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Wild South Africa

Kruger National Park


The only South African Kingfisher that is completely black and white.

NZ Kingfisher

Todiramphus sanctus

Out for a walk yesterday when this little one landed in front of me. I was on the wrong side of the light to capture it perfectly but I still really like the composition.

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Well folks...would have loved the shot I would have had if two seconds quicker. There was a 2nd King Fisher on the branch to the left & a little higher facing this one.

Here's a rare occasion where I had to point my camera downward to photograph a belted kingfisher.


Down on the rocks at John Wayne Marina (Sequim, WA area).

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Der Eisvogel ist ein wahrer Kavalier alter Schule: Nicht nur, dass er seiner Angebeteten mit stolzgeschwellter Brust einen frisch gefangenen Fisch zum Geschenk macht, nein, beim Überreichen verbeugt er sich auch noch vor ihr – Eisvögel können ja so romantisch sein.


Obwohl, so ganz ohne Hintergedanken macht er sein Geschenk nicht. Er verfolgt damit ganz bestimmte Absichten:

Ein Schäferstündchen sollte dabei schon rausspringen, sonst war die ganze Mühe umsonst und ich habe das Gefühl, sie ist einverstanden....


Kingfisher in flight with a snack. Also included a hovering shot that happened right before the catch.


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But unfortunately this was at dusk and very little light. Plus, I would click....he would move....I would follow slowly and quietly, he would move! He had his eye on the fish below! So not the best but since my is my best! lol.

Taken in Wilow Point.

Purvasthali Bird Sanctuary, near Nabadeep W.B.


A Cormorant sits perched on a sunken tree branch in Birkenhead park lake.

Taken a few years ago

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MY B&W photography :

Forest farm Nature Reserve.


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