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I woke up with a smile this morning.

I gave it away.

And still the smile remained.


This smile is impertinent.

Even though I have a diary filled with meetings and commitments

It will not settle into a deadpan

Face-off with the day.


It moistens my eyes

With cheek and mischief

Creases my temples

With laughlines.


Go, smile! Be on your way!


Take off round the world.

Find a man even older than me,

Shuffling head down

Beneath dripping autumn branches.

Bring a spring to his step.

Send leaves flying

With every kick of his foot.

Make his back supple

So he can bend and gather

Armfuls of gold and yellow

And hand them to a woman

Sitting stiff and thoughtful

Beside her window.


Smile on her, smile.

Go! And do your work


Away from here.


I have serious matters to attend to,

Dreary paperwork to complete.

You are a distraction

With your impish

Chuckle inducements,

Your refusal to take

Matters seriously.


© Michael Thorn


to all the courageous bloggers and courageous people in the world

especially to my friends in the Middle East Area and

the so called Muslim Countries


Imam Hossein said (the translation analogously):


the most honorable fight is to speak out

a righteous word to a unjust and wrongful ruler


thank you dear friend for translation into arabic and

providing it in Shakestah fonts

any mistakes are not intended




The day of Ashura is the end of ten days of Muharram.

All Iranians are then united by the remembrance

of Husayn ibn Ali (Imam Hossein), the grandson of Muhammad,

who was killed along with his family members and friends

in the Battle of Karbala.


It is especially an act of solidarity with Zeinab's (sister of Imam Hossein) grief and reverence to her who is told having been a very important person in Imam Hossein's life.


Imam Hossein is a great symbol for the resistance against tyranny and injustice on every level and he is venerated by the religious and the secular Muslims as well.




Reading now a book about the Iranian blogosphere - We are Iran - by Nasrin Alavi - I realise how little we (the so called western world who claims freedom and democracy its inventions hiding all the crimes done by colonialism which still strongly effects great parts of the world) know about the rest of the world - mass medias and the headlines are full of dull reproductions following the rules of capitalism - they never intend deeper understanding and consciousness - but only this is the basis of a real social and democratic system and justice and peace in this globalised world.


JEWEL OF LOVE by Shahram Nazeri

Made with


I can see where I changed my playlist algorithm,

and started using a whitelisted-subset ('changerrecent'),

at which point playlist management really takes off.

This was around March, 2006.


Up to that point, it was a 9000 song shuffle ('changer'), so the

graph is all thin slivers. The first large slivers emerge after we

started doing ChangerRecent, a smaller subset (1000 vs 9000).


Then, certain bands taper off and stop -- because we started doing

ChangerRecentToLearnOnly. As songs were learned, they were

removed from the playlist. Catchier bands taper off sooner, thus

you can see, for example, King Missile tapering off by August of

2007 -- way before completely un-catchy Ratos De Parao, which

took until November of 2007.


Our first completed CRTL (ChangerRecentToLearn) was 1000

songs, and took ~6 months (May->November) to complete.


Notice Ratos De Paroa at the bottom. This was the VERY LAST

BAND in our ToLearn playlist -- the least catchy -- possibly the worst

music in the playlist. Thus, at the very end, this was all that remained

for a good week until we learned the final songs. Makes it look more

important than it is. (August-October 2007.)


New music was put in once R.D.P. was learned -- but we kept

the ToLearn playlist in the 0-150 song range -- never going up

to 1000 like the first time. That is, we keep up with the new music

nowadays, and never get 1000 behind.


Thus, on the right of the graph, you now see larger, consolidated

blocks of fewer bands. This represents the transformation in how

we listen to music.


After that, there were about 10 concerts in 5 months, so the

decision of what new music to add was based on which bands

we were about to see in concert -- Ozzy Osbourne, Chemlab,

Ween, Gwar, They Might Be Giants, Ministry, etc.


As you can see at the very right of the graph, Ministry is taking

over our playlists, as we prepare for the March Ministry concert.

Ministry now represents about 95% of music listened to in the

past 2 weeks.


Social media from Facebook and Twitter to Google+ and Last.FM explained with donuts. Mmmm.

digg youtube upcomming flickr delicious myspace technorati slideshare mybloglog facebook jaiku twitter.


from and these are real woodprints seems like. wow!

View larger!


An extension of HACKFACE (from Music Hack Day Helsinki) that, for each of the's top 250 genres (well, technically tags, via, finds photos of the top 1,000 most listened to artists/bands, fetches, detects faces using a face detection algorithm, intelligently resizes them and composites them into a single image giving you an image of what the average music artist for each genre looks like.


* Dark music has some of the palest skin.


* Smiliest genres include 60s, country, latin, soul, world.


