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This fuzzy little bundle of baby fox was curious about me. I was very fortunate that he was and I got a couple shots before they vanished. Mom's tail was wagging by his face. :)

Red Fox Kits


image taken 04-13-2013

Camera: Nikon

Lens: Nikon 300mm

A special moment in time

every year around early May since this family of kit foxes showed up and stayed for a week, I keep hoping that a new group of kits will hang far they have not....maybe next year will be different

Family moment, Kit and mother

Red Fox kits

image taken 04-13-2013

camera: Nikon D7000

Lens: Nikon 300mm

DSC 2444

another pic of my encounter with the Red Fox kits

One of my favorite shots from this encounter

Red Fox Kits

This shot was take: 04-13-2013

Camera: Nikon D7000

Lens: Nikon 300mm

ISO 720

1/1000 f5.6

When I look back, this was such an awesome have the camera knowledge back then that I have now, I'd probably have taken 10x's as many shots then what I have and most of them would be sharp and in focus better then they are...but the images I do have are priceless!!


Thank you all for your views, comments and faves!! Have a great weekend-be safe and healthy! :)

Kitten called Painajainen


Hello Everyone!


This is an image from my archives that I thought you might enjoy. I recall seeing the kit from a distance, so I'd gotten out of the car and crept towards the ditch. Thankfully, the young fox was content and it allowed me to take several images before I slowly made my way back to the car.


Thanks for looking and for your comments. I do love hearing from you! Have a marvelous day!


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- Keefer Lake, Ontario, Canada -

My husband and I took a long weekend trip to go and photograph a red fox den we knew about. I am glad we di because the den was a perfect view and the red fox kits were very active. Plus beautiful light most of the times they were out!

A fox kit comes out of a den while another kit is ready to attack, such is the life of a fox kit while waiting for the parents to come home with food. Sitting by a den and watching the fox kits at play is one of the most enjoyable moments in wildlife photography. One can't help but to smile and laugh when the kits are at play. No matter what kind of day you are having, these little furry red balls of fun will make it better.

KIT is een monumentaal bas-reliëf van een gekleurde blokkendoos. "De naam verwijst naar een bouwdoos, een set gereedschap, of naar een 'first aid kit', en daarmee naar 'het zelf doen', ofwel: de kracht van het individu", legt kunstenaar Ron van der Ende uit.


for more information about this artwork and the creator click here



A young red fox kit practicing his glare on me,lol.


The red fox is the largest of the true foxes and one of the most widely distributed members of the order Carnivora, being present across the entire Northern Hemisphere including most of North America, Europe and Asia, plus parts of North Africa. It is listed as least concern by the IUCN. Wikipedia

Instead of looking for Cyber Monday deals, I headed out to the lake for the last November sunset. My good friend Roy L. Fuchs provided me with Kit Kats to ensure I had enough energy.


The Great Salt Lake - GPS is not the exact spot of the shot.


No comments today – just enjoy :-)

Looking for Help


Mom and three kits were caught on camera almost every night in our backyard. Mom and one of her kits stopped showing up. Concerned for the two little ones left behind (and visible on camera) I called the Fish and Wildlife Dept. When I told them mom and one kit had been gone for two weeks, I was told mom was probably NOT coming back, that she was either dead or trapped. After speaking to them we decided to let nature take it's course. Eventually, they would leave on their own.

Well, I am really relieved to say after over 3 weeks mom and the other kit are back with the two left behind. The three little ones were rolling around in the yard as if they were happy to see each other...and all four walking the fence line with mom in the lead! (Now I can sleep better!)


I appreciate your visit and so grateful for your comments/faves!


Stay safe and healthy!!


Young fox kits huddle together near their den ready to explore their new world.


It's important that we keep these beautiful animals wild by not feeding them so they do not become dependent on hand outs.

A Red Fox kit doing what they do best, being cute. This lil one was resting on the tundra on a summer afternoon and it bit off the top of a flower and pulled it back. The photo above is the result of it's efforts. Cannot wait for spring to arrive, all the new born wildlife to encounter. Spring is only 4 months away here in Alaska!

Fox kit waiting for mom to come with some food.

5691 2020 09 26 002 file

Kit Car spotted on the curb - not entered in the car show.

Blanchard, OK


Note: selective blur added in Flickr Photo Editor

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