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I still have a lot of work to get done at this time of year before the holidays.



(left) Scandalize. ALISHA HEELS

(left) Scandalize.ALISHA JACKET

(left) Scandalize.ALISHA PANTS

(left) Scandalize.ALISHA TOP



(right) Palette. – Sorea Top

(right) Palette. – Sorea Pants



taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)

(left) - Sweet Art - Mina Pose 5

(right) - Sweet Art - Moni Pose 5


Blog post & SLURL.

--- (Sweet Kajira)@Kinky


* SK * Lili Top FATPACK Perky

* SK * Lili Skirt FATPACK Perky and Legacy


--- taikou Saturday Sale Nov 28


taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)


--- taikou Group Gift


taikou / modern wall clock {click to interact}




• OPALE . Malisa Hair

• FOXCITY. Prop - Even Pink Drink Tumbler (R. Wear)

• NINI Planet. honeypie sweater

• NINI Planet. honeypie hand warmer : black

• NINI Planet. honeypie skirt @Equal10



• #CHAIN - Babygirl Hair @ACCESS

• parfait. Lil' Sprout Baseball Cap @ACCESS

• ::{u.f.o}::short fur collar cardigan

• NINI Planet. honeypie skirt @Equal10

• dust bunny .cocoa pink



• Astralia - <3Vanity Desk (VIU GIFT)

• Astralia - <3Vanity Chair (VIU GIFT)

• taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)

• dust bunny . kitty cocoa . pink


TAIKOU (Marketplace . Flickr . Facebook) Torabook Laptop (Sticker Version), Modern Wall Clock (Group Gift) @ mainstore


📷 Slayer †1560 Credits

Kanye West - Everything I Am


Around the room:

[REZZ ROOM] Pack European Cat Adult Christmas Animesh (Santa Inc)

taikou / taiyaki ice cream (mainstore) (Anthem)

taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version) (mainstore)

taikou / fresh watermelon bucket (mainstore)

taikou / iced ramune bucket (mainstore)

[Cinoe] Japanese hot pot dish (Mainstore) (Kustom9)

[Cinoe] Ham Sandwitch

[Cinoe] Mountain sunday - Lunch

[Cinoe] Festival soup stall

..::THOR::.. Choco Muffin Plate

..::THOR::.. Espresso

dust bunny . cider sunsets . sweater weather

K&S - // Decorated Christmas tree (TMD)


On me:

LESSEN - Style 04 Locs (TMD)

FT - Spencer Raincoat (TMD)

* SORGO - Maestro / BLACK

GUTCHI - Old School V2 HIGH (TMD)


. Journal

. Beauty


✅. | Genus head Baby face

✅. | [ Lime ] jungwon skin #23 @ Planet29

✅. | ~ Navi sweet planet blusher #4 @ Planet29

✅. | *barberyumyum*T12 @ Planet29


. Style


✅. | fleur layered cable knit socks @ Shiny Shabby

✅. | [spectacledchic] Lona Sweater @ Planet29

✅. | [spectacledchic] Lona Jogger Pants @ Planet29

. Accessories


✅. | e.marie Holly Frames @ Anthem

✅. | YOKAI Christmas Spirit Horns Star & Ball @ Planet29

✅. | taikou / taiyaki ice cream xmas @ Anthem


. Decoration


taikou stuff @ Mainstore

✅. | taikou / torabook laptop sticker version

✅. | taikou / low desk table

✅. | taikou / low desk chair

✅. | taikou / kakejiku hanging scroll

✅. | taikou / wooden tv board

✅. | taikou / television

✅. | taikou / circular zabuton cushion

✅. | taikou / shoji wooden floor lantern

✅. | taikou / book stack

✅. | taikou / table plant

✅. | taikou / chawan & chasen // tea bowl & whisk

✅. | taikou / kobukusa & chashaku // cloth & tea scoop

✅. | taikou / green diary

✅. | taikou / ceramic tea cup

✅. | taikou / daruma tora

✅. | taikou / shiba inu plushie brown

✅. | taikou / bear plushie panda

✅. | taikou / cat plushie calico

✅. | taikou / tatami mat classic


Cinoe Christmas tree cake @ Anthem

✅. | [Cinoe] Christmas tree cake Cake

✅. | [Cinoe] Christmas tree cake Dish


Yugen autumn crafts @ Mainstore


✅. | Yugen autumn origami

✅. | Yugen stamp box

✅. | Yugen washi tape

✅. | Yugen stamp clutter


Additional stuff.

