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Still taking my camera into toilets...

to you..if you have been through valleys or hard places. i believe the heavens cry with us or for us..and in every teardrop there is a sparkle of new hope..

Sorry, still very busy. But I have enjoyed your company and I wish you all a good and prosperous 2008! Large view recommended

In service: 1999–present

Manufacturer: Adtranz Strømmen

Number built: 16 units (A-series)

6 units (B-series)

Capacity: 204 (A-series)

250 (B-series)

Operator: Norwegian State Railways

Line(s) served: Dovre Line

Bergen Line

Sørland Line

Østfold Line (B-series)



Car length: 108.48 m (355.9 ft) (four cars)

Maximum speed: 210 km/h (130 mph)

Weight: 215 t (212 LT; 237 ST)

Electric system(s): 15 kV 16 Hz AC overhead wire

Gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in)


NSB Class 73 (Norwegian: NSB type 73) is a class of 22 electric multiple units built by Adtranz for the Norwegian State Railways. The four-car trains were modifications of Class 71, which was again based on the Swedish X2. The A-series consists of 16 intercity trains; they were delivered in 1999 and 2000 and are used on the Bergen, Dovre and Sørland Lines. The intercity service was branded as Signatur until 2003. The B-series consists of six regional trains delivered in 2002 and is used on the Østfold Line. The regional trains were originally part of the Agenda concept.


The trains have a power output of 2,646 kilowatts (3,548 hp) and a maximum speed of 210 km/h (130 mph).

They have an overall length of 108 meters (354 ft) and have a capacity for 208 seated passengers in the A-series and 250 in the B-series. The difference is caused by the B-series having a smaller bistro and more compact seating.

In the A-series, each of the four cars has seating in a different colour (blue in BFM73 car, green in BMU73, red in BFR73, and yellow leather in BM73 and in the bistro area in BFR73). Originally three of the cars had floors with carpet, while the fourth car (BFM73) had vinyl, of consideration to people with allergies. The carpets were removed in about 2005 as it was difficult to keep them clean. Seating is in two classes, standard and Komfort (originally "Plus"); the latter (BM73 car) with leather seating and power supply for laptops. All the cars have cherry tree wood interior. The trains are equipped with a dining section (BFR73 car) and warm meals can be served at the seat or at the diner. The menu is according to the time of day, with breakfasts in the morning and larger meals in the afternoon and evening.

The trains also feature a family section with a play area and HC area (BFM73 car). The BFM73 car has also a bicycle room behind the driver's cab.

In 2011 the trains were equipped with WLAN, giving the passengers free access to Internet.


The trains were delivered late, and were put into service after the Norwegian Railway Inspectorate had given dispensation from some safety regulation. On 17 June 2000, a train derailed at Nelaug Station after an axle broke. The class was grounded for a month, and the investigation showed both design errors, and lack of proper inspection and testing. After they were put back into service, they were not allowed to use the tilting mechanism. Thus the trains could not run faster than their predecessors. In 2007, a train derailed on the Bergen Line, and questions were raised about the trains' ability to operate in snow.



Explore - Jul 12, 2011 #420

Walterton Road, Maida Hill

A conjunction still to be explained - View On Black

'Off with her head!' the Queen shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved.


'Who cares for you?' said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) `You're nothing but a pack of cards!'


At this the whole pack rose up into the air, and came flying down upon her: she gave a little scream, half of fright and half of anger, and tried to beat them off, and found herself lying on the bank, with her head in the lap of her sister, who was gently brushing away some dead leaves that had fluttered down from the trees upon her face.

Corner of Maida Vale and Elgin Avenue

with that pink nose..breaking up this grayish photo..i thought it pretty neat..

this is the way she is outside if she hears noises..she will squeeze herself under this plank..

as you may see in her eyes..she is not quite at little scaredy cat..:)

when i looked out my window this night and saw the sun setting..i decided to drive to a place a couple of minutes from my house and capture it over the sea..i don´t regret that..:)

i was very surprised and pleased with the outcome of this shot..

i was playing around with my mini camera..

no photoshop..i did crop it a little..


what is it? or is it pretty obvious..?


together we stand..asunder we fall :)

we went up north to a town called akureyri for the weekend and here are photos i took on the way..there are many more to come as we enter akureyri..

this was taken night before last at around 23:00. i looked out the mouth dropped in my canon and ran outside so i wouldn´t miss it.

This photo doesn´t give the justice of what it was is just a tiny glimpse of the wonders of the sky that night..and of course i wanted to share what i can with you..


Hamburg Moorwerder, April 2010

this photo is so desolate..nothing alive or moving..

the house is abandoned..and lost most color..

the grass is dead..

the little stream is frozen over..

no sheep cows or horses..

the only bright thing is the sky and i wanted that in there to show a ray of hope..

this is my friend sara on our trip with íkorni (racingsquirrel) in krísuvík..she looks so an elf standing on the rail of the bridge..:)

i like this photo as both the cat and the girl seem to be very deep in thought..


this is alexandra lífs best friend "lilja" which means "lily" and a neighbourhood cat who is very friendly and comes to visit in the summertime..this is his first visit this year and taken in front of our house..i think this cats name is simba..:)


it was very warm this especially for a cat..the shade was a great place..


wonder what they are thinking about?


outside the ice cream shop was this beautiful old VW..i simply had to capture it!

the sunset last night just after i came home from camp was magnificent..i could not capture the full beauty..but this is what i can share with you from my canon ixus50..i love to share the icelandic sunsets with you!

the thickness of the clouds and the colors are something that astonishes me..and to see it a priviledge..this time of how the clouds split the sky into totally different colors..

on explorer june 2nd 2006..

i am home from camp for a few hours..need to go back up there tonight and stay another day..the lady taking over from me cannot come till tomorrow..fine with the place..

i used the opportunity to take a peek at flickr and upload a couple..

actually i took this one as i drove home today..couldn´t resist those little lambs..

took this on my way home from camp..vindáshlíð..and had to stop and take this a little before midnight the time was..


i really like the contrast between the sky and land..with the little lakes connecting them..


that little white dot you see to the right is not a scratch on my film..but a house..


to drive home at night is such a special feeling of peace..there are almost no sound..just some horses and sheep around..and all this icelandic beauty..i have to stop and just soak it all´s almost like a cleansing for the only takes about 35 minutes to drive home..


i will have to capture the beauty i see on a god day through my window at camp..the weather was awful when i was there in june..

Museo Nacional de Arte Catalán

sólveig rut planted herself in sahara rós´s arms and just layed there thinking..i love the layered look of the photo..the rosy cheeks..the little streak of dirt under one of her fingernails..and the fact that you can see in her eyes that she is way off in thought..

i think i would give her more then a penny if she would tell me her thoughts..but can they at this age explain what a thought is? she is 3 years old..


and the sun is still setting..i was sitting at my computer..(flickring of course) and when i looked up at one time..this is what i saw out of my window..

i went outside and just stood there drinking in the stillness of the night and the glory of the sky..can´t but stand in awe..

there is a song: "who paints the sky"? came to my mind..


52 sunsets #1

Sunset with streetlamps and trees, Kilburn, north London.

where we went had a lovely was coooooooold..but in there were candles and blankets..

so very cozy..

i took this photo out of the window at the lobster restaurant we went to last sunday..she looked very alone..i liked it best in sepia..

she does looks like she is aware of me taking the photo..

Finchley Road tube station at sunset

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