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A picture taken on my phone downtown.. all these great places in a row!

Illustration for Local Connections Halifax Business Magazine.

Golden Ham Croquettes 03-18-17

This is a picture taken outside my local food shop. I guess many of us suffer from "home blindness". It took me a long time to see this tree and the possibilities to make an, in my opinion, interesting photo. The tree itself is just 1-1,5 meters tall. I remember it was hard to find the right angle where I got as much of the tree in the photo but still avoiding the direct sun. So I did a lot of crawling and after many shots with flare all over the lens I managed to get one shot that was ok.



Week 11: Local Food

Stopped by Bonjour Brioche this morning. Couldn't resist...

nuts from a very old tree of our family

52 weeks: the 2017 edition

theme of week 11 "local food"

These red currants were grown on my friend's allotment, probably less than a mile from my house. You don't get more local than that. Rediscovered in the freezer for this week's theme. They will be turned into jelly on Saturday.

Same location in the Animal Kingdom Park as yesterday's pot. Maybe even the same pot :)

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Saborear la comida típica del lugar ...


Serie - Foto Verano 2009 Asturias


Recuedos del Verano, saborear.


Series - Photo Summer 2009 Asturias


Summer recollections, savour.

Another regular stop on our walks through Animal Kingdom Park. There is a lovely courtyard in the back filled with wonderful pots and utensils hanging on the wall. There is also a little garden pool and a beautiful orchid tree (which is just coming into bloom). The layers of details in this park never cease to enchant me.

Caizhi Zhai, Guizhou Rd. 110

You can't get any more local than homemade food, plus it is better than getting a takeaway. I love homemade food because I can be creative with it and at any point improve it, just like I do in my photos.

Arepas, almohabanas y palitos de Yuca 100% boyacenses

food 100% colombian

There is a five-storey stall 7-day-a-week market building. Each level has a different type of food group. Dairy products, Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, etc. Each level is filled with stalls selling locally produced food at great prices - often nearly farmer direct, and usually grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.


Lets hope that this can continue.

The minority of the Naxi inhabit the area around Lijiang.

I know its not the most appetising sight but a warm bacon buttie washed down with a hot mug of tea after a 6 mile run in the pouring rain was very welcoming.

It was made locally does that count ?

And I am a day late posting is this ok

Ube Donut from neighborhood Donut Shop. Purple Yam (Ube) Donut is their award winner.


Photo Explored Mar 19, 2017 #218

Doughnut Time is a local success story from my home town of Brisbane. They opened their first hole-in-the-wall store in Brisbane in 2015 and they now have 20 stores across Australia. There is one just down the road at our local shops, so I thought we might treat ourselves for this weeks theme.


Pictured is "life on mars" with a rich chocolate glaze topped with mars bars, caramel and choc flakes, and the "slim shady" with a vanilla glaze and mini M&M's.


Now excuse me while I make a cuppa and enjoy eating the photo subjects.

I love cooking. I love breakfast. When I make breakfast I make it large. Pancakes, eggs, hash-browns, sausage, fruit and veggies!! This is a very normal weekend meal!

Whole grain bread from a local bakery and home made Ontario grown blueberry jam

My contemporary / documentary work in progress. I like to shoot parts of London before new shiny buildings take over. Deptford on the verge of gentrification - 2018. Lidl, the German chain has arrived and the food is cheap and great with a bakery in store. MacDonald has taken roots for a while.

Super le thème de la semaine, la cuisine locale. Dimanche à la maison c'était choucroute, donc pas besoin de trop réfléchir pour le thème. :-)))


En Alsace, il n'y a pas plus local que la choucroute, un des plat les plus traditionnel avec le baeckeoffe, le coq au riesling, La flammekuech (tarte flambée), Kaeskueche (La tarte au fromage blanc) ou Kugelhopf (le kouglof en français), et bien d'autre encore.

La choucroute à la bière d'alsace ou au vin blanc d'alsace est encore meilleure recuite le lendemain.


Great theme for the week, local food. Sunday at home it was sauerkraut, so no need to think too much about the theme. :-)))

In Alsace, there is no more local than the sauerkraut, one of the most traditional dishes with the baeckeoffe, the cock to the riesling, The flammekuech (tarte flambée), Kaeskueche (The cheese tart) or Kugelhopf (Kouglof in French), and much more.

The sauerkraut with the beer of alsace or the white wine of alsace is even better annealed the next day.

From our neighborhood Italian Bakery! YUM!

Been meaning to do this shot all week but didn't get time. Early Sunday morning shot brings me in a day late, whoops.


One of the many takeaway menus that gets put through the letterbox.


Well done to my youngest too, 2nd photo from this years project to hit Explore, she is super excited about it :-)


From right across the street!

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