✅. | ionic Christmas Decor

✅. | [ keke ] winter metal tree green

MEN ONLY MONTHLY EVENT: 20.12.20 - 15.01.21


NERO-N7-: AIDO SWEATER - Gianni, Jake, Legacy


101L EVENT: 19.12.20 - 13.01.21


E.STORM: TIGER PANTS - Belleza, Legacy, Signature


MANCAVE EVENT: 17.12.20 - 11.01.21


MODULUS: V HAIR w/ TEXTURE HUD - Catwa, Lelutka compatible


[VERSOV]: YUNOV LIMITED ED. SNEAKERS - Belleza, Legacy, Signature, Maitreya






****Check out my BLOG in profile for Full SLURLs****

tram I0314 hair

(Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka Skin - Porcelain - Hye @ Anthem

(Enfer Sombre*) LeLutka Evo Blush - Snow @ Anthem

.miss chelsea. Laurel Sweater @ Anthem

taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)

taikou / reindeer plushie (black nose) @ Anthem

pose: Sari-Sari - FP Sit03-f (bento)

Benjamin Booker - Motivation


Happy MLK Day ✊❤


.[R.Bento]. Guy Bento static stands (Mainstore)

FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Chic B&B


The Vordun: The Merry Fiddler, 1623

[Bad Unicorn] Sohok Sofa (Mainstore)

taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version) (mainstore)

[Cinoe] Dreaming flowers (kustom9)

[Cinoe] Stay home theater (ACCESS)

[Rezz Room] Box French Bulldog Animesh (Equal10)

220ML - Whiskey & Marshmallow Syrup (TMD)


UNFOLDED // Psykore Sweater (TMD)

[Deadwool] Reverse shorts

After working on the laptop for a while, remember to take a break! Rub your ears, blink your eyes, stretch a little, walk a little...


=== Credits ===


>> Fashion >>

Hair: [monso] Yaska Hair

Necklace: MINIMAL - Constellation Necklace (as always)

Dress: ::GB::Fur Babydoll - Beige


>> Furnishing >>

*bbqq*-Chinese Wall Calendar 2021

+Half-Deer+ Louretta Task Lamp - White - Bunny

*Tentacio* Study room. pink organizator

taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)

[spectacledchic] Brown Sugar Boba Milk (L)

dust bunny . cheese puffs . crunchy . cheddar . decor - from FLF

+Half-Deer+ Louretta Writing Desk - Ribbon - Gold

+Half-Deer+ Gaming Chair - White

BackBone Comfy Cloud - Floor Lamp (silver)

{anc} drop glass lamp 2Li (R) gold

BackBone Comfy Cloud - Orbit Faux Fur Chair - PG

BackBone Comfy Cloud - Rug (white)

@kustom9 (~2021.01.10)

Outfit : AGATA mode / *AGATA* Sophia outfit / fatpack


@COLLABOR88 (~2021.01.06)

Hair : tram / tram J1201 hair / FATPACK



Mesh head : GENUS Project / GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – Mocap

Mesh body : Maitreya / Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Laptop, Skybox, Couch, Curtain, Laundry & Utility pole : TAIKOU

taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)

taikou / kyoto apartment skybox

taikou / modular futon couch (PG)

taikou / curtains

taikou / drying rack

taikou / utility pole fatpack

Mug : Cinoe / [Cinoe] Japanese cafe set Megapack

Cat : Maru Kado / FAT_{-Maru Kado-} Cat Gacha 2 (copy)

