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1st post from my laggy low spec Laptop. A little cap from Mr Strong's new home

Laptop, 16 x 20 in, oil on canvas

Yes, I do enjoy putting stickers on my laptop. Makes it easier to tell that it's mine. Enjoying the ability to personalize the Asus UX50 while also getting a chance to brag on a couple of my favorite fellow hyperlocal bloggers - Chattarati and Gapers Block.


Back in the saddle with a new laptop, Dre's Ramblings, 10.26.2009

Thema Macro Mondays: just textures

Thanks for all your views, *** and (critical) kind review :))

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This tutorial will teach you how to manually create your own vanishing points, and how to use these techniques to create an awesome ’screen explosion’ effect - something that is sure to dazzle your viewers!


Oooh no! Monsters on the go are after sweet bunnigiri!

The main reason for my trip to Tunisia was to participate in the UN World Summit on the Information Society. I attended the press conference where UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Nicholas Negroponte unveiled the first prototype of the $100 laptop. The 'One Laptop Per Child' initiative aims to provide extremely low-cost laptop computers to children in developing nations.


Le Kram, Tunis, 2005



My first Laptop/computer cake.

Thank you so much to "Egg yol" & "CakesByShara" for all your help, you gave me some really good advice, and next time Shara I will get some foam core board (as you suggested) for the screen to make it less heavy!!

Everything is edible except for the screen, it is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered (bottom layer) with blue fondant and then the top layer (laptop) is the same but covered with grey fondant then painted silver. This has turned out to be the fiddliest cake I have done so far, as I cut out the keys on the keyboard individually, just incase it broke while putting it on, and as for the Ipod in the front, I added that because I put a dent in the front of the blue layer of cake, but I quite like the look of it, well except for the screen (on the computer, that is)..........but hey they aren't eating that............well I hope not!!! Lol!

Conceptual composition about knowledge, old opened laptop and book.

A happy college student on her laptop

Ill post better pictures when my camera is charged :)

Laptop skin i designed

There seems to be numerous people who take their laptops to these specialised coffee shops and do whatever they do whilst enjoying a Latte or Americano. Here is one.

Hope she eats all this. hmmm

me & poppet taking advantage of our wifi setup, hanging out on the porch while chewwie wanted to be outside

things to do with your old hardware

Kelly gets her laptop out to reply to a few emails as Liz stands in the kitchen making breakfast

First entry for the HARDnuary building challenge! A mini laptop and yes, it does close!

Playing with a new laptop means taking pictures.

New laptop and I'm uploading from SL - how cool is that!

Should have tidied up a little first.

From an idea I got from here:


I wouldn't exactly call this a "hack", but it was a clever idea to try.

I wasnt feeling up to it, so Im not happy with the pics, but here is one which I think is ok.

it was fun.


Previous laptop battles here

Laptop Cookie & Coffee

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Laptop Gamer

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Laptop Bdsm

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Laptop Rose & Chocolat

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Laptop Soda & Candy Bear

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