* Metal has some of the palest faces, and the longest hair along with 70s.


* Rnb and soul have afros, and I like to think I can see the dreadlocks for reggae.


* Anything else you can spot?


This is the super-detailed graph of the top 100 bands listened to in 2013. This is a "very zoomy" graph!


Basically, the Top 100 bands I listened to in 2013 are graphed at 2 week intervals, and normalized so the shape is approximately rectangular. I then hand-edited the labels to make them easier to read, though most of them are so tiny one would have to zoom in anyway., bands, chart, music graph.

music: D.O.A. music: Death Piggy. music: Dr. Dirty. music: Friendship Is Witchcraft. music: Gwar. music: KMFDM. music: Kreator. music: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. music: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. music: NOFX. music: Pixies. music: Rob Zombie. music: Sepultura. music: Slayer. music: The Dave Brockie Experience. music: The Misfits. music: They Might Be Giants. music: Voltaire. music: White Zombie. music: X-Cops.

top 100.


December 31, 2013.


... Read my blog at ClintJCL at


... View KMFDM's official website at

comment only if expecting nothing in return


Join me @ Last FM The-Challenge It's all about you babe, what you listen, which musical vids you watch ... and much more, so lets dance, together we can rock this planet!

All you have to do is join the thing, dowlad the tiny SW and it will register for you what you listen on your iPod or iTunes.



A great way to stay updated with the latest gigs and festivals in the neighbourhood.


Works also with the Google calender or RSS feed.


For all I know.. November looks like a good music month in Holland.

My apologies for the silly Killers song reference in the title that many of you won't get. I had the song going on in my head...


I've taken shots like this previously, but it was with a Canon Powershot. It's my first Christmas with the XSi/50mm f/1.4 combo, so I'm practically obligated to take some shots like this to get it out of my system. These lights were outside at my neighbor's house. A few of these will show up on my stream this season, this is a forewarning to all you Scrooges out there. I'm actually a bit of a Scrooge myself, but I do like the lights. Look at all the pretty lights.... ; )


My entire Bokeh Set.


Latest , Best of the Past Year, Most Interesting, Best and Random Sets.




Another random shot while sitting out on the patio with my family on a Sunday afternoon. This is a mirror strategically placed on top of a magazine ad to produce this haunting and somewhat surreal image.


Anyone want to guess which are the real and virtual images and how I placed the mirror? This isn't a great hint but I didn't focus on the real image.


There you'll stand ten feet tall

I will say knew it all along

Your eyes–wider than distance

This life–sweeter than fiction


Pile up orginal here -


I so love doing these girly pile ups of faces especially,and cause it gets me away from my usual styles of darker more aggressive photos that I do for myself,I'm gonna try to do more pile ups more often :) (Taylor Swift won out for the song choice haha thanks to youtube searching for Dreaming etc)

fish and chips twice. with scraps on both. curry on one. and a bread cake please.


hehe - James' shameless plug of his old band. Salako.

image for flyer and poster for


a heard for my Amerie group on

a great friend asked me to help make him the new/circus theme banner for his BritBrit group []


flyer and poster for's event on March 13th

@ Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club


eerm once again helping my mate out with a touch up for his Britney group.. the Singles Collection theme-ish..

Illustratie voor Wegener Dagbladen


When success is equated with excess

The ambition for excess wrecks us

As top of the mind becomes the bottom line

When success is equated with excess


If your time ain't be nothing for money

I start to feel really bad for you honey

Maybe honey put your money where your mouth's been running

If your time ain't be nothing but money


I want out of this machine

It doesn't feel like freedom


This ain't my American dream

I want to live and die for bigger things

I'm tired of fighting for just me

This ain't my American dream


-American Dream




So I've been putting some of the products onto the WNS website and listening to for quite some time.


Now I do like and it has helped me build up my taste for music but I dunno.. it was either because all the recommended songs it was giving me were crap or there were just too many of them but when I was trying to think of a picture my brain just locked up. There was a convoluted mashup of different songs that I listened to throughout the day running through my head, sometimes I could run through a whole song and others Im getting 5sec clips of vastly differing songs blending into eachother. Whatever happened it was confusing I couldn't concentrate on any one photo idea, I had just got home as golden hour finished too which was a bit of a fail :/


I don't actually use these headphones, they're crap monitor ones for the electric piano. The ones I use are a different type but I wanted this because it had a simpler shape to work from.


I got some prints and a letter from Laura Zalenga today, the prints were sweet but the letter really meant a lot. She's off the interwebs until Saturday but I am very greatfull for people like that. Even though they may be thousands of miles away.. it's funny thing really, the internet.


