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My daughter used to live in the backyard cottage of people who own this gorgeous German Shepherd, Luca. She is now living somewhere else, but we both still miss dear Luca. Such a magnificent and very sweet dog.

The path gets lost in fallen mist as well as time of the year. Not much is left of it and it's misty as never. For the path, I know it leads somewhere, but the time? No guessing there, we can only wait and see...

down and diagonal composition with 3.0 mm blue leads for MacroMondays theme #LessThanAnInch.


HMM for everybody - FMM para todos !

If the path is beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.

~Anatole France



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Shot @ my apartment terrace.

It was shot wide open with my Opteka 12mm f/2.8 lens.

I liked the image for the contrast & distortions in the corners , which kind of creates a blurred vision when some one approaches light from darkness.

The Erie heritage SD70ACe #1068 leads NS intermodal train #223 south past Finch near Braswell,GA.

The path of this growth is through suffering: “Unless you suffer, you do not grow” (LW) “All misery, all exile that one bears willingly for the love of God is agreeable to Him and draws us close to the totality of His nature” (L.II.)27

--Hadewijch of Antwerp (13th Century), WOMEN MYSTICS IN Medieval Europe, Emilie Zum Brunn and Georgette Epiney-Burgard

O fruto de um bom sucesso espero, até chegar aos mais altos fins celestiais e sentir completamente o pouco que já sinto aqui, viajo no tempo e no final de contas já estou flutuando sobre os meus sonhos e pensamentos. Todas as sensações e emoções me faz prosseguir, vejo que o futuro tão sonhado já está perto, e, com certeza alcançarei, não por força nem por violência mais na simplicidade de ser e mesmo com tantas aflições, decepções, raiva não me faz desacreditar. A escada para uma boa e eterna vida quem faz sou eu e com cada degrau alcançado com paciência a distância nunca será longa. De frente com as paredes laterais de uma jornada aprecio as belezas mais minúsculas que há por perto, e então me vejo passado bem.

Fotografia e texto: Henrique Nando.



Que alegria em poder compartilhar a primeira fotografia do meu projeto SIMGLE, é algo muito especial para mim e estou muito feliz. Essa é a primeira de muitas fotos que irei compartilhar com vocês eu espero que gostei pois saiu exatamente como eu queria. Desde já quero agradecer a todos pelas visualizações, favoritos e comentários.


Here is a highlight from a fun two day chase when Big Boy 4014 made his journey from Southern California to Cheyenne that would culminate in his return to service five years later.


This is the caption I wrote when shared on FB a month before heading out to Utah in May 2019 to witness his return to steam.


Who's looking forward to seeing this under steam in about a month? Count me among those in the affirmative.


For a long time I didn't really believe it would come to fruition, but since I just happen by cosmic chance to be alive and able in this momentous time in rail history I simply have to be there. The best part is the gang is getting back together for this! Can't wait to see you John Tarble and Frank Keller.


While the 4014 won't be traveling this way next month, the rails in this photo are home road nonetheless.


This is Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision, the legendary, scenic, and challenging former Los Angeles, San Pedro, and Salt Lake Railroad. Here we see the Big Boy 4014 being led by SD70M 4014 eastbound out of 745 ft Tunnel 10 at about MP 456 between Etna Siding and the one time division point town of Caliente, Nevada.


Shot one month shy of 5 years ago today.


Lincoln County, Nevada

Thursday May 1, 2014

Riverfront Loop Trail-Wenatchee, Washington

Dog on a mission or a dog with an agenda...or just a dog with not much going on up stairs? No matter... the Dog looks cute!


Tornado GR4 Part Of 12 Squadron Breaks Into The Circuit At RAF Coningsby

Canal de Carpentras, Mallemort (Provence, France).


IR 715nm 16mm @ ƒ/7.1 1/100

Bologna, Italy

Quick and awesome four day trip. Love, love, loved it and cannot wait to return.

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90034 & 90019 seen at Atherstone with the 4M25 0606 Mossend - Daventry 1/6/20.

Polaroid 440

Polaroid ID-UV expired 5/06



These tagged wires are the leads for a test instrument called a logic analyser. They connect to pins on a circuit board amd the instrument displays the signals for analysis or debugging. For Macro Mondays theme "tag".

Some winter woodland from Capel Curig

Langley Mill - 722O 1227 Toton North Yard to Doncaster Up Decoy

Lap 9 - Mugello 2019.

Petrucci, Dovizioso, Marquez, Rins, Miller, Crutchlow, and Morbidelli at San Donato.

Woodlesford - 4E22 0550 Felixstowe North F.L.T. to Leeds F.L.T.

the whole world smiles with you [song]

Piers,pipes and posts all leading out to sea.A wonderfully equipped beach for the photographer with so many interesting subjects both in and out the water.




EXIF....F11....0.5 SECONDS....ISO 100....12MM....LEE 0.9H ND GRAD



Back in February, the 911 led train 239 twice, this being the first time.

602 GM22 GM27 44206 AND 44204 race through Inverliegh on an SSR grain to Nhill

12(B)Sqn Anniversary Tornado Gr4 en route to Leeming from Lossie for RTP...via the "Mach Loop"

Dog walker Hampstead Heath

Milford Junction - STP 1005 Washwood Heath R.M.C. to Tees N.Y.

I got tipped off that 61E left the BRC and was heading to the Waukesha.I managed only one shot,but it was well worth it.I even got a bird in the shot!


2 Exposures | Digital Blending

Forests on the Olympic Peninsula. Enjoying walking the trails on Winter mornings.

Amtrak must be short of motive power since BNSF locomotives have appeared on the Cascades frequently recently.

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