powders and works in conjunction with the Bell Bay Aluminium smelter.

I don't exactly know where the border is, but the mountain on the left is Chief Mountain which is well into Montana on the edge of Glacier National Park. Most of the pic, however is southwestern Alberta on the edge of Waterton National Park.

I love photography for a lot of reasons.


One of them is the chance to shoot the beauty of my land,


Always i´ll be grateful for start a journey in the marvellous world of photography.

Armed Forces of Malta Aérospatiale SA 316B Alouette III AS9212

This is a section on the international bridge I shot beside the Waterfront Inn (formerly Holiday Inn). I took three exposures blended them and tone mapped them in Photomatix Pro.

Belgian Air Force Lockheed C-130H Hercules (L-382) CH-12

*Working Towards a Better World


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! xo💜💜

Late 1940's International KB-6 slightly used. Plus a windmill in the background. Good for HTT and HWW.

To all friends and contacts, and friends I have yet to meet, Happy International Friendship Day.


"Friendship Day is a day in several countries for celebrating friendship. It was first proposed in 1958 in Paraguay as the "International Friendship Day"" - Wikipedia

This Fjord is the border between Norway and Sweden

It almost appeared as if the tide had formed a waterline border separating the American fisherman in Point Roberts, Whatcom County USA (foreground ) from the

BC Ferries , located in British Columbia, Canada (background)


*Long range zoom 300mm


Strait of Georgia ( Pacific Ocean )


**Best experienced in full screen.


Thank-you for your visit. Each and every view, comment and fave is so very appreciated.



Das Vienna International Centre (VIC, deutsch Internationales Zentrum Wien, oft synonym als UNO-City bezeichnet) wurde 1973–1979 von der Republik Österreich und der Stadt Wien nach den Plänen des österreichischen Architekten Johann Staber im 22. Wiener Gemeindebezirk, Donaustadt, als Amtssitzzentrum für internationale Organisationen errichtet.

Photo from our Amish Neighbor Ray's Third Annual Charity Event.

Thank you all for your visit comments and faves much appreciated!

Have a great day!

It's International Cat Day today and Speedcat has certainly got her hands full.

"What the two hands of the labourer can achieve, the capitalist will never get with all his gold and silver"

Mahathma Gandhi

47.52: Old and rusty metal

Found this old unposted pic during a reorganization.

Nassau, Bahamas



A variety to behold and across the road is the sales and service center ~ Hudson, NY

This picture shows the patina and color of this old piece of "art."

Previously posted pictures showed it covered in snow in winter. I did not notice in the snow that it carries a Minnesota plate.


The owners of the property, a father and grown son, have begun to fill it with old cars and gas pumps since last winter.

At The Fig Tree in Eumundi, Queensland.


116 pictures in 2016/29 International Coffee Day

273/366 2016


2018 "7 Days of Shooting" "Week #31" "Coffee, Tea or What Else Do We Drink" "Texture Tuesday"

Can't add tags at the moment in Flickr :-)

Celebrating Cheetahs today on this #intlcheetahday. With only around 7000 remaining, the Cheetah population is struggling and listed as vulnerable by the IUCN. Human encroachment continues to shrink and fragment their native habitat. During my time in Ndutu I was encouraged that we found several thriving families. Cheetah mortality is high during the first year of its life and this cub was the sole survivor from what was likely a litter of three to five. Find out more about cheetahs and how you can help from the Cheetah Conservation Fund

29 July is Global Tiger Day. It is no secret that our biggest cat is under serious threat. Less than 4,000 tigers remain in the wild. In a century humans have managed to reduce the global tiger population with 96%. Reasons are manifold, foremost poaching and illegal trade, habitat loss, climate change, mass tourism and man-animal conflict. This madness has to stop before these iconic animals join the rest of the many extinct species and will only be remembered like dinosaurs in books. International Tiger Day hopes to raise the awareness about the decline and to encourage conservation work.

(Siberian tiger in Tierpark Hellabrunn, Munich).


© 2019 Marc Haegeman. All Rights Reserved




or so they do say

and so why not take a little break if you may

a coffee and a treat 4u

but only if you are a woman it's true :)

does this mean no washing up to be done

no beds to make

no dusting too

no shopping and no ironing maybe

ah yes . .

wish it was like this everyday indeed !





Petroleum Air Services (PAS) Bombardier CRJ-900 SU-CCB landed at Malta International Airport (LMML) on runway 13

Omni Air International (OAI) Boeing 767-316(ER) N495AX

Some of you met our Beau last March when we brought him home, expecting the perfect puppy like our previous Yorkie. This did not happen! He has stolen and munched on slippers and shoes, small rugs (9, so far) have been chewed up, loafers have had tassels surgically removed, carpeting had to be taken up and replaced with hardwood floors, vet bills have soared, and the latest indignity was the $10 bite out of a library book. Would we now consider replacing the dog himself?? Not. A. Chance!

Orange2Fly Airbus A320-232 SX-ORG is on departure from Malta International Airport (LMML) on runway 31

Boeing 747-4R7F/SCD




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