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A sunset portrait of Stella on her 3rd "gotcha" day. We rescued her from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in 2018.

One of the canals in my hometown in the world famos UNESCO heritage Speicherstadt.

Circumpolaire prise juste après le déconfinement. Pose de 30min


Circumpolar taken just after the deconfinement. 30min of exposure

Taos, New Mexico

High up in the Sangre de Cristo mountains at sunset after a day of trail running.


Taos, New Mexico

Addiel and Stella on the way down.

A fun shot through a 37mm Soviet Mir-1b lens from 1987. Shot this with Scott Betz a few nights ago from Points of View Park in Duquesne Heights.


3-photo HDR. Not cropped.

Stella on the peak of Gold Hill

Yosemite National Park:


North Dome is a granite dome in Yosemite National Park, California. It is the southernmost summit of Indian Ridge, 0.6 miles north of Washington Column and the Royal Arches on the northeastern wall of Yosemite Valley

Stella on the peak of Gold Hill

Cedar Waxwing in my brother's front yard, in a Zumi Flowering Crab Apple...........

Stella on the peak of Gold Hill

Golden warm glow of the rye near Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire

Devil's Lake State Park, Wisconsin.


There were a bunch of these little critters out "sunning" on stones and leaves; it was pretty cloudy, and rainy most of the day, as anyone from can Wisconsin can tell you.


See it large and on black.

Die evangelische Brüdernkirche „St.-Ulrici-Brüdern“ in Braunschweig ist eine ehemalige Franziskanerkirche, die ursprünglich den Heiligen Maria, Franziskus und Bernward geweiht war. Sie war Zentrum einer zum Teil erhaltenen Klosteranlage.

I liked this chance perspective from a previous post. It shows the full articulation of the Wagtail's neck as he raises his head to preen the top of his bib. This was the split-second before the head rotated forwards, inverting the bill to pick at those hard-to-reach neck feathers.


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Couple fun shots through a 37mm Soviet Mir-1b lens from 1987.


3-photo HDR. Not cropped.


I'm retiring Mt Washington from my shooting locations for quite a while. Just needed to get up there once with the R5. Not going to spam all the usual groups with these shots. Thanks for looking, though!

@strobist: off-camera flash camera left on GI trigger inside a softbox.

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Urheberrecht bei Andreas Dlugosch

Dieses Foto ist urheberrechtlich geschützt. Ohne meine vorherige schriftliche Genehmigung darf das Foto weder ganz, noch auszugsweise kopiert, verändert, vervielfältigt oder veröffentlicht werden.

Das Nutzungsrecht meiner Fotos ist immer kostenpflichtig.

©Andreas Dlugosch

♂︎ Eurasian Blackcap (Mönchsgrasmücke) singing the joys of spring. One of the smarter looking Warblers.


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Zu den Enten im Fluss vor unserem Haus gesellt sich nun auch ein Graureiher.

Svendborg, lørdagen før Fyn Rundt for bevaringsværdige.

Das Tauwetter hat die ersten Schneeglöckchen ans Tageslicht befördert, die den Frühling vorzeitig einläuten wollen.

Tras pasar el 130 ( y ver como se perdía a lo lejos sobre el viaducto, empecé a ver de nuevo una luz en el túnel.


Pasaron un par de minutos hasta que apareció la 333.372 con este tren desviado de su línea habitual por el Central de Aragón.


Desconocía por completo que circulaba por aquí y fue fruto de un cúmulo de casualidades. Gracias a los que la hicisteis posible.


Se la dedico especialmente a un par de personas que llevan una temporada desviados de su camino habitual y hoy por fin han conseguido encontrar ese túnel por el que salir.

Svendborg, lørdagen før Fyn Rundt for bevaringsværdige.

Shot at ISO1600 instead of ISO200, therefore pushed 3 times!!

Hepatica shoot with vintage Meyer-Optik Görlitz Promotar 135mm f3.5. Visit my "Lens Comparisons" album to see the same motive photographed with Sigma and Zeiss.


© Elena Hanak. All rights reserved.

Freshly tilled field, sometime in April 2017.


Shot on HP5+ pushed to 800 with Rollei 35T.

Visit my "Lens Comparisons album to see the same motive shoot with different lens.


© Elena Hanak. All rights reserved.

It was a lovely foggy morning and the sheep were very curious about me which made for some interesting pictures

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