Book : BAZAR / ~BAZAR~Seattle Bedroom PG

Plant : hive / hive // potted plants . full set


**SLURL & Credits**


葵(Aoi Ichibara)

hullo sweet peas. i nearly threw my laptop while taking and editing this photo ;;u;; i am the worst when it comes to creating shadows and making sure things are shaded right. the hair and the lighting was a huge hassle for me but i think i did good! if there are ways i can improve my shading techniques, i'd love to know~~ i will do my best to look at videos in the meantime! ♥


«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶       ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ 

featured items:

SEKA's Glitch Leg Brace @ Cyber Fair

SEKA's Glitch Arm Brace @ Cyber Fair

SEKA's Latex Waifu Leg @ Mainstore


hair: Bonbon - Mila hair @ Mainstore

bodysuit: MARTI - Julia Gacha RARE #1

shrug: SEKA's Plastika Shrug @ Mainstore

glasses: SEKA's Cross Shade Glasses @ Mainstore

shoes: -DRD- Sticker Stompers

lipstick: TOP1SALON - Vivi HD Lipstick @ Mainstore

gem: Duckie - Torment @ Mainstore

tattoo 1: DAPPA - Keijo @ Mainstore

tattoo 2: VoluptasVirtualis - Ria @ Mainstore

pose: SAPA - Poses 93 @ The Warehouse Sale

«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶       ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ 


Now available on my Tumblr! You can find it in my profile details!

Furnishing credits:

[Con.] Record player shelf - GreyScale

*::.who what.::* [Jpn] -pond low table-

Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray - Cassette tape player blue Vintage *New from Kustom9*

Cinoe feat. Tia Rungray - Cassette tape case open side Tia *New from Kustom9*

[ keke ] bliss incense

+Half-Deer+ Gaming Chair - White

+Half-Deer+ Louretta Writing Desk - Ribbon - Gold

pink organizator

taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)

+Half-Deer+ Dreamthreader Mouse - Pink

+Half-Deer+ Louretta Task Lamp - White - Bunny

[:::T.W 1063:::] *maguromi cat* poster a-02


House credit:

[[RH]] NIHONKAOKU -Japanese Summer House


INFO ///

Sticker version of the torabook laptop.


Also, the entire mainstore is 50% off, excluding gacha and gift cards.


Available @ mainstore



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Inworld Store:



FYI ///

Join taikou group and wear group tag at purchase to receive 15% store credit.

Fashion credits:

Hair - No.Match No Rose - New from Cosmo

Wrap - DISH. - Cute warm blanket (blossom)


Furnishing credits:

[Computer Area]

taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)

+Half-Deer+ Dreamthreader Mouse - Pink

pink organizator

+Half-Deer+ Louretta Task Lamp - White - Bunny

[:::T.W 1063:::] *maguromi cat* poster a-02

+Half-Deer+ Louretta Writing Desk - Ribbon - Gold

Yasyn - Antique Storage Cupboard - Black/Red

*bbqq*-Chinese Wall Calendar 2021


[Prayer Corner]

[MB] KAMIDANA -a household Shinto altar-

*::.who what.::* [Jpn] -omamoriGACHA- RARE {kotori mikuji}

[Soul Mates] Mokugyo Set


driftwood. Partion B - Type: Short - Light.


[Dining Area]

[MB] New Year Kakejiku for CCB

[ keke ] candle platter w snowberries . gold

+Half-Deer+ Coming up Roses - Frame (1:1) - White

Schadenfreude Seigaiha Neko Daruma


kowloon Toilet Paper 2021

[[RH]] Japanese Tea set

Atelier Burgundy . Colorful Books

KraftWork Everyday Life Clutter . Spring

Yasyn - Simple Zataku - Ash


Companion credit:

Mutresse-Sleeping-Shortie Cats

JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup

2016 11 08


🔽- Outfit -🔽


Tops: . offbeat . Give my galaxy : knit n bustier white

( Gacha@The Kawaii Project )


Hat: . offbeat . falling slowly gacha : beret01/PK *


Hair: *PINK HUSTLER hair* / *PH* 8154


Skirt: *agp* Bess Skirt / Rose [Shiny Shabby Gift]


