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Photoshoping: Andy Clarke, Jon Hicks (Hicksdesign) Elliot Jay Stocks (Carsonified)

Talking: Jina Bolton ( & Hannah Donovan (

Photoshoping: Jina Bolton ( & Hannah Donovan (

Talking: Andy Clarke, Jon Hicks (Hicksdesign) Elliot Jay Stocks (Carsonified)

Jon Hicks along with Elliot Jay Stocks getting interviewed by Andy Clarke while Jina Bolton and Hannah Donovan worked in Photoshop.

Hannah Donovan, Jina Bolton, Jon Hicks & Elliot Jay Stocks took turns at playing in Photoshop while Andy Clarke played Parkinson.

Design is patience. Like waiting for clients to pay you, for example.


For the Designer Wallpaper pool.


It all started with this post by Jon Hicks.

Everybody wants the logo bigger. Tell them "no."


For the Designer Wallpaper pool.


It all started with this post by Jon Hicks.

Design is knowing when to stop.


For the Designer Wallpaper pool.


It all started with this post by Jon Hicks.

Photoshop tennis at the Future of Web Design conference in London today.

Molly Holzschlag, Jon Hicks, Jeremy Keith, Eric Meyer, Tantek Çelik (left to right) during the final panel @media 2006 in London

Derek, Richard, Shaun, Rob, Jason, Leslie and Jon.

Quit monkeying around

The panel from the WCAG panel plus guests!

My submission to Jon's meme: cover art for Radiohead's new album.


View On Black, full-size

This started out over at hicksdesign and was quickly carried on by Shaun Inman


A fun and entertaining break in the trivial world of design :)


Bigger version (2560x1600)

Why was I suckered so easily into this meme? Sorry, Jon. ;-)


Curse your like-mindedness, Kyle Jones! Heh!


See where this wallpaper was created. [?]

I think this might be my favourite picture of the day.

apologies to Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford; and whomsoever's flickr snaps I abused to make this

The latest issue of (#152 - August) reads like a friends journal.


There's a new Advisory Panel - Andy Budd, Patrick Lauke, Malarkey and Molly. Contributions from John Oxton, Andy B and me, an interview with the Interweb's Mike Davidson, and even a photo of Mr Tom Coates. Plus, the new layout design is superb, and generally the quality of .net is higher.


I was asked to write about the logo redesign, and offer opinions on where logo design is going.

OK, so I was REALLY bored. And umm... sorry about the Gollum thing. :-)


This is a contribution to <a href="">Veerle's photo imaging contest</a>


The book would be a wicked sweet prize!

I cracked up when I saw this - good job Jon!

Jon and Andy sharing some luv in the corridor :o)

This here, is Great Britain!

You get the feeling some days that Jon Hicks is taking over your life?

A little bit of civilisation on the final evening of SxSW.

WIth many, many thanks to Kevin Mears! I've seen him do great caricatures of others, and I'm genuinely honoured to get my own. Now I know I've made it!


And yes, I really am using this as my bio photo from now on. And why not? Kevin's made me look good!

Covering Three Citys, Hudson, Hickory, Granite falls N.C.

Tired of the insanely large dock (which I don't even use much because of the quicksilver habit I'm finally getting into), I created a new folder, put aliases to all my browsers in it, and dragged it to the dock beside the trash.


This lets me ctrl-click the icon (which I grabbed from the awesome pipe trend starter himself at pimpmysafari) and have super quick access to all my browsers.


Thought it made more sense, so I thought I'd share it with anyone who still uses the dock rather than quicksilver or todos.

Posted as a response to Jon Hicks's request for temporary cover flow images. The background is a details of a picture I've sort of finished...

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