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Hanging out with sisters... what could be better?


Lighting Windlight & LumiPro

Kokoia Atrezzo Gas Station

Pink Magic Grunge Urban Garage

CS Queen of Streets Bike w/pose

AMM Phone Pose Pack 03

ART animations Sexy Sitting Pose

Kazaa Electrical Poles

What India loves most is Jugaad- technology (an euphemism for indigenous and creative solutions).US seeks India for cost cutting as we have age old expertise in this area.


a)Cooking gas is finished.No problem.The cylinder is turned upside down to utilise every single molecule .

b)Generator can be used as an engine (truck+pickup) and you've a hybrid vehicle ready .

c)I recently downloaded free Kazaa and hacked a premium version from its console.


Jugaad is only limited to your creativity and here who needs a refrigerator when some ice cubes and a tub can do the job :) Tribute to the nation for celebrating its 60th anniversay .Jugaad makes us work.




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1. Logo LeWeb3, 2. Loïc with Niklas Zennström, Skype & Kazaa, 3. Hans Rossling, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, 4. Mark Canter, Broadband Mechanics, 5. Jérémie Berrebi - Zlio, 6. Dave Sifry, Technorati, 7. RJ Friedlander, Grupo Planeta, 8. Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn, 9. over 600 PC Wifi connected at one point, 10. Loïc being interviewed, 11. Martin Varsavsky, FON, 12. Loïc, Tariq Krim, Netvibes and Rodrigo Sepulveda, VPOD TV, 13. Pierre Chappaz - (Kelkoo), Wikio & Netvibes, 14. Shimon Peres, Peace Nobel Prize, former Prime minister, Israel, 15. big crowd, 16. The one and only Vinvin, 17. Gabriel McIntyre, XoloTV, 18. François Bayrou, UDF, France President Election Candidate, 19. Jean-Pierre Elkabach, Europe 1, 20. Danah Boyd, Yahoo, 21. Marko Ahtisaari, Blyk, 22. Loïc with Nicolas Sarkozy, UMP, France President Election Candidate, 23. David Weinberger, 24. Love and Fashion 2.0, 25. LeWeb3 Crew


One picture to summarize a two-day conference in Paris. Many great speakers are included and many more are missing (they're all in the main LeWeb3 set).The ones included here are my personal choices based on what they represent, what they've done, the quality of their speech and .... personal choice. Thanks Loïc and all the organizers.


Une image résumant la Conférence LeWeb3 des 11 et 12 Décembre à Paris. De grands intervenants sont inclus et beaucoup d'autres n'en font pas partie (ils sont tous dans le set LeWeb3). La sélection est basée sur un choix personnel, ce qu'ils représentent, ce qu'ils ont fait, la qualité de leur intervention et ... mon choix personnel. Merci Loïc et tous les organisateurs.


Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

a night shot of Milky way in spity valley

Ascending and crossing ParangLa (5580m). The highest I've ever been! Beautiful View, A melting glacier waiting on the other sides descent, turquoise-blue streams forming in the ice.

The Singing Rooms


Some months ago I was asked if this shot could be used as the cd cover for the new cd of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - of course I loved the idea and I accepted.


Today I found the cd int my mailbox - and ... yes, it was emotional!

I love this pic, and I love the idea that it's a CD cover with "that" title. It fits my idea of Goethe's saying that "Architecture is frozen music" ...


Have the best - may be singing? ;-D - week end, you all :-)



kept this cuz it reminds of an old american western. wish I could make this accidental soft focus, permanent !

“How can they be so good?” — the strange story of Skype opens with my original question.


“Fifteen years ago this week, Skype went live for the first time. By 2012, Skype accounted for a whopping 167 billion minutes of cross-border voice and video calling in a year… more than twice that achieved by all international carriers in the world, combined.” — Ars Technica


I maintained a spreadsheet with the daily download and concurrent user numbers, and compared them to Hotmail (we coined the term "viral marketing" to describe it's unprecedented growth rate, and were eager to find more.)


I fondly remember negotiating the first VC round for Skype from my 2003 Christmas vacation in Lake Tahoe. We chose Index Ventures as our European partner. Negotiations were complicated because the founders, Zennström and Friis, would not travel to the US for fear of being arrested for their prior startup, the music-sharing service Kazaa (it ultimately cost them $100M in payouts). But we closed the round on my birthday in 2004, and the company was acquired the following year for $2.6 billion.


