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Maryam scoble enjoys her dinner - and hopefully listening to her husband!

Robert clocked in at 120/85, not bad

I had many more Scoble photos, but this was one of the better ones.


(let's face it, this may be the one time I get to meet him so I took plenty in the hope that at least some would turn out okay)

Robert scoble and his wife accepting a drawing while attending the largest geek dinner to date yet.

Tom giving Gia one of his free blood pressure checks.

Me receiving a free blood pressure check from a drinking-on-the-job Tom Reynolds - he says it helps him concentrate. NHS standards have never been so high. Plus - bonus - I won't die imminently, apparently.

Maryam Scoble, Robert's wife. She's very nice and friendly.

Hugh McLeod, addressing the geeks.

Anglo-mexican cultural crossover: queueing for fajitas.

It's the fisheye lens that makes us look like bloaters, honest.

Robert giving his 'keynote speech'.

Another general look across the room. Again, feel free to annotate.

Really rough and badly stitched made with quite rubbish freebie stitching software, but anyway...


I was hastily demonstrating how to make panoramic photographs to Melissa Crawshay-Williams - that's her wearing lilac, transfixed with my brilliance, obviously - who is British Conservative MP Boris Johnson's right-hand woman.


PS. Anyone care to recommend some good stitching s/w for a mac?

Krishna meets a podcaster.

Mr Anderson, The Doc and Scoble (and me, taking the photo - obviously) having a chin wag.

This is Kalee who took the money at the door. I promised her that I'd get her on the internet by midnight. It's now 00:10 and I feel I've failed her. Sorry Kalee.

In the champagne bar after the Texas Embassy.

Will you? :)



Taken @ londongeekdinner. 23.01.06

Pity this was the only decent picture I was able to take before the battery died out...

One of those general looking around the room shots. Feel free to annotate.

I don't know who this fellow is but he decided to pose for me.

Oooh look at the back of all those heads

Hugh, is that beer or wine in your pint glass?

Hugh Macleod introduces Robert Scoble



He seems to be interviewing him. I had the pleasure of chatting with Kevin over my meal. Kevin works for the BBC and is also involved in up all night there. We got talking about what the BBC is doing/thinking of doing in the area of podcasting and blogs.

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