Platforms: fri. - Honey.Platforms (Antique)


🔽- Furniture -🔽


C.ment :: LAPTOP pink (sticker)

( The Chapter Four )


Toiz. (1) pink room

( Gacha@The Kawaii Project )


floorplan. sailor stripe rug

floorplan. 90's futon / sam

floorplan. tiered table

floorplan. rotary phone / audrey ( Gacha )

floorplan. neon II / bling pink ( Gacha )

flooeplan. coeur painted stool / peach


B.C.C Emma's pie truck travel-Plates A

B.C.C Emma's pie truck travel-strawberry jam Mini pie

B.C.C afternoon tea time Pumpkin Pie(Display)

( Gacha )


:poche summer drink Strawberry

( Gacha )


13/{anc} happy end park. color little chick (tomato)

( Gacha )


Blog: ~ le soleil ~


For more information have to blog <33

Thanks so much for your time♡♡(*•̀ᴗ•́)♡

Many thanks to you!

Street shot; Evanston, IL

on the Vaio laptop

feminist comics bloggers! plus me (their fan)

Barda (Robyn Fleming), Power Girl (Lisa F.), Lady Blackhawk (Rachel E.), Black Canary (Karen Healey), Huntress (Andrea Rubenstein), Lady Shiva, Oracle (me)


D'Arcy really digs his laptop, but do not be fooled- the Apple logo is a sticker and his hand is covering the DELL logo.

it's a laptop sticker.

Ryan is playing Tetris with his PowerBook stickers.

Oh no! Mac Goes Boom!


kind of ironic that my mac started doing weird things as soon as I tried to save this edit on photoshop.. it won't open anymore, never mind upload to flickr, i had to screenshot it- rage in a cage :(


anywho, i'm showing my geeky side! :D


Do you tweet too?

follow me @ twitter/keizgoesboom



PS- you may be wondering why i shot this in my bathroom of all places.. ha, well guys i didn't wanna use flash so natural light it was... and it just so happened that the bathroom is the lightest place in the house! inappropriate i know...


my laptop with a long-awaited ninja sticker applied. there's also a t-shirts sticker, a 8bit music label sticker, and, of course our beloved flickr.





explored =

"Look at the files!" I said pointing to the laptop.


He looked "Why would they do this?! I have to tell everyone!" He ran for the door, then stopped.


"Pete?" I said standing up.


He stood there motionless, I heard a very light humming sound coming from him.


"Oh, no." I took a step back just as a voice came over the speaker in my cubicle.


*Citizens 3304 and 2451, you have gained unauthorized information, you are requested to go to the repair center on floor 98. Your earpieces may be malfunctioning. Resistance may result in termination. Thank you.*


Pete stood up straighter and marched off. The buzzing started again, louder then I've ever heard it before. I ran to the door and saw a guard walking towards my cubicle, he was holding a control tablet. He was turning up the frequency of my earpiece, I started to forget what I had just learned. Oh, the buzzing was so loud, it started to hurt. I yelled covering my ear and falling back onto my desk.


"You're not getting me too!" I shouted and pulled the earpiece out.


The buzzing stopped, the lights dimmed and an alarm started going off.

The guard looked shocked, but then anger washed over his face. I ripped the flash drive out of my laptop and ran!



Thanks to everyone who reads these I really appreciate it! :) The build was incredibly simple. I painted a sticker which I applied to the laptop piece. The next few scenes should be some of the best, at least I'm hoping. ;) Again, thanks for looking! TTYL!

Hehehehe. Couldn't help myself. Black vinyl, hand cut and applied on my MacBook...

I've done well this week and on Monday got a load of marking done...then had yesterday off...and today back to marking....a teachers life isn't all holidays you know !!!


So when I got up and saw the ODC challenge for today it was a perfect tim to try out a little alternative working methods - I was rather comfy !! And what better way to celebrate the 100th day !


ODC - Work !!


Happy Cliche Saturday everyone !