Reflecting on the engineering team from my homeland of Estonia:

"‘I remember wondering: how can they be so good?’ Jurvetson told me, speaking about the Estonian core of Skype. ‘How can such a small group can do so much so quickly, compared to typical development efforts in, for example, Microsoft? I had the impression that maybe coming out of a time of Soviet occupation, when computers were underpowered, you had to know how to really program, effectively, parsimoniously, being very elegant in sculpting the programming code to be tight, effective, and fast. [That's] not like in Microsoft, which has a very lazy programming environment, where programs are created that have memory leaks and all sorts of problems, that crash all the time, and no one really cares—because it's Microsoft!’


Jurvetson, who had already cashed in on Hotmail, was fascinated by Skype's talented team. (Nowadays, he's busy financing anything Elon Musk lays his hands on.) Jurvetson attended Skype's Supervisory Board meetings in Tallinn and, on one occasion, brought his father Tõnu with him. (Tõnu reminisced on the Radisson hotel's rooftop terrace about his departure from Estonia 60 years before, when he had escaped the Soviet invasion during World War II.)


After the meetings, Zennström and the Americans blew off steam in nocturnal Tallinn. Late one evening, the board members embarked on a kayaking trip on the Baltic Sea during which Zennström's kayak was capsized by a wave from a passenger ferry.


In the end, the VC investments were repaid ‘only’ 40 times over, and Jurvetson was right about the talent of the Skype team. From its $8 million, Jurvetson's firm made $300 million in less than two years.”


And then Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion.

“I call Steve Jurvetson on the other side of the Atlantic. He struggles for half an hour but cannot get Skype to work. I call his mobile. ‘Did Microsoft mess Skype up?’ I ask him. ‘I wouldn't be surprised, Microsoft has messed up almost everything,’ he replies. ‘Being owned by a large company with other business interests across the globe is a negative for Skype. A big multinational, like eBay or Microsoft, needs to accommodate business partners and governments across the globe, which limits Skype's ability to pursue growth aggressively in ways that threaten the entrenched government or business interests. For example, Skype for Wi-Fi-enabled cell phones has been delayed by pressure from wireless carriers who see their voice revenue at risk.’"


From Toivo Tänavsuu's article


My Skype Flickr posts over the years.

As most of you are aware I had lost 30K in landscaping & house items. I did submit a ticket to Linden Labs and after numerous tries to recover my lost items, they advised me it was a corrupt file and unfortunately all gone. :-(


I have been working on getting some of it back, it is a slow process, some places their re-delivery worked fast and efficient other I had to drop NC on and of course I couldn't remember every piece, so I did loose a lot. Some creators were amazingly helpful and some will ignore your NC.


To the following creators I want to send a huge THANK YOU, some I had no proof but yet they helped.


Skye product efficient re delivery and the one item I couldn't find on the re delivery list, but Alex Bader re delivered it to me after I contacted him!


Lillith Heart thank you for your help in getting some of my purchases back to me.


3D trees amazing, helpful, replaced all my trees that were lost.


Sway Garden Center sent me everything I purchased in 2019, even though several things were just 50 linden items, amazing response.


Bazar I sent a NC with the items I remembered and they also re-delivered.


HPMD their re-delivery rocks! I retrieved every item no matter how long a go it was bought. Wish more made it this easy to get things lost out of our inventory.


Felix von Kowitz landscaping business took my word for 1 of my favorite items and re-delivered it to me.


Those creators know what a huge loss 30 K is and did their best to help get items that I purchased.


To amazing people that dropped some gachas on me to help lessen the pain of this huge loss.


Thank you all the amazing creators for their help, I will support and buy from all of you and spread the word that some do care, some go out of their way, are understanding and are not greedy.


Now to the ones that ignored or down right made me feel that I tried to rip them off.


"Galleria Homes Pamela Galli" creator, I bought a 4 K villa and course you cant send her NC she has strict instructions on how to do it, followed all and she insisted she looked and I did not purchased that villa, seriously? Funny thing a few years a go I was doing a hunt and noticed one of Galleria homes as a prize and it was a rip off of one of her houses, I notified her and amazing how fast she came to look at it. Never will shop there again.


Real waves 2 NC later no response his re-delivery page is not working.


