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Antes del 15 de marzo de 2009

I was featured on the cover of this local skateboard magazine called Grind back in the mid-eighties, fun stuff

i picked up a stack of early '70s seventeens at goodwill - more fuel for my neverending desire to dress like iris from taxi driver

Popular Photography article.

Thanks to Michaela Unbehau and Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine for the interview in the newest issue ,you can get to know more about our designer Vincent Jhon and the ideas of his design or how he has been thru to build up his dream by ones own.

Check out the newest issue on

HI there!!!

i'm a professional graphic designer, and i made Magazine


Some time ago, Russell Hart, executive editor of American Photo Magazine contacted me; they were planning to feature some of the flickr's landscape photographers, and suggested some of my photos.


Also, two of our fellow flickr photographers are also featured, Joel Tjintjelaar and Jim Patterson , be sure to check out their photostreams as well. Joel is responsible for sending me the material for this preview.. Thanks Joel!!


I am more than glad that magazine found my landscapes worthy of an issue, especially with a 'woman's signature' and fairy tale style... :)))


Thank you all for support, I must admit that I am very happy about this!


Link to my "Dreamland" set - my most faved, most viewed photos

Day 195. A pile of photography magazines I haven't got round to reading yet. Why read about it when you can be doing it!


so i got comissioned to take some photos of a restaraunt. so i did. lol. and they sent me the oublication they are using it in!! :D


It only a local magazine, though its for the posh area of chichester ;)

BeStyle D. Magazine May 2011


All you need to know about fashion in Second Life with the best brands : ALEIDA, Velvetrythms, Show Your Style, SYS, Purplemoon, MEB, DD Style, Angels Dessous, anubis, AgySecret, HOB, Jesuis, YDEA, Alienbear jewels, Moolto, Tukinowaguma, Nemesis, House of Europe, Blush, Sartoria, Dirty Hands, Blackswan.


Interview with RicoRacer Flux by Genevieve Kamala


Thank you to BeStyle Magazine especially Agy and Tesan for this interview. It is an honor.

Ty to Genevieve Kamala for taking the time to interview me especially with her patience and flexibility around my busy RL schedule. Awesome job. =) Tysm


As you will all know I did a promo shoot a while back for my good friends Above The Underground, Now their new album is fast aproaching which I have also been able to do the cover of, which will be shown soon, they have been given various interviews and such with certain magazines. This was the first one and there is my image. Another publication, which I am happy that my image was used in.


So feel free to buy yourself a copy of the mag or go and check out Above the underground at or like their facebook page at where the original image can be seen.


Dont forget to check out my shop


and my sponsors - -


and my website



Inside Household magazine, June 1958

This was my first magazine!

in 2007 i made it with my friends in high school and we used to sell it Everywhere outside school it had 150 mini pages it was only worth 1 Dollar and it had lots of posters


The computer and the backup files got damaged and me and friends broke up so the magazine was gone:(


and thats the only picture I have left


But now I have Jonas Magazine :D


GG article. Coop artwork the best thing about this issue.

Cover by Peter Driben

Thanks to bigbuzzhunt (, who pointed me to the reader photo contest on the Field and Stream website!

Photography by Kate O'Brien and lettering by moi.

A Free Gift from -RC- Cluster for Spotlight Magazine!


Join the Spotlight Magazine SL Group to gather it up and read!


It's ready for you now!


© | images by Tim Wilkerson


Okay, so i appeared on the cover of a local magazine last week. As you can see, the focus was on gay men who are over 40 and still "fierce." I didn't realize how many people read this magazine until just about everybody i know started telling me they saw me on the cover. (My job is a distribution site for the free publication, and there were only two copies left by the time i got to work.)


The issue featured 12 guys in our 40s (including my housemate, Craig Washington). I think it was a pretty positive piece, consciously trying to combat the youth worship that is so pervasive in our culture. The page with my profile is the next (or previous) image in my photostream. If you'd like to see the entire feature online, go to and click on Issue #427.

My submission to the 80's Wednesday group.


These two Thrasher magazines (from 1988 and 1989) are the only skateboard magazines I have left from that era. I used to have boxes and boxes of Thrasher and TWS magazines... unfortunately, I had to dump them during one of my moves in the early 90s.

I have a photo and a little write-up about my aurora photography in the November issue of Sunset Magazine.

Magazine now ready for orders. Ships worldwide.

