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Strommast mit Milchstraße - aufgenommen irgendwo am Straßenrand.


Sony A7s

Samyang 20mm @ f2.8

ISO 6400

45x15 sek

When in search of the perseids meteor shower but wasn't lucky enough to capture it. This was still one night I will never forget 🌙 🌟

Not the greatest shot. Very light polluted looking south onto Bognor Regis. This was taken on Bignor Hill. I don't think I'll be returning to this site!


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Im Urlaub, an verschiedenen Orten wollte ich eigentlich mal meinen Startrecker testen und die Milchstraße fotografieren. Auf Grund der Wetterverhältnisse waren die Sterne aber nur sehr selten zu sehen. Hier ein Versuch, der halbwegs ok ist.Das Zentrum war natürlich schon hinter dem Horizont, und den Bäumen sowieso, verschwunden. Zudem war ausgerechnet dort ein Ort und Schleierwolken. Naja. Dafür geht's ;-)

A lone scrub tree clings to the rippled sand in Copper Canyon.


Tonights festivities were to begin at 11:00pm, so we set off in the dark towards a location our guide was really proud to show us. He told of hidden dunes down a long dirt road that follows a canyon. Well the road was very difficult if impossible to follow and in several places required the guide to walk in front of the jeep with a high power torchlight to lead the way. As we crossed the various types of terrain we came to a long....long section of pillow stone and bounced our way through that and finally arrived at the "dunes". We made our way onto the dunes and was surprised to find that the dunes were nearly solid, all the ripples had solidified making it much easier to move around without leaving any footprints although the top off the dunes along the ridges were still somewhat soft with a slight crust on top. The guide Quanah Parker of Majestic Monument Valley Tours was not kidding, this area was very isolated and seemed to have been unaffected by mans progress or by any beast for that matter. Nothing but the wind and isolation. Hope you like it!!!! :)


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La Voie lactée, aussi nommée la Galaxie, est une galaxie spirale barrée qui comprend de 200 à 400 milliards d'étoiles et au minimum 100 milliards de planètes. Elle abrite le Système solaire, et donc la Terre.

The Milky Way is the galaxy that includes our Solar System, with the name describing the galaxy's appearance from Earth: a hazy band of light seen in the night sky formed from stars that cannot be individually distinguished by the naked eye.

Composite of my own photos. Enjoy!

this place is a empty life in the wonderful valley and a have a jungle and a have one tomb only and a very darkest

Prosegue la serie di foto in notturna, questo scatto è il rifacimento di uno dei precedenti già pubblicato, la post produzione è concentrata a esaltare la via lattea. Lo scatto è singolo e la temperatura è leggermente più calda rispetto al precedente.

Viaggio in Toscana una delle regioni più belle del mondo, in quei pochi giorni di soggiorno mi sono concentrato anche su qualche scatto notturno.

La prima settimana di luglio è stata davvero insopportabile per il caldo, ma nonostante tutto basta aspettare sera per trovarsi di fronte a questo spettacolo.

Le condizioni erano ideali, pochissima luce che ha permesso di vedere la via lattea anche a occhio nudo. Prima di scattare ho aspettato che il primo piano venisse rischiarato di spalle dalle luci delle auto di passaggio non lontane da questa location.


Fallbodensee 360°

Canon 5D MK 3

Canon EF 8-15mm F/4 L USM

Google Maps Link:

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Made out of 6 lightframes and 4 darkframes, combined with Astropanel.


Post processing with Astropanel 4 and Color Efex.

Late at night in Cape Breton National Park located in Nova Scotia. Took various captures at slightly different ISO and shutter speeds between 10, 13, and 15 seconds to see which gives the best results.


This one was at ISO 8000 and 10 seconds ... also did ISO 5000 at 15 seconds, ISO 6400 at 13 seconds, etc ...

Beams of light shine from Portland Bill Lighthouse, as the milkway towers above.

A chilly evening/morning down on the Romney Marshes in Kent last month capturing the full Milky Way arch over the church.

This picture is no effect.

This view is until July 11th in Japan time.

If you want to go, hurry up.


+++Today's Location+++

(The release of this landscape has ended)

Main focus was to try the torch beam to see how it looked as it was my first go. Milky way is faintly in the background. Again, I will try somewhere darker next time but I like how this turned out.

Milchstraße über den schweizer Alpen

The milkyway above Mount Alexander

First Milkyway this year great to be out shooting this again.

Milky way with an old church in the foreground

View there from the rocks at Pemaquid Point as the clouds cleared revealing the spectacle out over the ocean.

Just as the other Dogwood faded away, new variety of late blooming dogwoods come to life, their Berries look like Raspberries,

They are all prolific bloomers,

... Crater Lake in Oregon.

This is another crop of a 14mm capture using the new Super Resolution within Lightroom that is about 1/3 of the original image. The resulting JPEG here was over 30MB. Larger that the normal full frame file of 19MB.


This would be equivalent to using a 20mm lens.


Capture made in West Virginia at the Dolly Sods.

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