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All true stories. I can't believe so many memories exist in one screen full of the map. I wish Google Maps had this kind of annotation.


Here's the live Google Maps URL I used to grab this image of Placentia, California.

Map of London from memory. No reference books. No computer. Lots of rubbing out.


(tiny confession - I couldn't remember whether there was a bridge at Chiswick. I dotted it in, and then filled the line when I'd confirmed)


Next time, I'll use a bigger sheet of paper and try to write smaller and neater. Then I might be able to fit things where they should go.


I started with the river, and tried to build it around there.


Inspired by the From memory group.

Inglewood, California - I lived here through 5th grade. You'll find 25 little stories on this map, including the one-time home of Bruce Lee and events from the childhood of a little monster. When I lived here there were no zip codes: It was Inglewood 4, California. Area Code 213. Our phone number was PL4-xxxx (the PL stood for PLeasant).


1) My blog 2) Early 60s Hawthorne Home Page 3) geotagged


attached to a friend's home, cracks me up every time I look at it.

OK, so this isn't a Memory Map from my childhood, but I "grew up" a lot in June 2003 when I visited the Glastonbury Festival (sort of like an English Woodstock).


Hover your mouse over the picture to see notes scattered around the various parts of the site.


PS just for scale, the site is 800 acres, with an 8-mile fence surrounding it.

NJ on the left, Manhattan in the center, Bronx top-right, Brooklyn & Queens to the right.


The southern tip of Manhattan is known as Lower Manhattan or Downtown. You can just make out the buildings. That section is tiny compared to Midtown, located in the dead center, south of Central Park. You can clearly make out this next massive wave of towering skyscrapers.


I possess an inexplicable fetish for city waterfront skylines (Hong Kong is my #1). This satellite view as well as aerial views bring a whole new level of presenting how huge and tall New York City is.


Here's a link to the Google Map.

You're welcome to scribble over my notes. ;-)

This is a memory map charting the 6 weeks I spent inter-railing around Europe in the summer of 1996, just before going to University. Most of the time I was travelling with my schoolfriend, Alex, although we split up several times for various reasons.


Roll over the notes for details. Thanks to Google maps (I think!) for the image.


As we were zig-zagging across Europe I have numbered all the entries in chronological order. Here is a summary of the journey/geographical entries in case you need help working out the order of it all:


1,2 - Marseilles

3 - Monaco

4 - Milan

5 - German border

6 - Prague

7,8 - Budapest

9,10 - Krakow

11 - Berlin

12-14 - Amsterdam

15-19 - Amsterdam to Koln

20 - Koln

21-23 - Prague

24,25 - Venice

26,27 - Florence

28-30 - Milan

31-33 - Munich

34 - Stuttgart

35-38 - Amsterdam

I wrote a new GreaseMonkey script for FireFox that lets you GeoTag your images via Google Earth. You can find out how to use the script here.


Fly to this location (Google Earth required)


**UPDATE** 19th August 2010 - Ive updated the GM script to work with new photo page

it's good to be the birthday queen

Taken from Arthur Road in Wimbledon Park, SW19. I was really surprised to discover that you can see most of London's most famous landmarks from a spot miles out in Zone 3 in SW London.


Best seen bigger...

A memorymap of my time at Oxford between 1999 and 2003. The scale of the photograph with notes attached is around 1:18000. Underlying photograph: Multimap.

Charlie and his friend Ava make up a very fun game at the beach shower-off station.

One of Grandma's things now is to tuck food and small items into neatly-folded tissues, tuck the folded tissues inside her waistband, and surprise the staff later with all sorts of goodies when it's time to put pjs on. Currently an earpiece is missing for one of her hearing aids which likely went the way of the waistband or is tucked away somewhere for safekeeping, hidden so well no one will see it again.