A5, 64 pages, £10 +p&p


The project can be viewed for free here:


In these times of new reality, with respect to the space between us, I present you the sunny side up of this situation: my neighbors in Leytonstone and beyond...


Shot during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down in London, 2020


Thanks for your support!

Here we had to pick between four different magazines to "work for." There was Seventeen Magazine featuring a new teenie-bopper, Time Magazine featuring a retired politician, Sports Illustrated featuring an athlete, and Wired Magazine featuring an eclectic computer nerd millionaire. Guess which one I picked...THE GEEK, of course! haha


I LOVE how it turned out!

I was a bit surprised to find an email from The Observer Magazine of the Guardian Newspaper group residing in the mailbox of an email address of mine I rarely even check. Fortunately I was only about five days late in opening it, but it turned out they wanted to use some photos of mine I took 38 years ago, photos I took of the rescue of 346 Vietnamese refugees in the South China Sea in 1978. Although the event has been an enduring story featured in a couple of award winning short films and in several story pieces on BBC prime time shows like The One Show I was surprised that the subject was deemed newsworthy yet again.


Of course what is very topical once again are "refugees". Ironically the Vietnamese we rescued hate being referred to as refugees, implying that they were poor. Much like todays 'refugees', the ones who make it onto boats, even unseaworthy ones, had enough money to pay the extortionate fees of the people traffickers. Back in 1978 it was the Communist guards and officials who took the money and gold in return for turning a blind eye to a severely overcrowded and rotten boat stealing out of the Mekong river at night into the pirate infested and typhoon blown waters of the open sea. The only aim was to escape, no matter the price, no matter the risk.


My views are quite strong on the subject of refugees (Economic migrants are different). But refugees generally would have preferred to live in the land they were born into and know, and have only been driven out by war and violence. The UN and EU has been too slow, too weak....frankly, pathetic. The Western world should have foreseen what would happen, and fought to stabilise Iraq and Syria. There is a fear of using military force and being drawn into conflicts that aren't ours. But we do have a democratic way of life where we can be trusted to do what we feel is best for the normal people's of a land and give them a chance of self determination. Don't we 'decent' peoples of Europe have a core quality that we will stand up and protect the weak? And what have we done? Nothing. Accepting a flood of humanity through our borders is no solution. Millions are left trapped in countries ravaged by war. But no Western soldier is allowed to protect them. Thousands sail daily into dangerous waters, lining the pockets of people traffickers, thugs, rapists and criminals. Thousands have died on the way. The West does nothing to stop that. The people should have been protected in their own countries. They never should have had to become refugees. We have the wealth: we have the military power: we have the compassion and sense of charity. Sadly, it seems, we don't have any guts, and without that all the other qualities are a complete waste of time.


The email from the Observer Magazine only told me they wanted my pictures to accompany a feature written about refugees who have made a success out of their lives in their new country, and that they would pay their usual "space rates". Having no idea what this would amount to I googled "Observer Space Rates" and quickly found the Observer Advertising space rates. Well, an inside page if you want to advertise there is £ 10,000. The back page is £13,000. A double page advert is £ 19,000. The front page is priceless: I don't think you can have it no matter how much you offer.


And that's where they wanted to put my picture, and it's in the shops today. The space rate payable to me for that picture is apparently £ 150. Oh well, I suppose it's loosely linked to a worthy cause. My life has already been immeasurably enriched by this one event I was part of back in 1978. You can read the Observer story here


or, if you are interested, you can start at the beginning and read my memoirs from 1978 here

Magazine cover featuring a surprisingly modern girl.

Retrouvez moi dans ce mag ce mois ci , une superbe revue dont je suis fan depuis le numéro 1 ! plein de conseils de photographes et des superbes photos ! ..J'en profite pour tous vous remercier de votre passage sur ma galerie et de vos coms , vive la nature !!

Wow, this cover sure covers a lot of bases. February 1955 issue.

je tiens a remercier digital photo pour la parution de cinq de mes photos dans ce magazine ..une édition très bien faîte sur des paysages expliqués etdécortiqués par chaque photographe..








Thank you sidney for featuring me in this magazine ;))

I don't wanna write many words.....I just wanna say => we've finished it at long last >:D





Big hugs:





Special kiss:






cover by Polina Artyuhina


Phptoplus, Canon Magazine August 2016.

Photoshoot with Danny Carr For photo stories.

A legend in my own lunch hour lol :-)

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