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Taken in lower Manhattan in June of 2007. This Judith Supine shows himself as a weeping female figuire. Perhaps she is the New Eve. She is weeping because she has been put together wrong. Her lower body is on backwards. Her face is a grotesque. Her vagina is not between her legs but under her neck and do on. I interpret this figure as daemonic, but very real. At any time Judith Supine now disguised as a deformed woman, can spring to life and spread her deformities world wide. She is like a disease. She represents the last days. She is is pre figuration of a Daemonic Armageddon. The Oracle of the Bowery says that the end is near. I say that we should try to get out while we can. The best way is to step into an alternative universe through a mirror. But barring that I know that Billikidbrand is building a new pink rocket ship to take us away. But who will be able to get a ticket? It is smaller than Noah's Ark .


Photo Taken June, 2007

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judith supine


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Detail taken in lower Manhattan in May of 2007. Judith Supine.

photo by Steve Duncan

"Give Up The Ghost And Put On Flesh"

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photo by Alexander Bom

why are there failes in toronto? fyi the team is 1/3 torontonian, 1/3 new yorker n 1/3 japanese!


[artist of the day vol.5] there are so many amazing artists on flickr... wacky pick for today is judithsupine . get your brain ready for some SERIOUS scramble action.


Taken in lower Manhattan in May of 2007. Judith Supine. Detail of the hand of Judith Supine with the tattoo love. I will bet if she uncovered the other hand it would read Hate. What do you think?

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