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Ha, oh really?

Other than SL fashion, I spoke about how I got a free perk from Klout to see an early screening of Gravity in 3D. Details on


Islamorada, FL


Nikon D750



Anthony Mealie


Story: From time to time Klout sends me something cool in the mail. Whenever they do I like to take it as an opportunity, a moment of inspiration and try and do a cool shot. This time around it was a box of Redbull. Around the same time I was doing some client work and realizing that my Dynalite pack had a flash duration that was deplorable. As I was working through that challenge I had the chance to borrow some Pocketwizard gear for a bit. As it turns out, a pair of the Flex TT5 units do an awesome job of allowing you to stop motion using your shutter. So with my newfound ability to stop motion and a box of Redbull in hand this is the shot that came to me.


Lighting: Nothing too complicated in terms of lighting here. I am using a Dynalite 4040 head with a beauty dish for the main light. It's just a tad camera right and above the camera. The background is a single 2040 head in the center of the frame and just below what you can see. For the splash the light is the same except for on the background where I needed to add a second 2040 head and move them so they were on the left and right side. The pack is a Dynalite m1000wi and I am using two Pocketwizard Flex TT5 units to trigger the lights and another Pocketwizard Multimax as a trigger for the camera. The splash is shot at a shutter speed of 1/5000.

(Knocked Down)

Photo Taken In New Jersey

Photo Taken In New Jersey

So this is an Elio Motors prototype that I saw at the #CEWeek event that Klout kindly invited me to. There is a little back seat but for somebody my size it is a 1-seater...

Other than SL fashion, I spoke about how I got a free perk from Klout to see an early screening of Gravity in 3D. Details on

Free sample box from Merrick Pet Food, via Klout Perks!

Social media perk from Klout

Klout is trialling a beta program with the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection to provide fast-track entrepreneur visa entry to individuals with high Klout scores in specific areas.

Max Carl Otto Wexelblatt happened to be yawning. That was obviously not what I was aiming for, but hey. At least he looks a bit like the Bat Man ... Or should I say BatCat? ...

Just taking out the trash

I really enjoy time in Santander city and of course at the beach!


Mia Young

No God Crue + Klout

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