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Here I am with my newborn son, just after he was born and got some mommy time.


Meredith is happy and healthy, and fed him shortly after this shot was taken.


Soooo grateful right now!

Leo at the farmer's market haystacks, after picking grapes all morning.

Leo and his friend Dylan Peters bond over a great pumpkin.

Leo looks back at the beautiful and sprawling Dubai International Airport as we depart.


They strap electrodes to his head and then emit slight sounds to make

his brain wave.


Here he is totally concentrating, making waves.


Leo has excellent hearing.

We finally got ourselves a proper LCD for movies and other non-televised entertainment. Here it is, playing iTunes while Leo enjoys the taste of MacGyver's dog toy.

I think we have the same sense of humor!


Compare with his first photo.

A piece of driftwood at Ocean Beach.

Leo's entire foot is the size of my big toe.

Leo makes a heart-shape in his swaddle.

Leo observes the rest of Masdar City under construction, due to complete in 2025.


Leo makes the silliest faces - this was in the middle of a nap, caught on digicam.


Too much.

With her new object of spoilage, Leo Thomas.

Leo snoozes inside my Dreamweaver hoodie.


He's a tiny heat factory.

Not only has 11-month-old Leo been walking for a while, but he's taken to dancing while he DJ's.


He'll even dance while Meredith and I play guitar and drums!

Leo is fascinated by our laptops. So we gave him his own!


This is an OLPC XO-1 laptop, running the latest version of Sugar.


Leo loves to play with Tam Tam Jam and make bird sounds!

Leo's face washes over with various expressions, and sometimes he chuckles.


Heh heh heh.

We introduced Leo to Cheerios today. Then I found him like this in his crib.I think he likes 'em.

Our two sons found peace in the Arab desert.


Leo and I traveled to Vancouver to visit Meredith while she's studying science.


We had a blast!

Here the boy enjoys some peace, while we update his telemetry at TrixieTracker.


He's tracking well - already back up to his birth weight!

Leo loves bathtime!

Is fine. He got the tip of a finger squished in a door jamb at school, so we had him checked out.


Phew no break!

Leo is so content.


"Hoo" is what we call the broad curl at the top of his head. No matter what happens to his hair, that little curl stands up like a tiny stop-motion wave.


"Don't worry," Mer says when he gets water on his head, "it'll hoo back up eventually."

At our bedouin camp.


So, it turns out that my son, my wife, my grandmom, my mom, AND my dad were all tuned in to iPhoneDevCamp this weekend!


Warms my heart.

I'm holding onto his little jeans there - he loves this trick!

Leo and Ansel had the run of the place while we got a tour. The mosque is very tolerant of children.


Chilling on a hot day!

Leo, in repose before another playful jaunt.

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