There was a certain amount of controlled yelling one had to do to communicate well to be heard, but on a very intimate level I reminded Grandma today at her 90th birthday party celebration that I always loved the shape of her fingernails and how, as a child, I always hoped I'd have pretty fingernails like hers. And that I hated my next-younger sister for some time because SHE got those lovely fingernail genes and I was, instead, given stumpy sausage fingers with tiny nailbeds.


Grandma laughed.


It helped wash away a small portion of the guilt I've been carrying for a long time, when it became too hard to visit her regularly. When she didn't just confuse my dad's name for my deceased grandfather's name, but when she really just didn't recognize anyone anymore.


The staff at The Carrington will have to hustle to keep up with her tonight: with visitors brings confusion, and that means the door alarms will be shocking them all awake, looking for which way Dorothy went this time. There's a part of her mind that I believe is absolutely clear; a smooth undemented piece of tranquility within her that knows she was married for 60 years, she did own a home with Les and raised four children together. She did drive a car, dammit, and she does deserve to take a long walk out in the fresh air whenever she pleases.


photo by KD

Get it as a poster!


(C) Constantine Shulyupin

Bilbao, mas información en la Wikipedia.


Bilbao, more information in Wikipedia

This large retail development near Birmingham, Alabama by Bayer Properties is serving as a model for major retail "lifestyle centers" nationwide.

Stumbled across the concept of Memory Maps and I loved the idea. Here's a mapsnap of the University Place neighborhood I lived in from when I was born until I was 14. Of all the memory maps I'll try, this is probably going to be the most detailed. This image is from Googlemaps in 2007, and was probably taken since 2000. A lot of geographic landmarks changed between 1977 and 2000! THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!! [You can see the other Memory Maps right next to this one in my photostream.] [My apologies that Flickr's recent changes have made using Memory Maps next to impossible! Hopefully that will change in future updates!]

I absolutely adore Google for the information they dole out so freely.


Map it.

Map of important sites of interest in Carnock, Fife, Scotland, with an emphasis on the golden era of humankind (otherwise known as the mid to late 1970s).

*****SO, Flickr got rid of the notes function and now this image no longer makes any damn sense. I used to have about 50 notes marked on this map but now there's nothing. Sorry. I miss notes!*****


My favourite haunts in London (and my first attempt at a Memory Map). I lived here in 2002/2003 while I struggled through an MA at the Institute of Archaeolgy, UCL.


The map is from

butter corn in a hurry.


tip the gals well and they'll leave your sweet corn extra drippy

A memory map of Wrigley Field and the surrounding area.

Here's the same photo, just a little bit closer so I can make some notes. See the previous photo on a little commentary on when exactly this photo might have been taken.

I thought I'd keep a track of where I'd taken my photos on Flickr.

Pink Party drag show on NY Eve - The Overture Center

crepuscular rays at dawn on a summery morning

This is my first attempt at a memory map and it charts my time at university (from 1996-1999) and the year after when Fay was still there.


I would highly recommend this concept, it's fun and just making it has brought back a lot of memories.


Roll over the notes for details. I must thank Google Maps for the image.

hypothetically speaking, is it a good thing to win the fish that is green 'round the gills?

Looking up toward the skylight at the Overture Center. Taken during The Pink Party on New Year's Eve.

Brick Lane by CCTV. There's more CCTV cameras on the Brick than there is rubbish bins. And we've got photos of them all.

I just need to remember the memories

Feel free to add comments if you have any memories of this area.


Most the the places I've indicated here are in the center of the comment. The smallest comment blocks are about a third of a mile per side.

i heard that springtime should be arriving sometime later this year. I'm looking forward to it.

Gracias al servidor de fotografías aéreas del instituto de Cartografía de Andalucía puedo participar en otra de estas cositas de flickr, memorymap. De momento sitúo un par de sitios "estratégicos", seguro que se puede completar, o incluso subir varias fotos para marcar por capas (monumentos/bares/tiendas/...). Seguro que se puede bajar la foto a más resolución de alguna forma...

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