Thanks for views, comments and faves, all are very much appreciated :)

do not use without permission. copyright kate gagliardi 2010

=== Credits ===


>>> Table >>>

dust bunny . cheese puffs . crunchy . cheddar . decor

[spectacledchic] Brown Sugar Boba Milk (L)

taikou / torabook laptop (sticker version)

Mutresse-Tired-Shortie Cats

BOSS Fruit Infusion [citric mix C] dby

pink organizator

+Half-Deer+ Louretta Task Lamp - White - Bunny

*bbqq*-Chinese Wall Calendar 2021

+Half-Deer+ Louretta Writing Desk - Ribbon - Gold


??? Background >>>

[MB] KAMIDANA -a household Shinto altar-

Soy. Fiber Optic Color Changing Light [Table Lamp]

dust bunny . quirky planters 2 . kitty planter

[:::T.W 1063:::] *maguromi cat* poster a-02



andika[japonesque SAKURA]HARU SHIRUKO

*HEXtraordinary* Victorian Monkey Music Box

Who else removes stickers from laptops? (see notes)

I had a similar shot before but that one was desaturated. I am struggling... I was tagged a couple times but never got into the game. Now I want to do it but I can't come up with 10 interesting things about me. So instead I'll write 5 not so interesting things. And maybe some people will stop by. I know my friends from Russia will:)) So.... I like my red shoes. I do. And I never get to wear them, because they are so red. The first thing people say when they see them, "Wow, those are really red shoes!" Thanks, as if I didn't know that before... I still like them though. Number one is done. I am a procrastinator. I brought my work laptop with me this weekend to work on 2 projects which need to be finished on Monday... well, the only useful thing I did with that laptop is taking a picture on Saturday.... how sad is that? Oh yeah, and I figured out that stickers on new laptops don't bother me. Number three is that I am going to Madison, WI on Tuesday. I've always had this strange love for this town even though I haven't been there before. Finally I'll be able to see if it's that good. Four is that I should be in bed now, and instead I'm on flickr. Five is that my parents haven't seen any of these pictures and their opinion is the only one that I would be afraid to hear. Something tells me that they would stay indifferent and this is the worst. How about number six? A bonus. I am always pleasantly surprised to find interesting people. Such a rare thing nowadays.

Yes, I do enjoy putting stickers on my laptop. Makes it easier to tell that it's mine. Enjoying the ability to personalize the Asus UX50 while also getting a chance to brag on a couple of my favorite fellow hyperlocal bloggers - Chattarati and Gapers Block.


Back in the saddle with a new laptop, Dre's Ramblings, 10.26.2009

Please click on image to view on black.




© All rights reserved. M. Hallaert

They help me not try and open it the wrong way. There's room for a Mooneyes sticker. I know I've got one somewhere.

Gama-Go makes really cool Tees and Hoodies and other stuff. Their office is down the hall from Photojojo, and Kelly and I paid them a visit and scored some sweet stickers.

I guess my inner artist hasn’t died off yet. Don’t let the 44-soon to be 45-fool you, I’ve always wanted a Mac Book and I wanted to decorate it with various labels to express my individuality (more from an artist’s viewpoint rather than a mundane one). And judging from the look of things, I still have some “room on the canvas” leftover for some more “ink”!😁💻

series of stickers to paste on your laptop, sketchbooks, folders, to your car, to your motorcycle, to walls or windows…

launching tomorrow evening in mitte barcelona.

I'll be 38 this March, but I still love Hello Kitty. We grew up together! ( She's 34) I can't help smiling when I go into a Sanrio Store, it reminds me so much of my childhood. I always wanted to take a bite of those erasers that smell like bananas!!

"her revenge"


hometown, ca


photographed: my lovely apple laptop with snow white's revenge decal sticker. courtesy of


snow white taking her revenge on the wicked witch who poisoned her. plus, i love the contrast between the silver, the black, and the white glow from the apple :]

not really, but all my backgrounds are of Pikachu. :)

Yes, that is an original sticker that I made on my laptop.

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