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Red sky at night, Photographers’ delight

Coast of Üsküdar, Istanbul is beautiful place to shoot on the streets. In Üsküdar women wearing headscarf are more seen on the streets than other districts. I took this shot while passing by with a fast shutter. I love the wind and how she holds herself. On the other side of the Bosphurus is the European side of the Megacity.



Istanbul is a world class city and one of my favorite cities on the planet. A trip here is well worth it. Half of the city is in Europe and half in Asia separated by the beautiful blue Bosphorus Strait. It's easy to get around with the metro, public boats, and is extremely safe to walk around, even at night. I love this city!

Sultan Selim Mosque seen from the Galata bridge.


Thank you for visiting!

Laleli camii.. Laleli mosque.. Laleli Moschee

A view from the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Entrance of the Bosphorus and the first bridge...

the winding, steep streets are too narrow for vehicles in many parts, while the only sound to accompany your footsteps during a stroll may be that of the call to prayer.


On a bright day, the sun's rays bounce off sandstone-coloured walls and occasionally, you'll pass by a decaying three-floored Ottoman-style home, its wood-planked walls looming precariously over the street, or the open shutters of a teahouse with a group of old men sipping cups of Cay inside.


The old cobbled streets held plenty of other surprises: unexpected glimpses of well-known structures in the gaps between the decrepit collapsing traditional houses; gravestones on the side of the road, marking an ancient cemetery; a ruined stone arch hinting at an even older structure, all interspersed with modern hotels built in the traditional Turkish style to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the streets.



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