I'm thinking of maybe doing a print exchange too some time soon, believe me when you get a hand written piece of paper it holds the weight of a thousand flickr comments. I would encourage anyone to do it often. I might start doing it more :)

Would anyone be interested in a 4x6" print exchange? You can stick them on your wall or in your moleskine or whatever but it's nice when you can hold the pictures you admire in your hands :) And it reminds you that there are actual people behind these amazing pictures.


The writing is sort of crap today, I didn't really know how to put it together fluently. Oh well :)

BIG cloud

Ask, stalk and follow!

نه اشتباه نکن این یه شعر عاشقونه نیس تصور کن یه مرد و با چشمای خیس


نمیخوام نباید تو شعرم به تو جسارت کنم نباید حس عشقو تعبیر به اسارت کنم


شکسته میرم امشب بانو خدانگه دارت اگر چه میشکنه اون دل سبز و سپیدارت


واسه من که پنجره یه آرزوی مبهم بود ولی تو پنجره باشه تموم دیوارت


ببخش منو اگه بوی زخم چرکینمو زجه های کبودم میشه موجب آزارت


دیگه صدای گریه ی بی وقتم نمیشکنه سکوت سرد و پر از انبساط افکارت


خیلی انتظار کشیدم که شاید بیای باز برای بدرقم با اون لباس گلدارت


ودل خوشم کنی با یه دروغ مصلحتی که میشه شاید بازم بیام برای دیدارت


ولی چه فایده که خوابت عجیب سنگین بود صدای خاطره هامون که نکرد بیدارت


میگن روزه گرفتی و دیگه غزل نمینوشی بمونه این آخرین غزلم واسه افطارت


شکسته میرم و خاطرات سبز تو رو به یادگار میبرم امشب خدانگهدارت


(بی سر و سامون رفیق بغض جاده بی همه چیز شد به جز این عشق ساده)


هر چی لب تو دنیاس مجیز تورو میگن تو که بی لب زاده شده بودی ستمگر


هر چی دست تو حسرت دامن تو تو آخرین جوابی واسه یه خواست بی ثمر


تعبیر یه خوابی که تو ذهنی خستس اون آخرین در نجاتی که همیشه بستس


تو یه تکرار خسته ای که فقط یکبار وحدت اون دردایی هستی که بیشمار


من تو اسم تو تجزیه شدم بانو تجربه کن منو تو یه مرگی دوباره


شعری که خون تو حسرتت لخته میشه آخرین وارث نسل عشق اخته میشه


منو تو این هجرت غمگینم بدرقه کن تموم واژه ها رو تو ذهنت دغدغه کن


بزار تکثیر نگاه تو بشم بانو اسم حقیرم و رو زبونت لقلقه کن


واسه کسی که خراب عمری زیر آوارت آخرین جمله همینه خدا نگه دارت



شاهین نجفی - هامون

Shahin Najafi - Hamoon

New mural on the walls of Last.HQ.

Painting by Stika - - based on illustrations by Rehab Studio -


Looks pretty sexy on a sunny day.'s first advert, part of a campaign shown on the London Underground network during August 2010.

The annual tradition (for me and Ben, anyway).


This is mostly based on which albums I played. If Fightmilk's and The Beths's albums had come out earlier in the year they'd be higher.


If we add Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon and Mark Kozelek, who I play a lot from a combined playlist, together they'd be at number 1 with 310 plays.

One more Emmy the Great shot! I really like this photo, I spent quite a fair bit asking photography friends to do their variations of processing on this photo so I could learn a thing or two. Each person came with fairly unique processing techniques. The thing I picked up most was the dodge and burn tool. I'll write a proper article about the processing later on! The outcome was pretty interesting.


But anyway, this is Emmy the Great, if you haven't listened to her yet, DO! I took this during the Bandstand Busking recording. Might wanna view this in big.

just got my new t-shirt from the printer and I'm quite happy with it... I have to apologize to's officials since I didn't use the claim, which is "strongly suggested" according to the brand guide (since the print is a tiny bit wider than 4cm) I really like the logo by itself so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible...I'm gonna use the tag-line the next time since I want this shirt in black, too...


ps basti&dave: put in a good word for me if CBS wants to sue me! ;-)

Wolf Parade, not the Stones.

We came upon this girl who had just been punched in the face in a bar fight by some guy who apparently can't swing so well, when drunk.

She was sitting on the ramp heading into St Paul's Hospital. I had a look at her and asked if she was OK, because something didn't seem right. She said she was fine, but I dunno, her hair seemed funny. I had another look, and she was trying to hide what was quickly becoming a massive bruise. We talked for a bit, she said she was fine, but needed a smoke. Grabbed a quick shot of it before hopping in my car to head home for the night. As I drove by, she had already left... Hope she's OK, it may have resulted in a concussion.

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