Naima 2 NC later nor response and no re-delivery terminal.


Kazaa NC with every purchase I had made and it was a lot, no response.


Update, Redgrave just now send me the house that I was missing, thank you for restoring my faith in creators, THANK YOU.


So be aware of these creators and cautious when buying from them.

Some interesting facts about Estonia...


•Tallinn, is one of the best-preserved mediaeval cities. The Historic Centre (Old Town) of Tallinn is listed in the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List. It’s one of the prettiest towns I’ve seen.


•Out of the nearly 200 countries in the world, Estonia ranks number two in adult literacy with its rate of 99.8 percent.


•Would any one guess that the world communication phenomenon Skype came from Estonia?


•Also Estonia is the country where Kazaa and FastTrack were originally created and developed by Estonian programmers from BlueMoon Interactive.


•The world’s best Irish coffee is prepared by the Estonian Helger Aava; in June 2007 he won the first place at the World Barista Championship in Belgium.


Adapted the lens to my X-Pro1 via EF-XF adapter, but I'm not really comfortable with the shaky field of view.

Fuji cameras really lack a proper grip for telephoto lenses.



Leitz Canada Elmarit-R 135mm f/2.8 (Vers. II)

we're all dirty


every last one of us are the enemy


we aren't to be trusted and ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, ESPN, BMI, BMG, MCA, MLB, NFL, Sony, Time Warner, Viacom, Revlon, MPAA, MasterCard, Visa, and Pfizer (yeah, the boner people) want to make sure you ain't getting away with anything.


yeah you bastards. you lying little pricks. how dare you steal their crap? don't you know you are killing jobs? don't you know that hard working americans are suffering because you won't pay $15 a head to go see the latest Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks blockbuster?


i'm calling bullshit!


sure, the entertainment industry lost jobs over the last few years… but what industry didn't lose job??? it's a recession! in fact they have lost LESS jobs than pretty much any other industry! people still go to see movies. people still buy music (regardless of how crappy that stuff has become). i'm sorry, but watching a nine inch nails concert on some online video pales in comparison to seeing them live, so it can't be eating into concert sales (it's not).


do i condone piracy? hell no. look, i don't need free shit. and i'm sure most of you don't either.


but what i do want is an easy, viable way to consume the media that i have purchased. why is it so threatening to the big media conglomerates if i rip a copy of a movie i have purchased and put it onto my iPad? I own the movie… I own the iPad… but if it were up to the MPAA you wouldn't be able to load your DVD's and CD's to your iPad and iPods.


i get that media companies want every cent that is coming to them, but i'm sorry, if someone downloaded a pirated copy of pirates of the carribean that doesn't mean that you lost $29.99 in DVD sales… that dude wasn't ever going to buy your crappy movie. if he was, he would have. you know how I know this? the largest consumers of movies, music, and games is FAR AND AWAY young men aged 18-30… and guess who the biggest pirates on the digital seas are??? young men aged 18-30… get it? that's your demo. they know how to buy your shit.. and they buy it RAVIDLY. BUT because you fought the digital music revolution (gawd, how many years was it between when you could download every album ever made on napster til the time you could legally buy it on itunes????)… because you fought the digital movie revolution (holy F! just let us stream all of our movies on netflix and hulu. we'll all pay, i promise!)… because you fought the digital book revolution (i've been hearing about e-readers for ages, yet they only have become popular since amazon was able to strong arm the publishers into digital book licensing)… you have forced people to consume their media via methods that didn't line your coffers.


so now the media conglomerates have gone to big daddy to help them make a few extra bucks… at what cost, though? the way that sopa and pipa are written all of flickr could be taken down if proctor and gamble files a copyright infringement claim against this image (oh, this is a head & shoulders bottle if you didn't figure that out :P) youtube and facebook taken down on the whim of sony and universal. google brought down by time warner. and the little guys out there don't stand a chance of fighting back. this will stifle innovation. this will stifle creativty. this will stifle the internet.


and it won't stop piracy…


that's the funny part. this will usher in a new era of censorship on the net, but piracy will still exist. the pirates will find more and more clever ways of shifting their media across the net. this is a game to them, and they will not lose. did the end of napster end music piracy? how bout the demise of kazaa? did the death of limewire end it? and do they really think the death of pirate bay will end it?


