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Om nom nom... My site is complete! Tell me what you think.


***iOS users sorry that the site looks like shit on your puny browsers, love Apple***


Coded by yours truly.

Yeah, that seems about right.

i wonder where that beloved piece of paper is..

testing and playing with random noise

Generated using javascript/canvas and HTML5

Generated using javascript, HTML5 and canvas

I have created an Instagram page for the game Classic Space Adventure. You can follow it here if you are intrested.


Classic Space Adventure is a free fanmade webgame I have created that you play in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) using your keyboard, It is inspired by the Classic Space theme by LEGO®, so you will notice many of these sets in the game, recreated in a pixelated style.


Play the game here, or check out the webpage for the game here.


There is also a Facebook page for this game that you can follow.

2 images generated using hjavascript/canvas/HTML5 combined as layers

Generated and rendered in Structure Synth using javascript Math functions to generate the more flowing features.

Fun interactive camera input WebGL piece.


Can be played with here:

Version 4.0 of the "More Activity Links" script is available. It adds the "mine", "others" and "both" links to the homepage.


Go to the main page of the script to get more information.

playing with an uncontrollable brush!

This is a neat little program, "the son of defdb and pngthermal," posted on, a forum about compression algorithms. The program is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. The author explains the colours here. For example, red is "expansion" (>= 8 bits), with "midnight blue" being "strictly less than a bit."


Interestingly, the author makes the argument that if you really want to shave bytes, write your HTML5 <!DOCTYPE> in lower-case; it compresses better that way. (2 bytes, he says.)


The program can export varying widths and sizes, and also has a color-blind mode.


This is a cropped screenshot of the soundmanager2.js file, which actually compresses very well overall (there is much more blue further down the image.) To make these sorts of images, gzip whatever.js and then run gzthermal on the resulting .js.gz output.


I also need to thank a co-worker, probably Bert Saw, for sharing this. I've had that forum post open in a tab for a few days now, and have completely forgotten where I found it.

This is how resumé of JavaScript Deveoper should look like. :)

this is for print : ) direct to my lounge room wall!! 60x50cm

PD: if anyone want a print, I will be pleased to send

It looks even cooler while it's drawing.


Go to Silkbrush

'Nuff said. The good parts aren't that hard to learn. Use 'em.

svg graphic generated with javascript

Keyboard on the foreground with blurred Javascript on the background.

A little more customizable, colours and size can be changed. (I couldn't be arsed to make scaled-up versions of the play/pause buttons, but those should be larger as well.)


Also, this UI can be used to scrub through video - though I'm not sure it's appropriate given the simple, standard behaviour of scrubbing linearly across the width of the video, but the idea here is to experiment.


This was inspired by Apple's UI for the preview feature in the iTunes app on the iPhone, and other circular things. This is a demo which will be included as part of a pending SoundManager 2 release.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

As a kid, I used to print program source code and would make edits while on family road trips during summer vacation. When I got back home, I'd type in the edits.


In taking a road trip I hadn't done in perhaps 15 years, it felt appropriate to revisit some old habits - this time, with about 45 pages of JavaScript.


Despite software's "virtual" nature, I think it's good to occasionally print and work on a physical copy of your ideas. Even if you don't work all of your notes back into the code, you still benefit from the mental exercise of thinking through and editing your work.

Keyboard on the foreground with blurred Javascript on the background.

It looks even cooler while it's drawing.


Go to Silkbrush

(Or, "Programmer/nerd humour") .. A little friday-afternoon fun on my dev environment.

A new era in Structure Synth (at least for me) - generating all the rules via javascript!!!!

I knew you could use javascript but I never went further than to use it for some animations - bad mistake!!

Turns out you can write complete rule sets using javascript and you have access to math functions and variables this way.

I have written a short tutorial over at DA which should be accessible by the public

Javascript Structure Synth tutorial

This is an app that I built using Flickr's API. It shows a slideshow in your browser of anyone's photostream, or a search for photos with particular tags. Or just interesting photos! It's less polished than Flickr's own one, but at the time I wrote it, Flickr's own slideshow was sorely lacking (no fullscreen).


This is the original photo.

Unofficial JavaScript "JS" logo as a LEGO mosaic.

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