look, i don't like piracy… i'm fortunate enough (an odd bit of terminology, but i'm gonna roll with it) to have had some of my images hijacked on the net. i have a soccer net shot that has been used in a ton of soccer sites… some beer glass shots that have been used in a variety of pub sites… and several others that have made their way in some way shape or form around the internet without my consent. do i think that it's right? no. do i think that i've lost thousands of dollars because people have stolen my images? no. and i'm not going to shut down my flickr stream because of a perceived loss of a few bucks.


i oppose sopa… i oppose pipa… i want my internet to be free of censorship. and i think you do too ;-)

Great to see how the leater of the Kazaa matches the Billingham bag

Steal This Album - Album cover from System Of A Down (SOAD). Strong message for copyright breaking Peer to Peer (P2P) music downloaders.


System Of A Down is a Grammy winning Armenian-American rock band. Their signature is generally a short, heavy rock-rap followed by a long slow soothing vocals (thus making a great contrast). If you haven't heard her, check out her videos here:

Niklas Zennstrom, founder of Skype, Joost, and Kazaa.

Três patinhos na lagoa...:P

iLike blog post chart of viral growth comparing iLike to other historical viral apps (original slide by Tim Draper / DFJ)

Niklas Zennstrom, founder of Skype, Joost, and Kazaa.

Windows Vista set up with regular TV.

Download Kesha's new album at Kazaa for free.

The new way of watching TV. All the things you love about TV, fused with the interactive power of the internet – just the way you want it. Enjoy the ride! More at

Sydney was host to many things over the years but the Sega Australian Championships in 1993 is one of the stranger events to be held in Sydney's Darling Harbour.


My brother was here with many Sega freaks that I use to talk to on the hotline over years of me working on the hotline. What you may not see is the two guys in the background chatting away. One of which is Sega's Kevin Bermeister. He later went on to form KaZaA, a much puplicised file sharing system that landed him in many court appearances over the years but now there is a working retail version in place.

We thank you for choosing to stay at our property, and we hope this complimentary high-speed Internet service helps make your stay with us more enjoyable.


We have introduced measures to protect both you and our network. Please read the information below to ensure you have a trouble-free experience.



The Internet is full of unsafe web sites and applications that will attempt to infect your computer with spyware, spambots and viruses. As a matter of course, you should run an anti-virus program at all times and ensure your virus definitions are always kept up to date. We also recommend you explore program such as Ad-Aware and SpyBot to help protect your computer.



This is an open public hot spot and no encryption is employed. You are cautioned not to send personal or financial information (passwords, credit card details, SSN etc.) unless you are on a trusted secure web site or if you have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) client running.



This property incorporates active spam filtering on all outbound Emails. We use this filtering to prevent malicious data and unsociable spam from leaving this property. If you try and send Emails that contain suspect or sexually explicit words in the subject field, they will be blocked.



In an effort to give all guests equal access to the network, the intelligent gateway that manages this property will actively block any applications that attempt to open excessive ports or simultaneous connections. Specific applications are online-multi player games (Doom etc.),


Additionally P2P (Peer To Peer) applications such as Kazaa, Morpheus and Grokster are not permitted and will cause your laptop to be blacklisted from the network. You will need to call technical support to be removed from the blacklist.


Caterina Fake of Flickr and Niklas Zennstrom of KaZaa, Skype and Venice/Joost.. At DLD in Munich.

Niklas Zennström, founder of KaZaA and Skype, at Instituto de Empresa (Feb. 1, 2005)



Probably the most beautiful stretch I have been on, this narrow road connects the small town of Kazaa in the Spiti valley and Manali. The Chandra river thunders alongside for most of the route making the ride an unforgettable one...


The new way of watching TV. All the things you love about TV, fused with the interactive power of the internet – just the way you want it. Enjoy the ride! More at

The growth of technology companies heavily dependent on viral marketing.

Monstruo en computación, con habilidades en windows, wordperfect, manejo del mouse, flash, photoshop, coreldraw, illustrator, wares, kazaa, imesh, download, virus troyanos y torrent.

Oh I'm NOT supposed to do that. Ohhhh

Featuring songs like:

"Kazaa will make you go blind."

"Fair use isn't fair"

- and the ever-popular

"Metallica is starving (because of you)"


Brought to us by Sony(?)

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